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November 26, 2012

Johnathan Gray

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Johnathan Gray. 

Q.  We want to know why you're not the third-string quarterback. 
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  I do the wildcat.  That's my quarterback position right there (laughter). 

Q.  You can throw the ball. 
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  We'll see (laughter). 

Q.  Are you kicking yourself for missing an opportunity to do something?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  We had opportunity.  Couldn't get the job done.  We have the 24-hour rule.  You think about the game late at night.  You have to get over it and move on.  Life goes on.  Football goes on.  You have to get ready for your next opponent. 
We're getting ready for K State.  Let the past be the past.  All we can do is look forward to a 9-3 season and getting into a good bowl.

Q.  How much confidence do you have with Case going in?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  We have confidence with each and every quarterback that goes in, no matter if it is Case or David.  We are willing to play for those guys, play hard.  We know both of those guys can get the job done. 

Q.  Would you consider yourself a focal person in the clubhouse for a young guy? 
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  Yeah.  I consider myself being vocal.  I am always willing to get the team going, telling the team we're not down, let's get ready for the next series, let's go out and score.  I'm always trying to pump my teammates up, get those guys going so we can get the job done. 

Q.  (Question regarding Earl Campbell documentary.)
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  It was a great movie, knowing how Earl grew up, what he overcame, how he went through life being on and off the field.  I thought the movie was enjoyable.  You can learn a lot from Earl.  Teaches you a lot about the game.  He's a very respectful player. 

Q.  (No microphone.)
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  Great defense.  Great linebackers, great secondary, great defensive line.  Watching film on those guys, seeing what schemes we can get done, see how we can take on the task of beating K State. 

Q.  Are you going to put more pressure on yourself?  Do you feel more pressure to help Case out because this is his first start of the season?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  I feel there's no pressure.  Case has been here.  He's been in big games.  He knows how to get the job done. 
For me, I'm doing what the coaches ask me, blocking for Case, running the ball, trying to get open so case can have a target to throw to. 
I feel he knows what to do and can get the job done. 

Q.  What do you think still are your best attributes as a runningback?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  Just knowing the game, getting better, learning how to run against these guys.  It's a lot faster game.  I feel like I've gotten better in those areas.  Pass throw is getting better.  Taking on each game every week. 

Q.  Hands, feet, vision?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  Hands, feet, vision getting better each week.  I feel I have to get acquainted with this game.  I feel like I've done that and it shows.  Now I'm trying to get better every week and trying to help my teammates out. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Jonathan. 

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