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October 2, 2013

Paul Chryst

COACH CHRYST:  Certainly it was good to find a way to win last Saturday.  Certainly a different formula than the week before, but nonetheless appreciative of the efforts everyone did.
Got to take advantage of this bye week, get some guys kind of healthy.  Overall we're in pretty good shape, but you got some guys, anytime you're in the middle of the season.  Certainly also have a lot of areas in all three phases that we've got to clean up.  Kind of try to take advantage of the work days this week.

Q.¬† Have you ever had a situation like that, where you play a 58‑55 game one week, come back the next week and play a 17‑3 game?
COACH CHRYST:  Haven't.  I guess that's the one nice thing about being the head coach, you can kind of see it in a lot of different ways.
It was very interesting.  It was almost a complete flip of the script.  Yet I think going through those two different games, hopefully it helps our team in understanding that it truly is a team game.
But, no, I have not been a part of something like that, and certainly not back‑to‑back like that.

Q.  About Boyd, you went into the season, Devin Street got a lot of hype, but how important has Boyd's development been to give you the two weapons on the outside?
COACH CHRYST:  Yeah, I think it's been really important.  Anytime you can have a couple guys, and I'd still like to see us get some others going.  But certainly when a defense can't focus on one guy, it does help.
The development of Tyler has been really important for our offense.  The exciting thing to me is Devin and Tyler, they're doing some really good things, but they can get better.  We can certainly improve.  I think there's other guys that are capable of contributing in a big way.
We just got to keep growing as a team.  But it's certainly been big with Tyler's development.

Q.¬† I was at your game Saturday.¬† You had to take the quarterback out of the game.¬† I think the explanation we had in the press box, you said he was banged up.¬† He was running.¬† He came to a sliding stop.¬† From the replay, it appeared there was helmet‑to‑helmet contact.¬† I don't know if you saw that play when you reviewed the film.¬† If you did, do you have any thoughts on it?¬† Was that the reason your quarterback ultimately had to leave the game?
COACH CHRYST:  Yeah, certainly I know the play you're talking about.  I think that is one of the harder plays.  You see that a lot with the quarterback starting the slide.  Different to the NFL, everyone kind of prepares for that play.  You have so many running quarterbacks that will run through, will not slide.
Actually, it was later in the game that he took another hit.  He was thrown to the ground on a pass.  We talked to the league office about that.  Each week you can submit plays.  We got a response.  It's certainly a part of football.  I think everyone is wanting to try to protect all the players.
I'm not going to talk too much about it.

Q.  Just for clarification, you talked to them about the play where he slid?
COACH CHRYST:  Yes, sir.

Q.  What was the league office's response?
COACH CHRYST:  We got a response back.  Like any of those, you submit plays, they go on teaching tapes and whatnot.  There's certainly no change in what happened that day.  That's all I'm going to talk about on that.

Q.  In general, running quarterbacks, I understand that.  Would you like to see any type of rule in there that would protect the quarterback a little bit more when he does slide?
COACH CHRYST:  Everyone's really conscious in trying to take a look at it.  I think that's one that will be discussed.  A lot of the rules we follow in the college game, we follow the lead of the NFL.  Certainly when a player is kind of giving himself up, that's the slide.  I don't know, I'm not trying to project the intentions.  Those are hard plays on the defenders when the level of the defender changes as well, or the ball carrier.  The defender is coming in at one level, the ball carrier goes down.  Every weekend you see that a lot.
Certainly I think there's a great emphasis, and the right emphasis, at looking to make sure we keep the integrity of the game, also with a high importance and level of taking care of those playing.

Q.  Paul, can you tell us how Tom is feeling, whether he's been able to practice for you this week.
COACH CHRYST:  Yeah, he's doing well.  He was good on Sunday.  We just did some light stuff on Sunday and actually gave the guys Monday and Tuesday off.  We're going back at it today.
He says he's fine on that, is passing the protocol we go through.  He feels good.  But we haven't done anything.  Actually, before the game, he's not going to do much this week.  We need to make sure we get our other quarterback some work.  Tommy gets so much work during the week, this bye week comes almost at a midpoint.  If you took fall camp and the season, we're two months in with two months to go.  There's a certain number of groups of guys, Tom was one of them, we're going to use it kind of to rest their bodies.
But thankfully he's doing well.

Q.  You seem to have made some strides on the offensive line earlier in the season.  Last week there were some struggles.  Have you been able to pinpoint some of the things you need to work on this week and next week?
COACH CHRYST:  Yes, we really have.  I agree.  We've made some strides.  I think we got challenged by Virginia's front seven.  I think they've got some really good players.  Obviously a lot of respect for their scheme, what they were doing.
That's the one nice thing about the bye, we as coaches have had a lot of time to spend looking at your own tape, going back through.  You take a look at all of your runs, what can we do better.  You take a look at all of your protections, where we're giving up hits.
It's like anything.  Some of it is a guy getting beat.  But it's knowing where your help is, playing accordingly.  So there's a lot of things that we can point to our guys.  I'm sure every team's like this, but if we can clean this up.  As coaches, you want to give them tangible ways they can improve.  We have plenty of tape to show our guys.
Looking forward to trying to clean some of that up this week certainly.

Q.  I was going to ask about the open week.  Is it useful with so many freshmen playing key roles to have this time to kind of review and talk about what they've been doing?  Does it help them maybe more than veterans that know what they're doing?
COACH CHRYST:  It does help.  But I wouldn't say that it helps more for freshmen necessarily.  The one thing about a veteran is they truly I think understand and realize the importance, if we're talking about some little things that become big.
I think everyone's at a different learning curve.  It's all what you bring to it through experience or what your position is.  But I think everyone can really benefit from taking a step back.
It's no different than any walk of life.  If you can take a step back and reflect, plan accordingly how to go forward.  I think what it does, we've been using it for the freshmen, you're four games into it, we've had a couple weeks where it's been traditional Saturday to Saturday, but for our freshmen, we're focusing more on them than with the older guys the rhythm of a season.  This is what your Sunday is like, this is what your Monday is like, time management.
With the playing, the football part of it, I think everyone can really benefit the same.

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