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October 31, 2012

Frank Beamer

COACH BEAMER:  This time of the year you want games to be important.  This certainly is an important game for both of us, Miami and Virginia Tech.  Going to have to play a really good football game mistake free.
I think Miami, like us in some positions, have played some young guys.  But I see them getting better, and had a good outing against Florida State in the last ballgame.  So it's going to be a tough ballgame, so we need to be tough.

Q.  Luther was in the last two games.  How has his emergence fuelled your pass rush?  Is he a big catalyst to the success you're having there?
COACH BEAMER:  Yeah, he's gotten healthy.  He battled an ankle there for a while, but, yeah, I think you kind of notice him out there.  He's been a good player.  He's looking forward to going back to where he grew up.  So this game certainly means a lot to him.

Q.  Is he sort of the driving force behind it?  Have all the guys come out at the same time?
COACH BEAMER:  Yeah, I think across the board you have Gayle, you noticed him there, and Derrick Hopkins, you notice him there and Marshall and Collins, so I think Antoine Hopkins has been in there.  So I think as a group by playing a lot of guys, they can stay rested and go maximum effort every single play.

Q.  The last thing, how important is it to slow down your team's running game when you're trying to get that pass rush going?  You're able to do that and let those guys get pressure on the quarterback?
COACH BEAMER:  Absolutely.  I think there is a lot of difference if you know it's likely they need to throw the football or it could go either way, run or passes, there is quite a bit of running passes.

Q.  With Storm‑related issues, did you anticipate any adjustments you had to make getting down here with your schedules at all or were you guys relatively okay?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, John Ballein handles that for me.  I think everything's okay and on time right now.

Q.  The second thing, you guys have been obviously pretty good on Saturdays and Mondays too over the years.  But what is it about Thursday that's just seems to bring out the best in your kids over the years?
COACH BEAMER:  We're playing a really good football team as we are this time.  I think Miami has always been a team that we've respected.  The players they have, how they play, the success they've had over the years.  So I think your opponent has a lot to do with that.

Q.  I was wondering if you had back‑to‑back Thursday games before, and in general, what kind of challenges does this unique schedule present for your team particularly going against Miami and FSU in consecutive weeks?
COACH BEAMER:  Yeah, we've done it the last two or three years, actually.  You like being one of the few games on, sometimes the only game, on Thursday night.  If you go out and play well‑‑ if you don't play well, it's not real good.  I tell you, at the front end of it, you get a couple extra days.  At the back end of it, you get a couple extra days.  This time of year any extra day of rest is a good thing.

Q.  I wanted to ask you about Thursday night too.  In most cases it seems like the home team gets even a bigger home court edge on Thursday night.  You guys have a better road record on Thursday night.  Am I right that the home crowd is usually pumped up, and how have you guys dealt with that successfully?
COACH BEAMER:  We like our crowd here in Blacksburg.  They usually get cranked.  But I think anyone when you're competing and there is a lot of energy in the place and a lot of excitement and a crowd that is very much into it, I think most players like playing in that type of situation.  I'd much rather play in that type of situation like we're going to have down in Miami as opposed to not having much energy or excitement around.  I think our players would like that too or do like that.

Q.  You talked earlier about what a big game is for both teams.  You guys are in a different situation this year than you or they have been used to in a long, long time.  How does that change your approach when you aren't going to win ten game this is year?  You still might get in the division championship games though.
COACH BEAMER:  Everything in the ACC is still available for both of us.  So you get to this time of year and still have that opportunity so I think you look forward to that.  Starting off, this time of year you want to be playing for something and both of us certainly are.

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