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November 19, 2012

Adrian Phillips

Q. ¬†After this weekend you guys are back in the mix for a BCS berth and possible Big‑12 Championship.¬† How good does that make you feel?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  I mean, it makes you feel real good to let you know that you're back in the mix.  The biggest thing for us right now, we just have to buckle down and stay focused on TCU, take it one game at a time and not let the hype get to us.

Q.  Seemed like a month ago (inaudible) spoiler role from here on out, but now you guys have handled your business and put yourselves back in it.  Does it surprised that you guys are back in it?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  No, it's not really surprising.  We talked about it as a team that we need to buckle down and get back on our game.  When you put in hard work, this is what pays off.  It's not surprising at all.

Q.  What's it like as a player to play the marquee college football game on Thanksgiving?  You're the only college football game, and the traditions of playing on that day.
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  I mean, it makes you feel real good to know that you're at a prestigious university like this.  It makes you feel real good to know that you're the only game on Thanksgiving day.  People all across the nation are going to be watching you, so you have to show your best.

Q.  Is that any added pressure knowing that you're the game everybody is watching?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  It's not really added pressure at all because people watch you every week, so it's not really that much more pressure added on.

Q.  What's changed for the defense, especially the last two weeks?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  The main thing that's changed is this:  We had to make it in our mind that we were going to be a dominating defense out there.  Before we had given up too many big plays, missed tackles, angles, so we just went back to the basics.  We went to practice, worked hard, our work ethic improved a lot better, everyone is running to the ball, and it just all pays off in the game.  If you work hard in practice it'll all show in the game.

Q.  How does it feel not playing the Aggies?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  That was a good rivalry, but now that it's over, we have to get ready for TCU.  I mean, you don't want them to leave, but they left, so you can't worry about any of that anymore.

Q.  What do you think about when you think of TCU and any past rivalries or past games?  What's your knowledge of TCU?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  TCU, they're a real good team, and I know that they're going to try to come out and hit us in the mouth, so we just to be ready for that.  We know that they're going to be amped up for this game because it's their first time playing on Thanksgiving, so we know that they're going to come out real energized, and we just have to go out there and take it.

Q.  They've lost four out of their last five.  Are you kind of confident about that?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  I mean, no, not really.  I mean, just because they lost, it doesn't mean anything.  You have to come ready in the Big 12 every week.

Q.  What senior has meant the most to you?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:  Out of all the seniors, I would probably say Kenny Vaccaro and Ryan Roberson.  Those are probably the two closest seniors that I'm really close to.  They mean a lot to me.  I mean, Robo, with his role, he tries to do everything that he can, and Kenny is just the most physical player out there on the field.  He always gives it his all, and he'll shoot it to you straight when you need it.

Q.  You guys have a lot of momentum, especially the last two weeks.  How do you keep that going when you have a bye week?
ADRIAN PHILLIPS:¬† You just‑‑ the main thing with a bye week, you have to attack the bye week.¬† You can't be lazy during a bye week.¬† If you're lazy, then it'll come back to hurt you.¬† So we just went through this past week, we have to attack it and get better and work on fundamentals and make sure that our Ps and Qs are straight.

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