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November 19, 2012

Jeremy Hills

Q.  How do you manage your emotions with the senior day your last time running out of the tunnel?
JEREMY HILLS:  I don't know yet.  I don't know yet.  I guess I'll find out Thursday.  I mean, I've been around for a few senior days, and I've seen how those guys get.  I'm sure I'll be the same way.  Cody Johnson last year, man, he was excited, pumped up and ready to go.  That's kind of what I'm hoping my same emotions are.

Q.  Are you thinking there might be tears or sadness, or what do you think you might be feeling?
JEREMY HILLS:  How I'm feeling right now, man, save the tears for after the game.  Don't go in there too emotional.  The whole point of the game is to win it, so we've got a job to do.  We've got to go in with the same mentality we've been going in with these last few weeks.

Q.  Is it kind of crazy to see everything you're still playing for, what could happen if you win these last two games?
JEREMY HILLS:  Well, yeah, it's crazy.  After the OU game even Coach Brown said he feels like this league is so good that the winner of it may have two losses, and then four or five weeks later we're sitting up here and we could be in that mix.  It's crazy.

Q.  How would you characterize your time here?
JEREMY HILLS:  It's been fun.  It's been fun.  I mean, I had a chance to play in two BCS Bowl games early on, the National Championship, Big 12 Championship, played against some great opponents, I mean, play here at Texas all these years.
It went by real fast when I think back on it.  But my time here has been real fun, and I'm ready to finish it off the right way.

Q.  When Coach Brown told you guys that the team would probably have two losses, what was going through your mind, like you're crazy?
JEREMY HILLS:  I mean, I've come to know that Coach Brown somehow knows what he's talking about, even when it doesn't look that way right then and there.  So I took it and said he may be right, and he is right.  I'm not surprised at all.

Q.  What's it like playing on Thanksgiving?
JEREMY HILLS:  I'm not going to lie, that's exciting.  That's exciting.  I've got a lot of friends that play ball all over the country, and they all say we get to watch this time, we get to see this time.  We're all getting to see each other's families, my brother.  Just everybody is watching.  America, anybody that likes football is watching you with their family that night.  I mean, it's like we're the focal point.  It's like us and the Cowboys I want to say that's playing.  We're the only college team playing that night.  It's exciting.  It's exciting.

Q.  Will you miss beating up on the Aggies?
JEREMY HILLS:  It was fun while it lasted.  Like I said, we won the first, the last and the most, so that's done.  That chapter is done.  It's exciting playing on Thanksgiving, period, no matter who we're playing, and the fact we get a chance to play TCU, and this is the best rushing defense that we've faced all year and just a real good, solid team, plus I've got a few guys over there that I'm going to enjoy going against.
This game on Thanksgiving, no matter who the opponent is is always going to be a great game I feel like for Texas.

Q.  You've kind of embraced being that guy who leads by example.  Can you just talk about that, what that means to you to be looked upon as a big brother and as a hero to the younger guys?
JEREMY HILLS:¬† I mean, J‑Gray was probably too kind with his words.¬† That just means that I'm doing my job.¬† I'm doing what I've been taught, and that's kind of how the Texas tradition goes on, because it's not who's recruited or who comes in, it's kind of like what's passed down from the players before you.¬† So I learned a lot from Andre McGee, Chris Ogbonnaya, Fozzy Whittaker, those guys, and then I tried to take everything I've learned and pass it down, and J‑Gray is going to be sitting here in three years and he'll look up and it'll be another young guy coming in that he'll pass it down to, and that's just what makes this place special, because like you just said, for him to say whatever he said, I'm sure it's probably the same thing I was saying about Fozzy two years ago.¬† I'm happy that he feels that way.¬† I hope that he takes on the responsibility of passing it on to the next guy after him.

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