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November 3, 2012

Mack Brown

TEXAS – 31

COACH BROWN:  I want to congratulate our staff and our players.  It's hard to win in Lubbock.  I thought it was the best team win that we've had all year.  Defense played so hard and so well and came up with the blocked field goal at the end.  Offense was unbelievable the first half, and then came back and really got stalled the third quarter, but dominated the fourth quarter physically with the running game.
So we're really, really proud of the guys.  Got to try to get ready to get number eight against Iowa State.

Q.  Certainly no major body language (Indiscernible).  You seemed happy about this.  You seemed like this was (Indiscernible)?
COACH BROWN:  No.  A ranked team, picked to beat us on the road in Lubbock, a really, really hard place to play, had some adversity.  Guys got into little trouble, momentum changed.  Loved the way they came back to win.  It was a fun game.  Fun for me.  I really enjoyed it.

Q.  You mentioned adversity.  Your defense has had some.  Byndom has had some.  What kind of resiliency did you think he showed through several plays?
COACH BROWN:  Yeah, I thought he played really, really well throughout the game.  He nearly gets his hand on another field goal, and then blocks the last one, which was just a game saver.  It really put the game out of reach, if we can make a couple of first downs at the end.  So he has to be one of the stars of the game.

Q.  He came up from the two‑point conversion?
COACH BROWN:  He broke up the two‑point conversion.  So I thought he played with confidence.  I thought he might get an interception because they were throwing it his way a lot today.  But he played with a lot of confidence, and he's more healthy, too.  He's been banged up all year, but really proud of him.  He was happy after the game.

Q.  Are you starting to say this is a more aggressive game plan?  Trying to get out to a quick start?
COACH BROWN:  I don't know.  I'll have to look at it and see, but I'm proud of him.  The guys did a good job against the number 12 defense in the country.

Q.  What kind of statement did your team make?  There's obviously been a lot of scrutiny and questions you barely got out of Kansas.  What happened this week with this team coming together and doing this?
COACH BROWN:  Guys have worked hard the last three weeks.  They didn't like what happened in Dallas, and they've come back and played hard for three weeks in a row.  They understand we have to play hard to win.  It's something that we've just got to keep working on.  Trying to get number eight next week.

Q.  Can you see them doing something that might make the momentum swing to do what he did today?  Kind of talk about that?
COACH BROWN:  Yeah, if you go back and look, Mike makes the big catch at Oklahoma State.  He makes the big catch at Kansas last week, and he makes the big catch today.  So I think seeing him do this week in and week out.  I'm really proud of David today.  He came back and played a really good football game.  No turnovers on offense again.  We didn't force any turnovers.  We didn't stop him on the two fourth down stops, but we made our fourth downs and the blocked field goal at the end was a really cleanly played game.  But I'm really proud of David as well.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
COACH BROWN:  Jonathan showed us what we thought.  He's fast.  He's tough.  He's really a competitor.  He's not only a fast guy that can break tackles and make things happen for the long ball, but he ran a lot of power plays there at the end of the game and killed the clock.  Really, really proud of him.
He also has really good ball security.  He's so mature for a true freshman.  I'm sure he's proud to have gained over a hundred yards today on his 20 carries at a place where his dad's the second leading rusher in school history.  I'm sure the whole family is proud of him today.

Q.  Did you get a sense that David was motivated today because of what happened last week?
COACH BROWN:  No, I got a sense that David was a little bit frustrated about last week.  But he played tonight like he has just about the whole year.  He's had two ballgames that were subpar.  But the rest of them he's been one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

Q.  You said you were going to work on your defense more this week.  Can you talk about that?
COACH BROWN:  I didn't do anything to help them.  I thought Manny and Duane did a great job this week.  They had a great plan been really proud of them.  They've been under a lot of scrutiny.  Stopped the run today, stopped the run in the second half last week.  When you stop the run, you have a chance to play.
The game plan was to stop the run, stop the screen game.  I think their running game was 112 yards.  We had 163 yards rushing, and it worked.  I thought Manny and the guys did a great job.  They've hung in there and gotten better on defense.

Q.  Holding them to field goals instead of touchdowns especially in this league.
COACH BROWN:  I thought it was huge.  Even Baylor we gave up so many points.  From what we've told them, we're going to quick worrying about how many points you get or give up.  We're going to try to get one more than the other team.  Any time in this league, you can force them to take a field goal if you're scoring touchdowns, it's a win‑win.
We put them down by two scores and really put them in a tough spot there.  They came back and caught back up.  But we told the guys starting in the fourth quarter, we'd still rather be us at 24 than them at 22.  So let's start the game over in the fourth quarter, and we did that.

Q.  Do you think the defense made it more difficult in the second half?
COACH BROWN:  I don't know.  They played hard.  Came out with a lot of energy, and I didn't think we played as well.  We tried to run the ball some there in the third quarter, but just couldn't get going.  They spotted the ball so quickly to start the third quarter, we had to call a timeout to get the ball snaps in the first play of the third quarter.  So it wasn't a very good start.

Q.  Is this the best team win you've had all year?
COACH BROWN:  It's the best one this week.  Yes, I thought it was the best the offense and defense played together and parts of the kicking game.  If we hadn't played well as a team today, Texas Tech's much better than last year, we couldn't have won the game.

Q.  How does this game set you up for the rest of the season?
COACH BROWN:  It gives you a chance.  I've got a note from Roy Spence, one of our top booster this is week.  He said you win by inches at Baylor.  You win by inches at Kansas.  You may win by inches at Tech, doesn't matter.  Keep winning by inches and at the end of the season it will seem like you won by a mile.  That's what these guys are doing.  They just keep working.  Coaches are continuing to work, players are continuing to work, and we need to finish this strong.

Q.  Where does something like this come from?  In terms of everything all comes together at once?
COACH BROWN:  I think controlling what you can control, and that's working hard in practice and continuing to get better, evaluating your team, and seeing what you've done well in the past and what you haven't done well and try to correct it.

Q.  No special mission statement?
COACH BROWN:  No, no nothing.  Need to win.  Need to get to number 7.

Q.  You guys take the 4 and 14 on third down conversions.  Does that make them stop you on the run like you said initially?
COACH BROWN:  Yes, we put them in long yardage situations.  We've been great on third downs.  We still can't get off the field on fourth downs.  We got 1 of 3 or 1 of 4 maybe.  But we've done well on third downs all year on both sides of the ball.

Q.  Does this look like the Texas team you thought you'd have this year?  Good at run and pass at times?
COACH BROWN:  Yes, at times, yes.  Yes.  This is more of what we expected to start the season.

Q.  (Indiscernible) stopping the two‑point conversion?
COACH BROWN:  Yes, I did.  It's one of the reasons that we don't go for two‑point plays early, and I'm not second guessing Tommy, because they had full momentum at that time.  But great play by Carrington.  Then, obviously, we were able to get our offense going again on the drive to start the fourth quarter.  I thought offensively they got a little frustrated.  But they settled back down and really took over.
I love the fact that you can finish the game with a running game and not have to throw a pass.  Most of what we did down the stretch there was the running game.  I really like that.  That means we are getting tough and growing up and becoming more of a tough football team.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
COACH BROWN:  I don't know.  I think they like it.  They did tell me sometimes there is less pressure on the road because you don't have your parents around, or your friends around and it makes it easier to focus.  We won’t have that next week.

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