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January 12, 2013

Bill Self


Q.  What was the mood at halftime?
COACH SELF:  Trying to wake up.  I was disappointed in our play in the first half.  That's as miserable as an offensive team can play, I think.  But I thought their defense was good, and they kind of punked us, without question, on the glass and being physical.
We had to decide whether or not we want to be here or not.  I thought the second half, though we didn't play great, I thought we played with more energy and played much better.  Got the ball to our bigs a little better, and more good things happened.  I thought Tech was pretty good in the first half, no question.

Q.  Jeff only took three shots.
COACH SELF:  That's not typically true.  Statistically it's true, but he's got to get the ball more, and it's going to be difficult getting him the ball if they don't guard Kevin.  And they didn't guard Kevin in the first half, and in the second half, he took advantage of that personally.
So he goes and scores eight straight points or whatever to start the second half of being aggressive, because they were shading Jeff the whole time.  That was good.  But certainly we've got to get the ball more to Jeff.  They didn't guard the other guy, which makes it a little harder to get in there.

Q.  You mentioned the first half, what did you think they did well?
COACH SELF:  I thought they were very aggressive.  I thought they were very aggressive.  I thought they downed or iso'd‑‑ that's what we call it.  But a lot of people try to do that to us, but we didn't attack very well at all in the first half.

Q.  How much does it help when Kevin steps up like he did?
COACH SELF:  It helps a lot.  He needed to step up.  Had he plenty of room for improvement based on the first half.  He did.  He stepped up and was really aggressive in the second half.

Q.  No turnovers and assists today, which was really uncharacteristic.
COACH SELF:  It wasn't a lot of turnovers.  Nine is an unbelievably low number for us.  The problem is there were no assists.  And Elijah never got in the paint and make plays for others.  And Naadir didn't get in the paint and make plays for others.  Travis didn't drive it much.  I think they played smart defensively.
So I think give them credit.  You only score 19 baskets, you're not going to get a ton of assists.  You can't get 25 assists if you only score 19 baskets.  So a lot of our baskets were in transition off steals and stuff, so that doesn't create assist opportunities.

Q.  What was the game plan on Jaye Crockett what were you able to do well to limit his activity?
COACH SELF:  Well, Jeff's pretty good down there.  We started out Jeff on 11, and Kevin on‑‑ oh, you said Crockett.  No, no, we were just guarding him.  We were just guarding him.  He made the three late, and I don't know how many he ended up with.  I guess that was his only points was the three late.  But we actually did a good job on him.
I thought our defense, you know, you go into anybody's building, and the other team scores 46 points, that's pretty good.  Their numbers for field goal percentage were down.  We didn't turn them over the first half.  So I thought we did some good things defensively.

Q.  You wanted to get more shots?  (No Microphone)?
COACH SELF:  It was a tough night for the whole team to get into the flow.  But Big Ben would tell you that is probably the roughest night he's had this year, maybe.  But there were some other guys that had some rough nights too.
But, give Tech credit.  I thought they played hard.  I like Tech's personnel.  I think they've got good players.  I think if they play with that type of energy all the time and guard, I think they can be a very good defensive team.  I think you should look at us at being inept offensively, but in large part because Tech was good defensively.

Q.  What was the dispute, the possession to start the half?
COACH SELF:  Yeah, I've never heard the rule, and I'm sure the officials are right.  So this isn't me being upset with them.  But it was our possession arrow.  They got the jump ball in the first half, but while the ball was out of bounds after they were awarded the jump ball, a foul occurred without the clock stopping.  So when the foul occurred, we got the ball.
They said that the rule says you cannot‑‑ it would be double jeopardy for them to lose the possession arrow and the foul and cost them a possession, which is total crap because it cost us a possession.
But the bottom line is they went back to the old possession arrow since the ball‑‑ the foul occurred while the ball wasn't live, which I've never heard that rule at all.  So since the ball was a dead‑ball foul, they went back to the old possession arrow since we got the ball anyway.  To me, that makes zero sense, but they said that was the rule.
I'm sure they're right.  They've said they've had it other times, but that's one that may need to be visited.  That's right, Larry?  Is that the rule?  Do you have any reasoning for that?  (No Microphone).
Which is really bad, because that penalizes a defense.  A foul is a turnover, so that's a bad rule.  I would argue anybody on that one.  But it is the rule that you have to get the ball back, and the possession arrow goes back to the way it was prior, right?  Yeah.

Q.  It wasn't just Kevin, but how much was the difference with the way he started the game and played in the first half and the way he did in the second?
COACH SELF:  Kevin drives me nuts.  He drives me nuts.  He can play so good.  At 6'8", he can run and jump and not even contest a shot or the lay‑up with a 6‑foot guy shooting it with one second left on the shot clock or not even come close to blocking out a guy when his man is the best offensive.  When he turns the switch, he does a lot of great things.
We're so much better with Kevin in the game, but if he would just, to me hone his focus in on the thing that's we know he's good at, we're so much better.  That's what he did in the second half.  In the first half, he didn't play with that energy, and I think that's one reason why we labored.

Q.  Did you have to turn the switch for him?
COACH SELF:  Oh, I don't know.  You'd have to ask him.

Q.  The quick turnaround with Baylor on Monday night, how do you want the guys to think about this game?
COACH SELF:  I want them to forget about it.  There are things we may learn from them and show them five minutes of edit clips or whatever.  But we need to put our focus on Baylor.
To me, I don't know how you guys feel, but we look like a tired team.  So we need to get our batteries recharged.  I'm sure we will for Monday night.  We're playing a really talented team.

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