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November 14, 2012

Frank Beamer

FRANK BEAMER:  Typical Boston College football team, big up front and very tough, played very tough football, very good football.  I think that offensively they have had a couple backs hurt.  I think they are going to get them back.  And then they have been really able to throw the ball extremely well.
And then defensively, you have got to earn everything.  They do a great job keeping the ball in front of them and make you earn every yard you get.  So we know what a challenge we have going up to Boston College and trying to get a win up there.  Questions.

Q.  Did you have a chance to meet with Donovan Manning, and do you have an update on his situation?
FRANK BEAMER:  No, I didn't.  We'll release a press release later on today but I want to meet with him first though.

Q.  Will he be available on Saturday?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, I want to meet with him before we discuss anything else.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about the Coastal Division race in general.  Why do you think it's been so hard for one team this year to really separate itself?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, I think it's very competitive.  Everybody's had their good games and everybody has probably had some games they would like to have back.  So, it's just been that kind of year.

Q.  The perception from the outside from some people might be that it's been a down year for the division; do you think that that's fair?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, you know, from our standpoint, you know, we are not happy where we are.  We are just kind of digging out of it right now.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about the division race.  I know it evens out over time, but still this is an odd year with two Top‑10 teams in the other division.  With the unbalanced schedule, Virginia Tech and Duke are the only two teams in the Coastal that play both Clemson and Florida State, and there are two teams that don't play either of them; in determining the division championships, is that fair?
FRANK BEAMER:  You know, it always changes around.  Over a period of time, it's certainly fair and I think probably the own way to do it when you have as many teams in the conference as we do.  You know, over a period of time, it all works out.

Q.  Logan mentioned yesterday that one of the things he wants to improve is throwing on the run, how would you evaluate passing on the run this year and have you changed at all in play calling what you do based on some of his struggles with that?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, I think he's very critical of himself.  What I really like about him is he always wants to improve.  That's just the kind of guy he is and very competitive.
I think again, that will be something that he'll work on and get better at doing.  I've seen him make some good throws and I've seen him make some that he's dumping the ball off and wasn't so good.
So, you know, sometimes those things come on a scramble where he's running and all of a sudden trying to get the ball to someone.

Q.  Just a clarification, did you meet with Manning yesterday and you'll meet with him today, correct?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, he's coming back to meet with me today.

Q.  Talking to a couple coaches today about the plethora of kickoff return touchdowns.  You've always been a special teams guy.  Can you explain why there have been more kickoff returns for touchdowns this year in the ACC than ever before in history?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, I think it all‑‑ I think it gets back to the kick itself and how far you allow your coverage team to get down the field before that ball can be field; caught.
And then, I think last‑‑ well, I think you're seeing more athletic guys on the kickoff return team and more guys that‑‑ and what happens, you're blocking that guy in open field, and the more athletic you are and the more you can run your feet and the more size you have, you can kind of absorb a blow and then run your feet.
You know, it's harder for those guys covering kicks to get down the field.  So I think it's a combination of things.  I know with us, not getting the ball high enough and not long enough has kinds of become‑‑ that's held us back a little bit.

Q.  Just a little counterintuitive with the new rules of bringing the ball out to the 25, you would think there would be more touchbacks and attempts at return.  Has that not the case?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, I think people with a kicker that can get in the end zone, that's what they can do.
But when I came in, I could see that people were very accurate in placing the ball with height, and then get your coverage team on down the field.  You know, some people would try to do that, figure they could get you before they could get to the 25‑yard line.
But the opposite of that is true:  If you're kicking the ball and not kicking as far as you want to and as high as you want to, then the receiving team has just got an advantage.

Q.  Have you changed your advice to your kickoff return guys about taking the touch back?
FRANK BEAMER:  I think if you're catching the ball in the end zone, it's how long that ball has been up in the air and you have to have a feeling for that.  If it has not been up very long, you know you want to bring it out; and if it's hung up for a while, you're better off staying in.

Q.  With Michael Cole already being out for Saturday, do you talk about any changes or anything differently you'll be doing as far as approaching the secondary or nickel or dime or your packages or anything?
FRANK BEAMER:  I think you'll see Desmond Frye in the ballgame.  He's a guy that's a true freshman that has a really bright future.  He has played on some special teams for us and I think has got good football sense, and he's got good skill.  You know, he's going to probably be in the game a little bit more.

Q.  With the kickoff, you said that was something you guys were going to visit a little bit, too.  Have you made a decision?
FRANK BEAMER:  We have charted the last two days and we are going to chart today, and then make a decision.

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