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November 10, 2012

Tommy Tuberville


COACH TUBERVILLE:  All right.  We're proud for our seniors.  It's important with all the work and hard effort that we put in with these guys through the last three years, these seniors, it's only fitting that they could win in an extra‑inning game at home.
We didn't play the best that we could play, but you've got to give a lot of credit to Kansas.  They came in and ran some formations on us and got us confused early.  We never really stopped the option play other than right there at the end.  We stopped it one time.  We finally took away the pitch man.
But it was hard fought on both sides.  You can't really give up that many running yards, but we knew they couldn't throw it, and we put them up there and we kind of gambled.  They broke a couple of them.  They tried to play all the runs and you break a line of scrimmage, and you're in there for a pretty good sized run.
So hopefully we learn from this.  We'll go next week.  We've won four conference games nobody gave us a chance to even do that.  So I'm proud of the guys to get to 500 and a chance to go over 500.  No injuries, had some guys beat up a little bit.  Hopefully next week we can get some guys back that can really make a difference in the offense and defense.  Questions?

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Hopefully he can.  Hopefully.

Q.  What did you think of your run defense today?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Run, well, we gave up 390 yards; is that right?  Let's see.  Run offense, they had 419.  But when that's all you do, then I thought we'd hold them between 300, 350.  I didn't think they'd get those two long runs that they got on the option plays, so that's just disappointing a little bit that we didn't tackle as well.  At the point of attack, we probably should have made the quarterback run the ball a little more instead of letting him get it out to No. 3.  14 did make one good run down there through the last drive for their field goal.
But, you know, I think it's a little bit more on our offense because I think we might have scored three points in like a quarter and a half, two quarters.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Just not executing.  Today was a little bit of a disadvantage for the offense when you're going into the wind.  It really got bad starting the second quarter going into the wind.  That kind of knocks your timing off.  We didn't get any deep balls.  They weren't going to let us throw any deep balls down the sideline.  Again, when do you that, whether it's with or against the wind, it throws your timing off.  Our running game just hasn't been that good.
You've got to be able to run the ball to make them get the six‑ or seven‑man fronts to be able to throw the ball down the field.

Q.  (Indiscernible) can you talk about the fourth downs?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, we all thought we could make it.  It was 3rd down and two or three.  And I told them they got two downs for making this.  Let's put this thing away.  We could put it out of reach by making a couple of yards.  We just didn't do it.

Q.  The way your guys played in the second half, were you happy with the way they handled that?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, we played good in spurts, we just weren't able to make the big plays like we thought we could make.  Get the ball down the field.  They made us earn it.  Again, there were times when we were just right on the edge of breaking that thing open.  We just weren't able to do that.

Q.  Early second half the situation where you had 4th and 2 at your midfield, what happened between you and your GA there?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Oh, I reached and grabbed him.  He was on the field, and I reached to grab him and pull him off.  When I pulled, I missed his shirt and I grabbed his face mask and his microphone ripped off his head.  I was trying to get him off the field.

Q.  Was there no heatedness on your part?

Q.  It looked like a lot of confusion there.  They were throwing personnel on the field.
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, he was trying to help me get him off.  But he's standing out on the field and we're trying to get him off, and the referee's standing there.  I just pulled him off and missed his shoulder and grabbed his‑‑ I mean, it wasn't anything to it.  It was just one of those deals where I missed his shoulder and ended up grabbing the microphone on his head set and pulled it off.

Q.  You weren't heated (Indiscernible)?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Well, not at him.  We couldn't get the right personnel.  We got two back‑to‑back penalties.  That's what I was hot about.

Q.  How much of the fact that you guys had already played an overtime thrilling game against TCU this year, how much did that help your guys today?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  How much what?

Q.  How much did that help the guys knowing that you pulled out a triple overtime win against TCU?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  It's experience.  Like anything else, who would have thought as poorly as we've played in the red zone, at times this year we were able to go down twice and score when we needed to be.  We could have done that a lot earlier and made it a lot shorter.  We just can't get a turnover.  We couldn't get an extra turnover to to get an extra touchdown to get ahead.  We're fighting and clawing just to be able to stay even with turnovers.
I think one turnover today on our side on the interception.  Pretty well‑played game.  I just think the whole thing about our defense today is our backside pursuit didn't tackle well enough.  We looked like we were running in mud a little bit.

Q.  When are you likely to get Bullitt back?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  It's going to be week to week.  It's just too sore on him this week, he couldn't practice.  But he's done a pretty good job of practicing and playing.

Q.  Did you think there was any hangover from that loss to Texas?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Oh, yeah.  We had that all week long.  We tried to do everything in the world to get that behind us.  But you can't do it.  You know, these are human beings we're playing with.  They wanted that game so bad.  It hurt.  If you win that game, it goes over to the midweek, end of the week.  If you lose that game, it does the same thing.  That's how big games are.

Q.  Can you talk about your defense and the last stop in overtime?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, they ran the same things.  They went down and ran the option play.  We changed it up.  We decided to take the end man on the line of scrimmage and make the quarterback keep it.  But our defensive end just get as much depth as we could.  No. 3 was in the back field, he was the guy running, and he was the pitch guy, pretty easy to read.  So we saw him go to the right side, and knew, hey, we're going to stop him.  We might not stop the quarterback, but we're going to stop him and we had good backside pursuit.

Q.  Can you talk of the consistency of Eric Ward this year, and his ability to be in the right place all the time and the results that come with it?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  He's a player.  The play he made right before the field goal to try to end the game was a huge catch.  Of course he made one on the 3‑yard line.  I just thought his foot hit inbounds first, but then to come back and catch the crossing route, they took a chance and blitzed.  When they blitzed, we knew who we were going to.
We had very good execution at times.  Sometimes we didn't.  It's just one of those things that that's football.  That's the reason it makes it fun.  It makes it interesting to watch guys that sometimes they don't do very well, and the next time they look like they've been doing it all their lives.  I'm proud of all these guys.  They stuck with it.  It was a hard day for us.

Q.  How about that trick play where Stephens threw the touchdown there?  What made you decide to go for that there?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Well, you know we just hadn't run it this year.  Eric does a good job with it.  What it is is the wildcat.  And Darrin Moore goes out, blocks and releases.  If the guy goes with him, he's got to continue to run it.  So it's a read, run‑pass.  And Darrin did a good job of showing it, coming off, knocking it over, making the play.  Eric's pretty good at that.
We tend to know how to score from trick plays in overtime.  That's the second time, I guess this year in the second overtime.

Q.  Did you like his form?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Yeah, his form was‑‑ he's supposed to just take it and flip it like pushing a basketball.  But I'm proud for him what he's gone through and had to adjust to all the injuries and have some success here right before the end of the season on the field.  He's played the games and done a lot of good things.  We're proud of him.

Q.  Talk about the backward pass of Zouzalik and the throw back to Doege?  Was that your game plan this week to run trick plays against them?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  We always have two or three that we take with us.  That was a perfect time.  Normally you run that when you get a big play or sudden change, you go on the field and catch them running the ball.  It's just like a running play.  We ran it last year.  Can't remember who we ran it against.  Had a pretty good gain with it.  Seth sooner or later is going to get it in the end zone.  But it looked good.  Gave us a chance and an opportunity to get back in the game.

Q.  Are you okay with this game being as dramatic as it was to get that W?

Q.  Are you okay with this game being as dramatic as it was to get that W?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  Oh, yeah.  I don't care if they go down to the last half a second.  If we can win the game, you know, it's hard.  Nobody gave us a chance to win this many games at this point.  In the ones we lost, we were in.  So these guys scratched and clawed.
We've got two left.  In 14 days from now the regular season will be over with.  So hopefully we can just put them all back together and maybe get a few guys back and be a little better as we go next week.

Q.  Scoring three touchdowns early and Seth throwing three touchdown passes in the first 15, 16 minutes of the game, did you feel like you guys were heading out well?
COACH TUBERVILLE:  We had control of it pretty good.  We were at 21‑7 and driving.  Get the ball at the 50, and 2nd and 1, and we throw the ball over the middle of the field against an eight‑man drop, and he just overthrew it a little bit, and the safety's sitting there waiting on it.  But that's good football.
Dave Campo did a good job of mixing it up.  He'd love to have that blitz back on 3rd and 10 in overtime, but you know, he was trying to win the game.  They knew that.  When you're on the road, you have to try everything you can in overtime to win.  They got us in a situation where they were hoping to get somebody free.  We had Eric one‑on‑one against our corner.  That's a pretty good match for us.  Of course, Seth threw it in there pretty good.

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