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September 4, 2013

Nick Price

NICK PRICE:¬† No. 1 is a fairly straightforward hole, slight dog‑leg to the right.¬† Ideal angle into the pin is from, a generous fairway, probably a drive and probably a short iron for most of the guys, perhaps even a 3‑wood off the tee.
No. 3 is a wonderful short par 4 where you'll see most players probably hitting a 3‑ or 4‑iron off the tee, and then followed by a pitching wedge or a sand wedge across the water to a green that's slightly elevated and a very small, shallow green.¬† Distance control is really important on this hole.
No. 5, par 5, dog‑leg right, a strong drive is required to get around the dogleg or past the dogleg.¬† Second shot is to a green that angles away from the player from right‑to‑left and is slightly elevated and requires again a precise distance control.¬† The lay‑up, there's two choices.¬† It's a split fairway.¬† The fairway is split by a creek and you can choose either to lay up to the left‑hand side or the right‑hand side depending where the pin is.
No. 7, is one of the longest holes on the course, a par 5, where you drive between four bunkers.¬† The second shot is to a green that slopes from right‑to‑left and is guarded by a large bunker in the front of the green.

Q.  You think it's a good birdie opportunity?

Q.  At that stage of the round in match play?
NICK PRICE:  Yeah, exactly, always a good birdie opportunity.
No.9 is a wonderful par 4 that you drive through the woods. ¬†Probably won't be a driver for most of the players.¬† Either a 3‑wood or a hybrid off the tee.¬† You drive on to a plateau and then the second shot is downhill over water, to a green that slopes from left‑to‑right and back to front, and is guarded by water in the front of the green.
No. 11 is a double‑dog‑leg par 5 that requires accuracy off the tee in order to have the chance to hit the second shot on the green.¬† Water comes into play with the tee shot as well as the lay up and the second shot if the player decides to go for the green.¬† The green is has one of the strongest slopes on the course from back to front.¬† So keeping it under the hole is imperative, really important.
13, a beautiful dogleg‑left, par 4, drive through the trees and then a second shot that's downhill that can play as much as a club shorter than the actual yardage.¬† The green is defended by a deep bunker to the left, and another hole where an uphill putt is crucial.
15 is an uphill par 5 that is a definite eagle opportunity for most of the players.  The second shot is to a green that is long and narrow, and is guarded by bunkers both left and right.  In match play, a very critical hole, because eagles are not uncommon here.
17, a precision drive is required on 17.¬† Depending on the wind, it could be anything from 7‑iron to a pitching wedge for the players.¬† One of the best‑guarded greens on the golf course that angles away from the players from left‑to‑right, deep bunker, short.¬† This is going to be a pivotal hole in any match.

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