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November 19, 2012

Johnathan Gray

Q.  Ready for your first Thanksgiving game?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  Yeah, it's going to be fun and exciting.  TCU is a great team, and we're one of the only teams that's playing, so we've got to give our fans what they want to see.

Q.  Have you heard stories about playing on Thanksgiving?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  I've heard a little bit of stories, not too much.  We were supposed to play A&M, and that was a good game on Thanksgiving, and it brought a lot of emotions to the game, and now that we're playing TCU, I guess you could say it's going to be one of those A&M Thanksgiving games.  We're excited to play and ready.

Q.  How different is it playing them on Thanksgiving?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  It feels really different from playing on Saturday to play on Thursday.  You know, the game is getting here shortly.  Practices have been going well, and it feels like a Tuesday today because we had a Tuesday practice yesterday.  Feels weird, but you know, getting ready, getting prepared and ready to play TCU.

Q.  Cowboys are playing Thursday, the Texans are playing Thursday, the Horns are playing Thursday.  What's at stake for the Horns on Thursday?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:¬† Everything is at stake with what happened this bye week with K‑State and Baylor and West Virginia and Oklahoma.¬† Anything is possible.¬† Us, we have to take one game at a time and hopefully win out and see what happens there.

Q.  Is it lucky that you guys are back in the mix, or did you guys put yourselves in position to be back in the mix for the Big 12 title?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  We put ourselves back in the mix.  After those two losses we took against West Virginia and Oklahoma, we had to do some soul searching and say, hey, we can still go 10 and 2.  Right now we're on that path and playing hard each and every week and ready for each opponent and getting better.

Q.  Do you feel you've had a breakout game in the conference yet or is there still something out there for you to have that breakout game, and what better time to do it than on Thanksgiving?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  Breakout game, there's still time to do it.  You want to have a breakout game each and every game.  That's what I work hard on and work hard at practice.  As an RB, you always want to have that breakout game, so you work hard, thanks to the offensive linemen and your blockers and just get prepared for it.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  It meant a lot.  It meant a lot for not just myself but my teammates, how hard we worked at that goat there and how those guys helped me get those awards.  I say it's a team award because without those guys I wouldn't get any award.  I felt like it was a team effort, and getting those awards, I always gave them to my teammates, and for me I felt that that was needed.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  Oh, yeah, Tom Landry was a legend, and knowing that, getting that award meant something special because it actually meant something and it felt like in honor of him, it was a big award.  So getting that award meant a lot, and it was a blessing.

Q.  What do you see in this TCU defense that poses some challenges?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:¬† Their defensive line with their ends and D‑tackles and their secondary, with them leading the Big 12, those guys play hard, as you can tell on film, and each and every week they play hard.¬† So we have to bring it, play hard with them, and whoever comes out on top plays hard.

Q.  Obviously you were prepping for playoff games a lot of times growing up over the Thanksgiving week.  Did you watch Texas play on Thanksgiving against A&M and think, man, one of these days I want to play on Thanksgiving?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  I really hadn't watched them play.  I caught the tail end of it when they kicked the field goal to win it and I was getting updates after that game.  But I know playing on Thursday now is a big deal, and it's on Thanksgiving, so that's a blessing.  Like I said, we have to give the fans what they want to see, and can't wait for it.

Q.  What senior has kind of impacted you the most?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  The senior that's impacted me the most would be Jeremy Hills.  With him being my big brother, he showed me the ropes of what I need to do to get better and how to perform each and every week and how to take care of my body and doing the things on and off the field to be a successful person and someone who looks up to you.

Q.  You're not going to cry for him, are you?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  I won't cry for him, but you know, it's going to be a tough loss.  Those guys always have to go on, and you hate to see it because you learn so much from them.  I'm glad that it's their senior year, and I'm playing hard for them so they can go out with a win.

Q.  Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving meal?  Is there a pie you like on Thanksgiving or is it your mom's green beans?
JOHNATHAN GRAY:  My mom made a killer Thanksgiving meal.  I couldn't pick out one.  Everything is good from the potato salad, the pie, the turkey, the stuffing.  I mean, green beans, everything was good.  I can't wait to get some of her cooking.

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