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October 31, 2012

Jimbo Fisher

MIKE FINN:  We welcome Florida State's head coach Jimbo Fisher.  We'll bring on coach, ask for a brief opening statement, then go to questions.
COACH FISHER:  Getting ready for a Virginia Tech team as we took a couple days off after the Duke game.  Pleased with the way we performed at Duke.  Got sloppy at the end with ball security, have a couple things we need to clean up on special teams.  Need to continue to get better in all three phases.
Played good early in all three phases.¬† Duke is a good football team, well‑coached.¬† Like I say, we played well.¬† We're getting better and better as a team each week.¬† Like where we're going.
Going to have a huge challenge next week.  Nine straight weeks of play.  We needed to take a couple days away, recharge or batteries.  We'll practice Wednesday and tomorrow.  They cut their teeth on Thursday night football.  I hope our kids can respond very well.

Q.  After seeing how well Duke played against a pretty strong North Carolina team the week before, what did you do differently to knock them out so early and control the game?
COACH FISHER:¬† Well, I think we controlled field position.¬† Our special teams did a great job.¬† Our defense played lights out.¬† Converted on some big‑play opportunities.¬† They knew Duke was a great team.¬† Had great respect for Duke, had to play our A game.¬† Got a fast start in all three phases, were able to keep it going.

Q.  You were able to attack them deep a couple of times.  Is that something you saw?
COACH FISHER:  We always look for explosive plays.  I think explosive plays in today's football, we talk about the turnovers, the penalties, those things, but explosive plays are critical.  We have good skills guys, we're constantly looking for those.  Some opportunities presented themselves.  E.J. did a good job of reading some things and got the ball down the field.

Q.¬† Jimbo, Dustin Hopkins not only won as the all‑time leading scorer in the ACC, he's one of the top in the NCAA.¬† Can you talk a little bit about having a weapon like that, what he's meant to the program.
COACH FISHER:  He's tremendous.  Everybody looks at the points.  What he does on kickoffs, field position, being able to kick that ball high enough, not let certain guys touch the ball, it's a tremendous weapon.  His ability to have the range on the field goals and the consistency, it's a huge weapon, a vital part of recruiting.  We're blessed to have him.  I know that.

Q.  He's a pretty good overall athlete.
COACH FISHER:  He's a great athlete.  He runs 4.5, dunks the basketball backwards.  He's a tremendous athlete.

Q.  Thought about another position for him?
COACH FISHER:  No.  Too valuable right there.  Don't want to get him hurt from kicking.
MIKE FINN:  Coach, with your game with Virginia Tech a week away, talk a little bit about the experience of playing in Blacksburg, what that will mean for your team.
COACH FISHER:  It's a great challenge.  That's a very tough environment, hostile environment.  They have a lot of great tradition at Virginia Tech.  They adjusted to Thursday night football, making them home games.  It will be a huge challenge for us, to see how we accept that challenge as a football team that grows and gets better on the road.
It's going to be a very tough challenge, no doubt.
MIKE FINN:  Thanks for being with us today.  Good luck.  Enjoy the bye week.
COACH FISHER:  All right.  Thank you, Mike.

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