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March 5, 2013

Brenda Frese

THE MODERATOR:  We are joined by Maryland head coach Brenda Frese.  Brenda, if you could go ahead and talk about your team heading into the tournament.
COACH FRESE:  I mean, obviously we're excited to head to Greensboro, one of the best tournaments in the country.  As a 2 seed, feel like we're very prepared having played the top half of the league twice this season.  We feel like those games have prepared us for tournament time.
I'm obviously very proud of our team in terms of how we've battled through the adversity this season, never using injuries as an excuse, just really playing to improve and get better.
Obviously the play of Tianna Hawkins and Alyssa Thomas, we've been fortunate.  Tianna has a thousand rebounds and 1500 points.  Alyssa continues to show why she's so dynamic playing at every position on the floor this season and excelling in everything she does.
Definitely looking forward to Greensboro, getting down there.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Brenda.

Q.  Brenda, does the conference get a bump as a whole in recruiting when it comes to getting one team in the Final Four or is it more important to get as many teams from the conference into the NCAA tournament?
COACH FRESE:  Recruiting is recruiting.  You could probably use Carolina.  They just signed the number one recruiting class in the country and they didn't make it into either last season.
I think the recruiting is its own dynamic in finding the right fit and relationships with different players, how they fit certain programs.
I think the visibility is obviously very helpful, the further you can go being in the tournament.  The Final Four obviously is important.  But, again, like Carolina showed, they were able to sign the class that they did without any of it.

Q.  Talking about the adversity that you've worked through and other teams are facing similarly with major injuries to key players, finishing off a tough season, heading into a tournament like this, post‑season play, what do you try to focus on to bring your team's mindset around heading into those games now?
COACH FRESE:  We've always focused on us.  I think we had a very challenging open‑and‑closed conference play in terms of the teams that we faced.  We knew that going in.  So, if anything, those teams continue to show you what you need to improve on.
I think for us, coming out and playing the way we did in our last home game against Wake, then going into ACC tournament play with a wide‑open, clean slate, playing some of our best basketball.

Q.  Obviously the ACC is a very tough league to play in in terms of how hard players battle for loose balls, the amount of contact that there is.  Do you expect just as much or a little bit more oversight on the officiating to ensure that the play is still tough and competitive but hopefully not getting players into any injury situations?
COACH FRESE:  I think our game has changed.  I think our game is extremely physical.  I think if you watched the Connecticut/Notre Dame game last night, you saw that it is what it is now.  It's part of our game.
I don't think it's going to go backwards.  I think you have to have your team ready to play.  Unfortunately injuries are part of it and everybody has faced it this season.  I think you have to play through it.

Q.  If Wake Forest gets by Georgia Tech, you'll have to play them for the second time within a week.  Would you rather that not happen or does that matter to you guys?
COACH FRESE:  No, it doesn't really matter.  Obviously tournament time you're excited to play anyone.  I think Wake Forest would pose a common opponent.  Given this time of year, everybody's excited to play.  You're just eager to get out on the court and play some of your best basketball.

Q.  I know this is one of your final trips to Greensboro for the tournament.  It's been a good tournament for you.  Is there any time at all for sentiment or is it all business, getting down to work?
COACH FRESE:  Well, actually I hadn't thought of it till you brought it up.  That's how much time I've spent on it.
It's competition.  I mean, obviously we're excited to play against the best competition.  Obviously Greensboro does it the best, in my opinion, the way they put their tournament together.  We love playing in Greensboro.
We just want to come in there and give it our best shot.

Q.  Coach, talk about the combination of Alyssa Thomas and Tianna Hawkins and what they've done for your team this season, even with all the injuries.
COACH FRESE:  Yeah, obviously all conference play they've led the conference in scoring and rebounding, picked up after each other.
They've been required and asked to do a lot this season, given our injuries.  Never have they used it as an excuse.  They've always just tried to do more.
Tianna, obviously proud of her progression.  When you talk about being ranked 133rd coming out of high school to now a first‑round draft pick, what she's been able to do in her four years here at Maryland in terms of improving, getting better, being extremely disciplined, obviously very versatile for us with her scoring and her rebounding.
Alyssa Thomas, as great of a sophomore campaign as she had last season for us, you're never quite sure how much better she can get.  She's shown that this season.  She continues every single practice, every time she steps out on the floor, she's trying to get better.
Again, has been asked to shoulder quite a bit of a load this year.  As a 6'2" point guard, all the way one through five, has done it selflessly, put this team on her back.

Q.  Your two freshmen, Howard and Pavlech, they've probably had to experience a lot more given the injury situation.  Talk about their progression and development this year.
COACH FRESE:  I think the biggest thing for those two is they came in and started working in the summer.  They came in for both sessions of summer school to prepare themselves for now.  Not knowing we were going to be faced with the type of injuries we've had, they've both been called upon all season long and been ready for it.
Chloe was thrust into the point guard responsibility early, done a tremendous job leading this team in a very difficult position.  Malina Howard, her ability to stretch the defense with her range, a 6'3" lefty post player that can step out, go inside and out, has really given us a great scoring threat off the bench.
THE MODERATOR:  Good luck and we'll see you in Greensboro.  Thank you for your time this morning.
COACH FRESE:  Thank you.

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