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November 6, 2012

Adam Dingwell

Alec Johnson

Q.  Adam, they're calling the win over Boise State the biggest win in the history of this program.  Would you agree?
ADAM DINGWELL:  It was a big win, no doubt about that.  But I couldn't speak for the history of this program.  We're excited that we went out there and got a nice victory, but we're moving on now.  It's all about Air Force.  For us, that will be the biggest win in program history this next Saturday.

Q.  Really, no celebration?
ADAM DINGWELL:  Yeah, we celebrated in the locker room right after the game.  Once we got on the plane, everybody just mellowed down and started thinking about what we have next week.

Q.  Alec, you've been here for a while.  How did that feel at the end of the game?  Did it top the other ones in the past?
ALEC JOHNSON:  No, it was a win.  It felt good.  It was sweet, but come Sunday it was over with.  We watched the film.  There were some things that we could improve on, and we've got to go back to work this week.

Q.  You said the locker room wasn't a little more lively, little more vibrant than other ones?
ALEC JOHNSON:  After every win, it's pretty lively.  No, not really.

Q.  Rocky was saying that in years past this team hasn't really been as even keeled as you've been this year.  It's like you approach every game the same way.  Do you see that change in this team?
ALEC JOHNSON:  I think we are.  I think we prepare every week like it's a huge game.  Practicing hard every week and going into each game thinking that it's huge.  That's how you've got to approach it.  I see that in this team, and we need to do the same thing this week.

Q.  Is that like a new thing around here?  Was it like that in year's past when you guys lost?  Would you dwell on it for longer?
ALEC JOHNSON:  No, you can't.  You've just got to learn from the film and get rid of it.  I think in year's past, it was pretty similar.  This year's team is no different.

Q.  Why can't you guys get more excited?
ALEC JOHNSON:  Because there are two more games.  Air Force is coming into town.  For me, it's Senior Night and the last time I'm going to play at home, and that's big and exciting.  I want to go out with a win this week.  So what's done is done.  There is a big game ahead of us.

Q.  What could go wrong if you got excited?  What could go wrong?
ALEC JOHNSON:  You overlook opponents.  You think about, oh, last week was awesome.  But you can't.  This week's even bigger.  I'm looking forward to this weekend?

Q.  Adam, why can't you get excited?
ADAM DINGWELL:  Alec summed it up.  Last week was a good win for us.  But last week means nothing if we go out there on Saturday and don't perform as well as we know how to and don't execute.  It's fun.  It's exciting when the clock hits zeros.  But after that, you're moving on.  It may be hard to believe, but that's how we do it around here.

Q.  Do you think a team reflects the coach?
ADAM DINGWELL:  I think so, yeah.
ALEC JOHNSON:  Definitely.

Q.  You're doing a pretty good job of reflecting Rocky Long.  Adam, on fourth down at the end of the game, Coach Long said you checked off to run that play to the other side.  What did you see?  Take us through the process of that last fourth down play, what you saw when you came to the line of scrimmage and changed that play?
ADAM DINGWELL:  Yeah, we had a nice little game plan set up in the run game, and then they came out in the defense where I had a few things I was looking for in the secondary.  They gave me one of the looks and checked the play off.  It was extremely loud at that point, and I was scrambling around making sure everybody knew what to do.
As soon as Adam hit the ball.  I saw the hole.  He hit it, got the first down, and won the game for us.  O‑line did a great job all night.  Letting us crease them and wear them down.  So it was exciting to see that.

Q.  When Ryan went down, were you determined to make sure there was no dropoff whatsoever in the offense?
ADAM DINGWELL:  Yeah, of course, I was.  I wanted to do just as well as Ryan was doing, and he did a great job.  As a competitor, I wanted to exceed what he had done, and that's just the nature of the game.
But Ryan did a good job, and I wanted to make sure when I got in there that everybody believed and never had a doubt of what I could do or what this offense could become.

Q.  Why did you do that?
ADAM DINGWELL:  Just preparation throughout the week, summer, everything just kind of pays off.  You work so hard for these points and these moments right here, so you have to seize them.

Q.  How disappointed were you when you weren't named a starter at the beginning of the season, even though you had been in the program?
ADAM DINGWELL:  As a competitor, you're always disappointed.  But as soon as I found out, I just started to back‑up Ryan and help him kind of learn the offense more.  If he had questions, I told him he could come to me and ask me because I felt like I knew the offense pretty well.  It wasn't my job to sulk and be sad about it.
It was my job to go out there and prepare like I was going to play because I was always one play away.  So that's what I tried to do.

Q.  So, Alec, knowing how he prepared and his attitude after not getting the starter, did that make the rest of the offense believe in him quicker and earn his respect even more?
ALEC JOHNSON:  Yeah, we have faith in all of our quarterbacks.  Ding's been around here for a while.  He's a tough kid.  You see that in practice for a long time, and Ryan's a great player too.  We have faith in any quarterback.  As an offensive line, you have to take care of them and make sure there is nothing in their face and make them throw the ball and set their feet and make it easy for them.  We just have faith in both of them.

Q.  Does he take care of you, like pizza, burgers, anything like that?
ALEC JOHNSON:  No.  He missed the boat.  He's got some learning to do.  He's still a youngster, you know?

Q.  What would Lindley do?
ALEC JOHNSON:  We'd go to dinner on Monday nights.  I got used to that for a couple of years.  And Adam over here, there's a disconnect.  I don't get it.

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