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November 21, 2012

Randy Edsall

RANDY EDSALL:  I know I've been very, very impressed watching North Carolina on film this week.  Offensively they've got a lot of weapons, and defensively they give you a lot of problems with their scheme and the pressures that they give you.  I know that it's going to be a tough game for us, and we're looking forward to going to Chapel Hill and playing them.

Q.  Knowing you a little bit, I'd suspect that you try to avoid distractions on a weekly basis, and how difficult has it been this week to prepare a team where all the conference switch discussion has been going on?
RANDY EDSALL:  I'll tell you, we always practice on Sundays, so we did that, and then on Monday is our day off, and that's when there were the things that were going on, the press conference and all that.  And then we went back out to work yesterday, so really, it kind of occurred on a day when we were off.  We went out, practice was normal yesterday, and go to practice today, and tomorrow morning, and review our things here and get on a plane and go.
So it really hasn't been a distraction at all for the team or myself or our coaches.

Q.  I know it's happened very suddenly, but I'm just wondering if you think as a football coach, does changing the leagues change your recruiting philosophy in terms of where you go, where you try to recruit from as opposed to where it was going to be in the ACC?
RANDY EDSALL:  We're going to recruit the areas that we've been in, but then also I think because of where you're going to end up playing more of your games, you're going to go and recruit some of the areas that have been good areas to recruit with the number of players in some other areas, too.
But our philosophy and our approach to recruiting is not going to change, it's just we might go into a couple other areas that we weren't actively recruiting as much as we would be now.

Q.  And again, I know it's all happened very quickly, but has there been time to get any kind of feedback from the guys you're currently recruiting or currently have committed, any feel for the move and how they're taking it?
RANDY EDSALL:  When we knew about it, we talked to them on Monday evening, and guys are excited about it.  We've gotten a lot of positive response from our‑‑ the kids that have verbaled to us and also some kids that we're recruiting for '14 and '15, as well.

Q.  When you watch Gio Bernard on film, what kinds of things or how many different things jump out at you?
RANDY EDSALL:  Well, his quickness, his durability, his power, his ability to catch the ball.  Very, very talented back.  You know, very talented.  Had the opportunity to see him in high school down there at St.Thomas Aquinas and was impressed with him then and impressed with him now.  He's really a complete back and somebody who's playing very, very well for North Carolina.

Q.  Do you adjust your defensive scheme any to try to account for him, or do you just pretty much play what's worked well this year and hope that will be good enough?
RANDY EDSALL:  Well, I think any time that offensively when you take a look at North Carolina, you're going to line up and load up the box, they're going to throw the bubble screens, they're going to throw the lookies, they're going to do things to take advantage of what you're trying to do to shut the run down.
So I think you have to‑‑ not only do you have to be sound if you're going to look to take the run away, but you've also got to be cognizant of the fact that they're going to fake the ball to him and then throw it outside.  You have to do a good job of being able to defend the whole field and defend everybody that they have because they have‑‑ with the quarterback and the receivers, they've got a chance to hurt you either way.  So they've got a very balanced attack.  But the thing you do have‑‑ the guy that it all starts off of is Giovani.  So you've got to take care of that first.

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