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November 19, 2012

Eugene Neboh

Q.  Eugene, where's the mindset of this team right now after these last couple weeks?
EUGENE NEBOH:  First of all, I just want to thank God for the opportunity to be talking to you out here today.  Our mindset is still positive.  It was a rough Saturday, obviously, everything that could go wrong, went wrong.  But we know we've got to focus up on Baylor.

Q.  It seems like in a couple of these games, the couple games you've lost, you've been really competitive in the first quarter of the first half, then something bad happens and you all kind of hit the skids a little bit.  Is there something that you've seen that's leading to that?
EUGENE NEBOH:  I couldn't pinpoint.  We've been preparing all year the same way.  We've been working hard the same way.  Just sometimes the ball doesn't go your way, and it doesn't happen.  We're just going to be positive, stay positive, and hopefully bounce back this week against Baylor.

Q.  Did Oklahoma State do anything that you didn't expect or weren't prepared for?
EUGENE NEBOH:  No, sir.  I felt like we were very prepared.  The coaches did a good job on the scouting report.  They just made more plays than we did, bottom line.

Q.  Terrance Williams from Baylor is very explosive.  What are some of the problems that you may have?
EUGENE NEBOH:  We're going to have to play technically sound.  These past two out of three weeks we haven't been playing technically sound at all the time.  We're going to have to focus in the film room and dial into the game plan.

Q.  Going back to last season with the Baylor loss ending your season, what was it like, or what do you remember most about walking off the field there at Cowboy Stadium?
EUGENE NEBOH:  Oh, man, for one, seniors.  I really hurt for the seniors because that was their last game to ever play in.  To go out like that and for me not to have my best effort out there and not playing much, I felt like I didn't do anything for them.  I felt bad inside, just knowing how long our off‑season's going to be.
But also looking at an opportunity to get better and have that chip on our shoulder.  Hopefully we can return the favor this week to them.

Q.  What is your preference of where Texas Tech and Baylor (Indiscernible)?
EUGENE NEBOH:  Personally it doesn't really matter to me where the game is played.  As long as we get the opportunity to play.  It's going to be a great chance to go to Dallas stadium again.  That Jumbotron is humongous.  A lot of people on our team haven't seen it, so they can finally see it with their own eyes instead of hearing about the rumors.

Q.  What is your take away from a positive standpoint this season that you'll look back on and remember in a good bay?
EUGENE NEBOH:  Just our overall resiliency, and how we continue to fight through the good, through the bad.  We've continued to stay together when people on the outside don't believe in us as much, we always believe in each other.

Q.  Does what Baylor did on Saturday against K‑State have your attention?
EUGENE NEBOH:  Of course it's always going to grab your attention when you're a team like Kansas State.  But just watching them throughout the year, they've always been able to score points.  The defense hasn't always played the best.  But the Baylor offense has always been able to put up points no matter who they've played.
They've had my respect from the beginning, but of course it's going to add to it with the win last week.

Q.  (Indiscernible) what is the conversation like among yourselves (Indiscernible)?
EUGENE NEBOH:  Well, I tell them a few things, but I don't want to talk to them like I'm talking down on them or I'm better than them.  I told them last week it could happen to anybody.  No one's perfect.  Everyone's going to make mistakes.  It's what you do after the mistakes that counts.
I just told them to focus.  We can't think about it.  Don't forget it, but don't dwell on it too much because we've got a big one this week.

Q.  Going back to the chain gang aspect, are you guys still believing in that for the season?
EUGENE NEBOH:  Oh, yes, sir.  Yes, sir.  Like I said, we continue to believe in each other all year.  That's how we got to this point.  There have been some bumps in the road, but nothing's perfect.  You've got to work for it.  Yes, of course we still believe in each other, and hopefully we'll show up against Baylor this week.

Q.  Talk about the game last year, what are your thoughts on that?
EUGENE NEBOH:  Man, Happiness is a competitor.  We came from the same thing, kind of a walk‑on, so I understand how hard he had to work to get to that starting job at Baylor last year.  For it to get taken away from him like that, it hurt me more than it probably hurt him.  Because just watching him grow as a player, coming from JUCO, breaking his JUCO habits and really being patient and believing in God and keeping a strength faith.  For that to happen, it devastated me to be honest with you.  I have the utmost respect for him for how he's handled this year.
Of course, it's not been how he's wanted it to be.  But he's kept a positive attitude and always cheering us so on, no matter what.  He's not wishing negatives on anybody, and I respect that about him.

Q.  How drained are you guys right now, mentally, physically, getting ready for the 12th game of the season.  It seems the last couple weeks you guys seemed a little lethargic at times.  Are you guys really drained right now?
EUGENE NEBOH:  I'm not going to say we're really drained, but of course as the season goes on, your body wears down.  So that's starting to take us a little bit.  But everybody else is going through it.  It's not an excuse in my eyes.  We've got to fight through it.  That's all you've got to do is fight through it and be mentally tough.

Q.  Talk about what it's like as a player going into Cowboys Stadium and getting the opportunity to play on that big stage?
EUGENE NEBOH:  Oh, it's exciting.  It's basically a perfect field.  When it's cold, they bring the dome open.  When it's hot, they have the sunshine on.  The turf is amazing.  The Jumbotron, a huge stadium, flashing lights, big crowds, you can't ask for more.

Q.  What are you most looking forward to about this Saturday playing there?
EUGENE NEBOH:  Getting an opportunity to play against the receivers again.  I'm really looking forward to it.

Q.  Have you guys looked at (Indiscernible)?
EUGENE NEBOH:  That kind of happens today, and we'll get the gist of the game plan Tuesday.  We plan to watch film later today as the DBs, and hopefully get a beat on him, see what he likes to do, where he likes to go and what not.

Q.  How frustrated was Karrh?  It looked like he was going to be back as captain?  How frustrated is it for him not to be out there?
EUGENE NEBOH:  I can imagine he's frustrated because he's a competitor and always wants to help out.  But he's kept a positive tone.  So you wouldn't know.  But just knowing him as a competitor, I imagine he's frustrated and I know he wants to get back out there and help the team out.

Q.  How much does seeing Nick Florence last year help you guys in preparing for this year?
EUGENE NEBOH:  It's going to help a lot.  Just seeing his playing style.  It really hasn't shifted.  He really likes to go deep, not afraid to take a chance.  But of course it's going to be different because we're in a different defense this year, so our game plan is going to be different.  Hopefully, he'll do the same things and we'll just be in better position to make plays.

Q.  They've developed a running game over the last few weeks.  Is that something that's going to hurt you guys in the pass defense?  Are you going to have to pay more attention to the run?
EUGENE NEBOH:  I want to say for me as a corner, our job is to pass first, run second.  So I don't think it will hurt us.  Honestly, the safeties have been playing the way they've been playing all year, just run pass.  I don't think it's going to change anything, because Oklahoma State had a running game, Oklahoma had a running game, and West Virginia the week before we played them had a running game.  So I don't think it will change too much.  We've just got to be technically sound.

Q.  With the defense not hitting like you would, does it kind of hurt on big plays when you have the safeties come down and help out?  Does it hurt on big plays with them or is it something that is scheme to scheme?
EUGENE NEBOH:  Sometimes it just schemes that way.  Again, no one is perfect on our defense.  So there are going to be times when everybody's going to gash up the middle and we've got to jerk them down.  So sometimes it's scheme, and sometimes it's just making a simple mistake and a fit.  So it's kind of a mixture of both.

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