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November 26, 2012

Trey Hopkins

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Trey Hopkins. 

Q.  Why aren't you the third-string quarterback now? 
TREY HOPKINS:  I don't know. 

Q.  If it was open for anybody on the team... 
TREY HOPKINS:  I probably would not be a very good quarterback just because I don't like to move that much.  I probably would not be very good at that (laughter). 

Q.  As an offensive lineman, do you notice a difference when Case is under center versus when David is?
TREY HOPKINS:  Not really.  They have different playing styles, but I don't think there's a difference as far as the result goes. 
We know they're both capable of getting the job done.  Case comes in, he might be a little bit more vocal here and there because of situations he's put in. 
As far as getting the job done, we're confident with either one of them back there. 

Q.  How important would it be to get this sunflower state sweep, finish the regular season off in style?
TREY HOPKINS:  It would definitely be great.  I feel personally we owe it to our seniors.  We need to send them off with a bang.  We need to get these last wins we can get.  Haven't been able to beat them in the past.  It's going to be a great game for us. 
They're a tough opponent.  It will definitely be a tough game for us, see what we really has. 

Q.  You break the season down by conference season, Big 12 season, regular season.  Has it been a successful regular season?
TREY HOPKINS:  I think so.  I think we've seen improvement.  I think we still see areas that we have to improve on.  I think that's the biggest thing.  We're not to a point where everyone is confused as to where do we go wrong.  What we need to improve on is things that can be fixed.  That's a big step for us. 

Q.  (Question regarding pass protection.) 
TREY HOPKINS:  I don't think it really does.  Most of the time when I'm pass protecting, I try to make sure they're not in my line of sight, I want them to stay behind me. 

Q.  He has an arm?
TREY HOPKINS:  He's a great athlete.  If they trust him to be back there, he must have some kind of arm.

Q.  (Question about focusing towards next year.) 
TREY HOPKINS:  This is definitely our season.  This is the season we owe to our seniors, like I said.  We're not going to look forward to next year when we still have two games left to play.  We have people who have fought to get this team back on track.  We owe it to them to finish the season off right and not look forward, not that we can't achieve anything we wanted to.  We still have time to fight. 

Q.  Did you see the Earl Campbell documentary last night? 
TREY HOPKINS:  Yes, sir. 

Q.  Tell me what you thought about it. 
TREY HOPKINS:  I thought it was a great documentary.  I seen Mr. Campbell in there getting rehab a couple times.  I've seen them recording him. 
I think what was most impressive was his son's testimony, about how they view their dad.  They don't have trophies in the house.  They view him as the old man.  They have stories about them going to friend's houses and showing clips of Earl Campbell running. 
He's not concerned with his sons in a football manner, but just being their father.  It's also great they can learn because of the legacy he set, the way everybody knows and respects him. 

Q.  How much did you take from it as far as not just the player that he was but they really got into a lot of the person that he was, but you can still have problems?
TREY HOPKINS:  That was a great point in the show that we watched, just the fact no matter how high you get up to the top, no matter what successes you have, you're still going to have pitfalls, hit valleys, low points.  Like any other person, you're going to have to fight your way out of them. 
That's what he did.  Strong man.  Mental and emotional trials.  Lost his father early, losing his mother, still having a job to do.  Things like that, it's a credit to him as a person.  Shows us all that no matter how easy we think life will get with money or fame, it's still life and there's still going to be trials. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.  

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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