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September 2, 2013

Kerry Coombs

Q.  Urban talked about your great organizational skills, but your personality seems to be a pretty good mesh for a special teams coordinator; how much does your personality inject into that unit there?
COACH COOMBS:  Well, I don't know how much my personality does, but I think the personality of the team is one of high energy, excitement.  I love our kids.  I love how hard they play.
I've really incorporated Mike Vrabel into a lot of the stuff we are doing because he's played on those units and he's done a phenomenal job at the highest level and he brings a ton of energy to the practice and the game, as well.
So I think our kids‑‑ and I think our kids understand the priorities special teams plays for our team.  So I think they play really hard as a result of that.

Q.  Philly Brown seemed to have some trouble fielding some‑‑ he didn't field any clean punts yesterday.  How much do you guys have to clean that up?
COACH COOMBS:  I think the first time really being out there at that time of day with a high sky and a bright sun, when I talked to Philly after the game, that was the biggest issue.  I think it will be better.  I know it will be better this week.  He's an experienced kid and I trust him back there and I wouldn't have any concerns about that.

Q.  Your third recruiting class here, how do you feel you've grown now that you have the mentorship of Coach Meyer?
COACH COOMBS:  I think recruiting is a 365‑day process at Ohio State.  There's not a day that goes by that we don't talk about, focus on and participate in some recruiting active ties here.
That, I think is‑‑ I won't say it's unique, but I would say there are very few programs anywhere that recruit as hard or as often as we do.  I've learned a great deal both strategically and organizationally about recruiting and I would say that because this is a national program, the balance of your recruiting changes a little bit from what I had done in the past.
Kids are still kids.  Communication is still communication.  There's just more of them and certainly more time spent on it here.

Q.  Do you change how you approach your own business?
COACH COOMBS:  I'm learning every day.  I think that I'm recruiting with a bunch of really, really good recruiters.  So I'll ask Tom Herman or Mike Vrabel or Stan Drayton or any of those guys, and we share information freely and willingly and I think that's what a team of guys does.
And if they got a kid who is a really good player and they have, what did you do, what worked; I asked guys all the time what works in recruiting.  What I go into a high school, I ask the high school coaches, what is this guy doing on this staff; what's a difference‑maker for him.
I'm trying to learn all the time and I frankly think our head coach is one of the best recruiters that I've ever seen anywhere and he is constantly a source of information for us.

Q.  Urban had said that he plans right now to make Bradley and Armani an or situation; you won't split up the reps 50/50, right?
COACH COOMBS:  We have a ton of reps available at practice as you can imagine.  We'll get a lot of work in and rotate those three guys, Doran, Armani and Bradley with the first team because that's what we always have done and have been pretty consistent with that throughout training camp.
Pulled obviously Bradley back last week from reps in practice because it wasn't pertinent to the game on Saturday and then we'll rotate the other guys with the second group so our kids are playing both field and boundary and getting used to all the situations that might come up during the course of the game, so they will all get plenty of reps this week.

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