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September 18, 2013

Jimbo Fisher

JIMBO FISHER:  Very excited coming off our victory last week at Nevada.  Thought Nevada had a very nice ballclub.  And we played a great second half, great end of the second quarter.  Very proud of our kids the way we played in that game.  Played with consistency.
Looking forward to the gameagainst the Seminoles.¬† The Seminoles are ranked 17th in the country, 3‑0.¬† Really handled an FIU team very well last week, a Division I opponent.¬† I think they become the eighth or ninth I‑AA to beat a I‑A opponent.¬† I think they are very well coached and do a great job on offense and mix with kind of a Nevada‑type system in the way they run their offense.¬† Do a great job quarterback, run, throw, play making.¬† Their backs are big and physical.¬† Defensively, extremely well coached, do a great job of mixing looks and special teams.
We have our hands full.  This is a very good ballclub and we need to play our AGame and prepare very well.  It will be a great challenge for us this week.

Q.¬† Good win on Saturday.¬† Against these non‑conference opponents, how do you get your players fired up to play these games knowing you have a big test next week against Boston College?
JIMBO FISHER:¬† Oh, you do, you have to show them what happened with all of the other I‑AAs across the country, whether it was Northern Iowa, Eastern Washington, North Dakota State.¬† All the schools that have played these guys extremely well, and eight or nine of those teams have won games against some quality I‑A opponents.¬† Two were of them were ‑‑ Kansas State was Top‑25 and Oregon State was Top‑25.
So it's not real hard when you present those things to them.  This BC team, being an FIU team, which our kids know a lot of the kids on that team, which is a good ballclub, and they handled them very easily.  So to me, that's all you need to know.

Q.¬† Talk about Jameis Winston's play, looked like the first half everything started slowly and the second half he took off; didn't really get himself settled‑‑
JIMBO FISHER: ¬†Really played well the second quarter.¬† Second quarter is when he had all his big drives.¬† We were down 7‑3 and he had the 90‑yard drive and we played very well and threw the touchdown into two‑minute drive before the half.¬† After his interception, I think he hit 13, running about seven a row the second quarter and played well and got us to 17‑7.¬† And then we come out in the second half and scored right off the bat.
So I think really, he emerged himself about the second or ‑‑ about the third series we had the ball and played extremely well.¬† First series, he did well, too.¬† We were first and goal on the one and had a flinch.¬† He had one bad throw coming off the goal line, was really about it.

Q.  Talk about playing in the NEAC Conference, seems like they are all very big schools.
JIMBO FISHER:  They are excellent schools and they are coached very well, got very good players and will be a tremendous challenge, like I said, we will have our hands full and they will come in here ready to play and we have to bring our AGame.  People try to make a name off you and that's what we have to be able to fight off of.

Q.¬† I wanted to ask about your freshman kicker.¬† He's been perfect so far.¬† He has not had to go long‑range yet or anything on a field goal.¬† Can you talk to me about how far out you're confident going with him?
JIMBO FISHER:  Probably about 62, 63.

Q.  Wow.
JIMBO FISHER:  He hit one 58 in our spring game last year with about ten yards to spare.

Q.¬† With a freshman kicker, do you worry at all about pressure and putting him in a situation?¬† He has not had a game‑winning situation yet.
JIMBO FISHER:  It's going to come and when it comes, he has to handle it and he has to handle them as they come.  I don't worry about it because I think he's handled every situation so far very well, and I think he'll handle those when it comes.  No one knows how anyone will handle those until you're actually in them and that will be a great challenge for him.  But I think if he just stays true to his process and the things that he's doing right now, he'll be fine.

Q.  We got a very small taste of Karlos Williams at running back.  Can you talk about his performance since being switched over from defense and what do you look for from him going forward?
JIMBO FISHER:  Hopefully a guy that keeps growing at the position.  I think he's very natural there.  He's big and fast and strong, very natural running with the football, very physical and fast.  I've always thought it was probably his most natural position, but I think he was a great defensive player also and he's a tremendous special teams guy.
But I just think he provides a spark for our team; not that we were disappointed in any of the two, James Wilder and Freeman were doing good; Ryan Green was doing well.
I just think that you have to have quality backs, a number of them there, and I think it's his most natural position and I think he can really help our team down the road.

Q.  What's the next step in Jameis's progression that you're looking for and really paying attention as we hit week three?
JIMBO FISHER:  Just making sure he keeps repeating his consistency and doesn't think there's more to this than there is.  You just have to go out, prepare well, play well, trust his eyes and react and not try to look into trying to do too much, just play the game, let the game come to him.
And also, not try to be all things to all people.  Just relax and be Jameis and have fun and play football.

Q.  Does that come fairly easy for him so far?
JIMBO FISHER:¬† It seems to be.¬† But things that‑‑ things that always seem easy to people are generally easy because they have worked at them and there's a lot more work going on than people realize.¬† I think he will continue to do that.

Q.  How has he developed as a leader around his teammates?  We've all seen the statistics and everything he's done.
JIMBO FISHER:¬† Very good.¬† Very good.¬† Very vocal.¬† Very vocal.¬† Kids respond to him and he'll be the guy in practice when things starting to down or you'll see a little slip; he has no problem being very vocal to all the upper classmen, and they respond, because he doesn't do it in a derog ‑‑ he does it as, I'm with you, not as I'm talking down to you.¬† He does a great job; he's very confident but not arrogant.

Q.¬† One follow‑up on Karlos Williams.¬† Did I understand you correctly that he will see some action on defense?
JIMBO FISHER:¬† He can.¬† He can still play the dime and nickel possession if he has to.¬† We cross‑train him more as an emergency‑type situation, but he would still be able to do that and fill in if we had to, if we had two or three injuries, you know, but there's no plan to do that.¬† The plan is to be used on offense but he can do that, and he knows that ‑‑ because he knows that position extremely well.

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