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November 7, 2012

Keith Dambrot

Q.  Talk about your preseason and how it's gone so far.
KEITH DAMBROT:  We are trying to make that transition into a full court pressure team, playing faster than we have played before.  We have very good depth and that's why we want to do it.

Q.  You have two players from Puerto Rico, one that's sidelined, Abreu, guess he's day‑to‑day and then Betancourt who has led you in safeties the first to games.  Talk about those two players.
KEITH DAMBROT:  Well, Abreu is the key to our season.  He's probably one of the best ten guards in the country under 5‑10, he's a terrific player offensively and has tremendous feel for the game and we are a different team without him.
Now, Betancourt is going to be a very, very good player, but he's young guy just learning our system.  He plays very hard and he's good defensively.  But those guys have been really good players for us.

Q.  Any other kids standing out for you?
KEITH DAMBROT:  Well our seven‑foot center is going to be one of the top shot‑blockers in the country and probably at least a second round draft pick, Zeke Marshal.  He's played well.  And also Pat Forsythe that transferred from West Virginia, 6‑11.
We are built like a high‑major team, the biggest team we have ever had.  And we are big on the wings and we are going to be big enough to play with the big boys and that's what we are interested in doing.

Q.  What's a team strength?
KEITH DAMBROT:  Well, I think shooting the ball, we shoot the ball very, very well.  We have to get better defensively, compared to what we usually are.  We are a little bit behind so we feel like that will come.  But we have a team that plays well together and that has been in a lot of games and has won 20 games seven years in a row and been the MAC Championship game six years in a row, so we are expecting a good team.

Q.  Talk about the format, and talk about Oklahoma State, your first round opponent, first time I think the two schools played each other.
KEITH DAMBROT:  Well, first I like the format.  I would have liked playing two games on one day really to be honest with you, with the way we are built.  Our leading scorer last year only averaged 10‑points a game, the last three years actually.  So we are a team that's build on depth and having the ability to go nine or ten guys deep in our rotation.  So playing a lot of games in a row is good for us so we like that.
Oklahoma State I really have not looked a lot at.  We have two games prior to them.  We are built on doing the things that we do well so I know they have got some great individual talent and we have played Coach Ford's team in the past in the NIT when he was at UMASS.  So we know a little bit about the style they are going to play.
But we are excited to play and we are excited to be in Puerto Rico.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you very much.

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