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September 4, 2013

Fred Couples

FRED COUPLES:テつ Second hole at Muirfield is a par 4, 455 yards, with a fairway that slopes left‑to‑right with a creek to the right.
So it's a very good driving hole to a green that's protected by a couple bunkers with water to the right side.テつ Very good starting, very good second hole for any Presidents Cup.テつ Four would be good.テつ Birdie will win the hole.
No. 4 is a par 3, 200 yards.テつ Most players will be hitting 5‑ and 6‑irons to a green that's actually surrounded by bunkers.テつ Anyone missing the green to the right side will have a very tough up‑and‑down.テつ This green also slopes from right‑to‑left.テつ It's a very good par 3.
No. 6 at Muirfield is a 450‑yard par 4, fairly wide fairway with some bunkers to the left and to the right with the green surrounded by water in front going over this green, or long, is not the spot.テつ The green is very, very sloped from back to front.テつ Most players will be hitting a driver and 7‑ or 8‑iron in here.テつ It's a birdie hole.
No. 8, par 3, can range anywhere from 165 to 185.テつ It's a very long green, well bunkered, a lot of times the pin will be in the front.テつ The players will be hitting an 8‑ or 9‑iron to a pin in the back right which will be maybe a 5‑ or 6‑iron.テつ Very good par 3.テつ It plays slightly downhill.
No. 10 has been lengthened, par 4, to 471 yards which plays slightly uphill off the tee shot and then gradually uphill from there to a green well bunkered, lots of undulating greens here at Muirfield, this is one of them, with bunkers off the left that you do not want to play out of because of some of the lips in these traps.テつ This is one hole you want to hit the fairway and get it on the green.テつ 4 is a great score.
12th hole, 185‑yard par 3, plays a little bit downhill, all over water, bunkered in the front and in the back.テつ The hardest par 3 on the course to hit the green, especially when the wind is blowing.テつ It's a shot that demands perfect accuracy.テつ Long left is no good.テつ It's an automatic bogey.
14th hole at Muirfield is a great little par 4.テつ From the regular tees, plays around 370 yards.テつ The players will be hitting long irons off the tee with a 9‑iron or wedge into a green that's well bunked into a creek that's short right and very good pin positions.テつ Possibly one or two days, Jack will move the tee up and it will be a drivable par 4 which will be the most exciting hole on the course.
The 16th hole has been renovated, maybe three years ago.テつ It's a 215‑yard par 3 all carried over water to a green with bunkers on the right side and back left, a great par 3, the hardest hole on the course.
The finishing hole, No.18 is a dogleg right par 4, 450 yards, with several bunkers off the tee on the right side, and a creek that runs all the way up the left side.テつ Tee balls here will be hit with maybe a 2‑iron, 3‑wood to a second shot uphill.テつ It plays very, very long with the green that slopes from back to front with bunkers everywhere.テつ Great finishing hole.

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