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October 31, 2012

Frank Spaziani

MIKE FINN:テつ Welcome to today's ACC football coaches teleconference.
We'll welcome Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani.テつ We'll ask for a brief opening statement, then go to questions.
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Thank you.
We're going down to face a Wake Forest team that in the past BC and Wake Forest have had some very competitive games.テつ I see no reason why this one shouldn't be any different than the past.
We have our work cut out for us every time we face a Jim Grobe team.

Q.テつ Frank, were there certain things you did particularly well in the win last week that you want to see this coming week?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ We made some plays, winning plays.テつ We made some on defense.テつ We certainly made some on offense, certainly in the kicking game.テつ When you have that, the ebb and flow of the game, certainly can build on it.テつ That contributed to our success for sure.

Q.テつ What was it about that week that those winning plays happened finally?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Well, once again, we practiced better and we changed things up a little bit.テつ There were opportunities that we hadn't made in the past for whatever reason that we were able to make last week.
That's one week's sampling.テつ We'll see if we can continue doing it.

Q.テつ What concerns you as you look at Wake Forest?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Wake Forest is always extremely well‑coached.テつ Jim has done a great job, he and his staff.テつ You know they will have you dissected.テつ They certainly have a very capable receiving core, big‑league back, big‑league quarterback.テつ They've been able to hang in there on defense all the time against us.
It's a competitive game for us.

Q.テつ Coach, when you get the win to break the losing streak, when you go to practice this week, do you see a difference?テつ Does it carry over at all?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Oh, yeah, yeah, absolutely.テつ Once again, I don't think it's a difference that the naked eye could run out and see and go, Wow, what a big difference this is.テつ There's a little bit more bounce in everybody's step, starting to feel good about themselves.
Human nature.テつ You have some positive things happen to you, you start to feel a little better about yourself, you get validated on what you're doing.テつ It's certainly positive.

Q.テつ The big storm mostly passed a little south of you.テつ Did you get any impact?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ No, actually we've gotten very lucky.テつ We practiced on Sunday.テつ The bulk of the storm hit.テつ I mean lucky as far as preparing for Wake.テつ We don't practice on Monday.テつ The coaches were able to get in and do their work.テつ School was closed.テつ Yesterday it abated and we were able to get out and practice in decent weather, so...

Q.テつ Alex had a big game Saturday.テつ He's had a consistently good season.テつ What are the things that make him such an outstanding receiver?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ You hit the word, 'consistent season'.テつ He's been a consistent player since we've been here in the aspects of he comes out to work.テつ It's important to him; he gives a hundred percent.テつ He's just built on his freshman year, sophomore year.テつ Usually your third year is when you start seeing kids blossom.
I'm happy for him.テつ It's a product of his hard work and consistency.

Q.テつ Is he one of these guys what they call a possession receiver or does he have good speed to go?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ No, he's got good speed.テつ He's deceptively fast.テつ The other thing, to go back to your previous question, Doug Martin has done a great job with our offense, certainly utilizing the talents that he has available to him.テつ We all recognize what Alex brings to the table, and Doug has done a good job in bringing it to the field.

Q.テつ Jonathan, before the season you said he would be one of the more interesting players to watch as he came into his own.テつ What have you seen from him throughout the year, how he's performed, his consistency level, things you might have expected?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Well, Jonathan, as we mentioned earlier on in the year, where he came from, his background as far as football and stuff goes, his athletic skills are not even questioned.テつ Just didn't have the fundamentals and the base, if you will.テつ He certainly has the athletic talent.
He's made progress.テつ Certainly this year he's taken baby steps since he's been here, but this year he's taken some giant steps.テつ He's getting better every week, learning to work, getting confidence.テつ I'm happy for him because he's got unlimited potential.テつ Hopefully we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Q.テつ Is it more discipline, better committed?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ I think it's just a matter of maturing and learning what it takes at this level how you have to prepare yourself, how you have to work, all the different things that you see.
Once again, I can't say it enough:テつ the offense has helped.テつ We have a little stability over there, we understand a few more things, understand Jonathan's ability.テつ His work ethic and his desire to be good has been his biggest asset.
MIKE FINN:テつ Coach, thanks for being with us.テつ Good luck this weekend.
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Thank you.

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