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January 12, 2013

Travis Releford

Kevin Young


TRAVIS RELEFORD:  We were very disappointed at halftime because of how we came out with no energy, and just wasn't really into the game as a team.  So, yeah, Coach wasn't too happy with us at halftime.
KEVIN YOUNG:  Yeah, I was down on the boards by a lot.  I know Coach emphasized that they had seven offensive rebounds and we only had five defensive rebounds.  I think we just try to stop them from attacking the offensive glass.

Q.  (No Microphone)?
KEVIN YOUNG:  Yeah, I think it's always an emphasis when we've got a seven‑footer down there.  He's got to touch the ball and get off more than three shots a game.  I think in the next game, we'll work on that a lot.

Q.  (No Microphone)?
KEVIN YOUNG:  I think I really needed to do that, because we were playing frightened in the first half, and it seemed like we were just out there, and I decided to make a change.

Q.  Was it a case of (Indiscernible)?
TRAVIS RELEFORD:  Yeah, we know every game coming out is going to be tough because we're a team that everybody wants to be because we've done in the past.  We've just got to come out and play every game no matter who we're playing.

Q.  (No Microphone)?
TRAVIS RELEFORD:  I think that did surprise us.  I thought we shot the ball a little bit better than we did in the first half.  And Coach said that stat at halftime, and it was another emphasis we needed to change.

Q.  (No Microphone) they were able to get a shot off.
KEVIN YOUNG:  Stopping them from getting the shot off under 10 seconds.  We did.  Coach said they scored like nine points in under 12 seconds in the first half.  We just had to change our defense in the second half.

Q.  (No Microphone)?
TRAVIS RELEFORD:  Yeah, I think it was.  Because if you guard 35 seconds and then they get a rebound, we've got to guard whole other 35 seconds.  So it was a little frustrating at times, but we've still got to lock down and guard.

Q.  (No Microphone) was this kind of rattling the offense?
TRAVIS RELEFORD:  I think both.  How they defended and we were a little sped up.  Just making plays we shouldn't be making through the game.

Q.  Talk about the play of Crockett.
KEVIN YOUNG:  We knew he ducked in early and he likes to shoot the ball.  So we tried to go for ball screens when he was not involved in it or hedge a little quicker when he was in it and get back to our man.  We just tried to keep him off the offensive glass as much as we could.

Q.  (No Microphone)?
KEVIN YOUNG:  It just came from us as a team playing well on defense and getting stills and getting rebounds and being able to push the ball.

Q.  (No Microphone)?
TRAVIS RELEFORD:  It takes pressure off our team.  It takes pressure off Jeff.  You don't feel like you have to force plays to get baskets.  It brings energy to our team when you go out there and just get extra possessions.

Q.  How much better do you have to play to beat Baylor?
TRAVIS RELEFORD:  A lot better than we did today, for sure.
KEVIN YOUNG:  Yeah, we didn't do too good today.  We have to pick it up before Monday.

Q.  (No Microphone)?
TRAVIS RELEFORD:  I think it's always a big game when we play against Baylor, no matter if it's home or away because they've always been another great team in our league.  It's just going to be an exciting game to come out on Monday and play them.

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