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November 5, 2012

Seth Doege

SETH DOEGE:  I mean, I don't have the freedom to just check out of any play.  But we do have tags such as if we have a run play called, we'll tag it with a pass play, and whether the defense gives us a certain look then we'll go with it, whatever plays best; if the run play is best, we'll run the ball; if the pass play is best we'll run the pass.  I can't ever check into a pass.

Q.  What was most frustrating about Saturday?
SETH DOEGE:  The fact that we were so close to winning the game, I think we had great opportunities to score touchdowns, and we didn't‑‑ had to settle for field goals, and I think if we were to convert those into touchdowns, I think it would have been a different ballgame.  I think that was hard, just because it seemed like we were so close, we were on the goal line, we were on the 3‑yard line a couple times, and we couldn't punch it in, or a penalty happened and we were set back 15, 20 yards.  That was hard‑‑ it was hard to do it just because we had the opportunity to win the game, and we just didn't finish, and that's something we had been preaching on as a football team is finish drives, finish in the red zone, finish games, finish quarters, and it just kind of came down to finishing and we didn't get it done.

Q.  As seniors what do you do to rebound from all the different factors that went into it with it being Texas and the last chance at those guys?
SETH DOEGE:  Yeah, that was hard, just like you said, it was our last chance to play Texas and actually beat them, but we still got three games left, and we've still got a great opportunity to finish the season out the way we want to and go to a great Bowl game.
But I think the energy level is fine, everybody is‑‑ we have a 24‑hour rule, and I think everybody realizes that we still have a great opportunity in front of us, and we're just going to focus one game at a time and try to win these next three.

Q.  You being a senior leader and the quarterback, how do you kind of not let it fester?  Is it behind us so it's not like a domino effect that we could have something bad happen or something like that?
SETH DOEGE:  I think we have a really good football team, and I think what's good about this football team is we really like each other.  It's not just a bunch of guys that come in this building and all of a sudden they're a football team.  We're a football team out of this building.  I think everybody understands that we still have an opportunity, like I said, to go to a really good Bowl game.  Maybe we didn't win the Big 12, maybe that opportunity is kind of out the door.  But we still have a great opportunity to do something special and a great opportunity to send the seniors out on the right note, and we just need to prepare well like we've been doing.  I think we've been doing a great job of practicing and preparing for football games, and we just need to‑‑ when the lights come on, we just need to make plays.

Q.  What are your thoughts on the last home game of the season?
SETH DOEGE:  Seems like just yesterday was my first start against Kansas.  It's been a lot of fun.  I've loved the opportunity of playing here, and I'm glad that‑‑ I'm kind of glad that the game has kind of set right here.  I think it's a good time for the seniors to battle back and end the season with a winning home record and going out strong.

Q.  After last week, the whole week of practice and you guys preparing and watching the film on Texas, did they do anything on Saturday that was a little bit different that you maybe weren't expecting or threw you by surprise?
SETH DOEGE:  I think any time you prepare for a football team, they're always going to show you something different on Saturday or do something different than you expect them to do.  And they didn't do a whole lot schematically different, they just played some coverages that we thought maybe they'd play two or three times, which they played the majority of the time.
It's something you just‑‑ that's part of it.  That's part of the Saturday game is you've just got to adjust to what you've seen.  We had seen everything they were trying to do, but the fact they were doing it more than we expected, you just have to adjust to it and make plays.

Q.  For you being in the red zone constantly, how frustrating is that for you that you lost 31‑22?
SETH DOEGE:  Probably the most frustrating part of the game is we had a lot of opportunities in the red zone to score touchdowns, and if we score touchdowns I think it's a different football game.  So that was the most frustrating part.  We were so close, and there was just‑‑ not finishing, penalties, guys not making the right‑‑ doing their right assignments, doing their job, just one guy here and there.  We played hard.  That's one thing that we did do is we played really hard.  But when it comes down to it, you've got to make plays and score touchdowns to win games, especially in this conference.

Q.  Talk about this weekend, the senior leadership.  Are you guys going to do anything different to make sure everybody is having fun and preparing like you want for this week?
SETH DOEGE:  I think we do a really good job of preparing and a really good job of practicing, so I don't think we need to change anything on that end.  I think we need to continue doing what we're doing.  I think just on game days, I think the energy level could be a little better.  I think on the sidelines guys can bring a little more energy for the guys that aren't playing, and I think it's huge for us to know that‑‑ and learn from these past three games when a negative play happens to overcome it, and the next series of offense we need to go score, the next series of the defense, knowing we're going to get a three‑and‑out or create a turnover instead of if we don't do this it's going to snowball on us.
I think the past two games that's the biggest disappointment I see in this football team is when a sudden change happens we need to either weather the storm or take advantage of something that's been given to us.

Q.  What do you know about Kansas so far from what you've watched?
SETH DOEGE:  I haven't watched a lot of film yet.  But I know that they're a lot better on defense than they were, and I know looking at their schedule, they've played some teams really tough, and in games they might have won that would have surprised some people.  They're a tough football team, and I think they play with a lot of pride and they play well for their University.  I think they're excited to come in here and play us, and I think just by looking at games in the past of ours and then theirs, they have confidence in playing us, and so I think we're going to get their best shot.

Q.  Not that you're losing the focus at hand, but do you do any reflecting, senior day, last home game?  Do you start to look back a little bit?
SETH DOEGE:  You know, not really.  I assume that maybe on game day you might a little bit, and like you said, you've got to stay focused because you do have a job to do.  But maybe we can reflect after the game.
I think it's a big opportunity for us.  We need to be prepared and ready to go Saturday.

Q.  How will the routine change with the 11:00 kick?
SETH DOEGE:  It might be a little bit of change, but I think it's huge on us as players, like during the week, to get some sleep this week, and I think come Saturday it won't be that big of a deal.  I think any time you wake up early you've got to move around and wake up.  But we do that anyways regardless of what we play, we wake up and go have breakfast and then go do a walk‑through, which is more of a jog‑through.  I think we'll keep the same routine.  We need to get the guys focused early.  That's the big thing is you've got to get focused now instead of you have breakfast and then you go to the walk‑through and you have three hours to hang out in your room and think about the game.  We don't have that.  It's walking through and then you're ready to go.  It's big that we get ready to go early.

Q.  You guys have just finished up this five‑game stretch of five ranked teams.  How do you feel like you've made it through this stretch?
SETH DOEGE:  I think we did a good job, but obviously it's not what we expected or what we accept for this team.  But overall I think if you look back on it, we did a good job.  Three wins, Ohio State, TCU and West Virginia, which were all really good, tough opponents.  We wish we would have finished a little better, but I think we're in a really good position.

Q.  It seemed like Texas took away a lot of the inside receivers.  What were you seeing out there?
SETH DOEGE:  Well, we felt like we liked the match‑ups on the outside, felt like we could attack there, and that's just kind of how the game fell in place.  We had just more opportunities to throw the ball outside.

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