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November 6, 2012

Rob Andrews

Brice Butler

Leon McFadden

Q.テつ How has the vibe been around campus this week, Leon, since you guys won that game?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ A lot more believers, you could say that.テつ Everybody's happy we're winning.テつ It puts more pressure on us when we're winning, but everybody's happy.

Q.テつ Where does that last win rank with guys for regular season wins in the past?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ One of the‑‑ it is the top win.テつ It was one of the wins that you weren't happy like the Nevada game.テつ The Nevada game was more emotional, I should say.テつ But this top 25 win was definitely something that was remarkable.テつ It's just great.
ROB ANDREWS:テつ Yeah, it's a great experience to be able to play in a big game like that.テつ Our offense played well, defense played well.テつ I think special teams really brought in a different aspect to really help us win that game.テつ If it weren't for special teams, we didn't have as good of a chance with that blocked punt and that big of a return in the first play of the game.

Q.テつ Brice, when you were at USC, they won big games all the time.テつ Do you notice any difference between winning big games at USC and winning them here?
BRICE BUTLER:テつ I thought about that the other day, because I won with Nico and Josh Wade, and I could see how with that win this past weekend how everybody on the team, including myself, saw the change in this program for a better and positive future.テつ Just how even my roommates were excited after the game.
It just made me realize like, yeah, all these guys‑‑ I haven't been here for the five years, but all of these guys have been working for this moment to see this program go to the next level.テつ Just after having conversations with those two after the game I realized how much they cherished the win.
Because after the win, I expect it to be‑‑ the Nevada game was more exciting and more emotional because that was our biggest test at that time.テつ Going into the Boise State game, watching film I really felt like it was expected for us to beat them.テつ We went out there and beat them.テつ My emotions weren't as high as they were in Nevada.
But after speaking to Nico and Josh about where they came from in the program and where we are now, it made me feel better about the situation.

Q.テつ When you look at the program, the team that you guys joined when you were a freshman, Rob, you've been here five years.テつ So how far has this program come since you've been a part of three different coaching regimes at this point?
ROB ANDREWS:テつ Yeah, it's been a journey.テつ First time I came here we had a reputation of losing.テつ First season I was here I think we were 2‑10.テつ That's hard to come into a program like that.テつ The next year we did a little better, 4‑8.
Really this new coaching staff Rocky Long has brought in and just instilled just being able to be aggressive and it's all about being aggressive and being able to play in a manner where you can play as best as you can, and having a coaching staff who are all really experienced.テつ With Rocky Long he's a winning coach.テつ He's been to bowl games many times, so it's been a good experience.

Q.テつ Is it a mindset change?テつ What do you think it is?
ROB ANDREWS:テつ Yeah, when you start winning, it's contagious.テつ Everyone wants to win.テつ As long as you're with your teammates and you work together, it's going to be for the best.

Q.テつ How is the attention you guys received over the past couple of days been different versus say other wins in the past?テつ Whether it's comments on campus, whether it's people blowing you up on Facebook?テつ How has it been different?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ It's been a lot different due to the fact that Boise was number 19 in the country going into that game.テつ A lot of people, we were the underdogs.テつ Everybody expected us to lose.テつ Everybody within the team knew we were confident, and going into that game, like Brice said, we were going to win.テつ As a result, we won.テつ We went out there, played hard, played physical, and everybody started to believe.

Q.テつ The group of seniors that come through the whole way here, this may be the most successful group to ever come through San Diego State, if you look at three consecutive bowl games.テつ Leon, Rob, how does that make you feel?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ Coming in as a freshman and attending San Diego State is because I wanted to be part of change.テつ The program was progressing and going into a positive direction, and I feel honored to be a part of it.
ROB ANDREWS:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ Just being able to start out with those senior guys.テつ As freshman, we all came into our class.テつ Now to be with the guys who have stuck with it.テつ It's tough to hang on when you have losing seasons and just to hang on to teammates and seniors is really what we're playing for, to be able to play these last few games together as a senior class.

Q.テつ Is there any sort of a sense that this program is on the verge of something big here?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ Yes, most definitely we're on the verge of something big.テつ All off‑season we talked about winning the championship, being great and working hard.テつ That's what we're doing right now.テつ I think that's one of the good vibes on the team right now.テつ We all have confidence, and it's contagious on our team.テつ That's what we need to be successful.

Q.テつ Brice, it seemed you were getting into a groove with Ryan, and now you've got a new quarterback.テつ How is that relationship coming on the field?
BRICE BUTLER:テつ Oh, it's going good.テつ Like I told people before, in camp I was going with Adam Dingwell pretty much the whole camp.テつ So me and him have a good relationship on the field and off the field.
So things have been going well.テつ Just trying to stay focused and continue to practice hard so he can get a good look and good feel for the game plan for Saturday.テつ It's all about practice, I like to say.テつ Everything's going well so far.
Dingwell has been doing a great job stepping in, especially in the Nevada game, stepping in for Katz when he probably didn't expect to play at all.テつ So he's been doing a great job.

Q.テつ What was your goal coming here from USC?
BRICE BUTLER:テつ Just to play hard and be part of a winning team.テつ Just set myself up for the NFL.

Q.テつ For the past few weeks, maybe even longer than that, all the anticipation athletic‑wise has been for the basketball team.テつ It's all anyone's talking about.テつ First of all, have you thought about that at all?テつ Do you feel like maybe you're coming out of their shadow a little?
LEON McFADDEN:テつ Yeah, I personally haven't really thought about that.テつ I know what you mean by the vibe.テつ The whole campus is supporting basketball more so than football.テつ But I feel that we've stepped out of that shadow and we've gained a lot more attention.
ROB ANDREWS:テつ Yeah, I think the biggest deal is the fact that we have the potential to go to our third bowl game in a row, and that speaks volumes about our program.テつ I think for just to see how we do in the next two games and the bowl game, it will lead on to next year.テつ We'll get a lot more attention in the program, especially changing conferences in the Big East.テつ I think it will be a big difference.

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