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October 30, 2012

Adam Dingwell

Adam Muema

Q.  Adam, how important was it to get that first start down last weekend going into this big game?
ADAM DINGWELL:  It was important.  It was fun.  Like I said earlier in the week, I think I made myself more nervous during the week than I actually was when the game came around, but it was fun to get out there, get the first one out of the way, come away with a win.  I'm just excited to get back to work this week.

Q.  And what's your mindset heading into practice this week?
ADAM DINGWELL:  Gotta get better.  As myself personally and as an offensive unit we gotta be better.  But it's about us and controlling the ball and making plays when we need to and putting points on the board to help our defense out.

Q.  In which ways do you feel like you can get better?
ADAM DINGWELL:  Ball security.  That's the main thing.  We preach that all around.  I didn't do well enough at that.  So that's just the main thing I'm going to concentrate on this week and some footwork things.  You can always get better.  There's always little things to pick at.

Q.  I saw you sort of like nodding when you said ball security is something you guys are working on.  What are you personally doing in terms of your ball security issues after the last game?
ADAM MUEMA:  Probably basically focus on high and tight.  Think ball.  But nothing much different.

Q.  Adam, talk about that running game.  It's been the key for you guys' success all season long.  Talk about how it feels, you and your partner being the success of that offense.
ADAM MUEMA:  It feels good.  Me and Gavin just switch off when one gets tired, and it's hard for defenses to adjust to that, so it does a great job of throwing the defense off track.

Q.  And talk about just how you guys feed off each other.
ADAM MUEMA:  Our goals exactly are just to score every time we get the ball.  And we just try to make every drive ‑‑ even if defense, we try to capitalize on every drive.

Q.  This can be for either one of you.  As fans of football, seeing what Boise State has done, not just with their success, but with their innovation, their schemes, their trick plays over the past three years, how much do you guys just appreciate that just as fans?
ADAM DINGWELL:  I honestly haven't watched Boise State as a fan in a long time.
ADAM MUEMA:  They got a good team over there, but it's really not about them, their trick plays and whatever they do.  It's about us and going out there and playing the best we can.

Q.  They're a little bit different than your typical team, though, just in terms of style of play.
ADAM DINGWELL:  Yeah, I guess you could say that.  I haven't really looked into it that way.  I'm just kind of watching of the film, see how they play on defense, go out there and we're going to win the game, try to win the game however we want to as an offense.

Q.  Adam, talk about what's going through your head right now.  I mean you weren't the starter the whole season.  Now you're put in this situation and now you're playing possibly the biggest game in Aztec regular season history?
ADAM DINGWELL:  Nothing different.  It's another football game.  It's no more important than the last one.  It's no more important than the one after it.  This is a game that's next on our schedule and we have to do what we can as a team to go out there and win.

Q.  Talk about the opportunity of playing in this environment.
ADAM DINGWELL:  It's going to be fun, but every football game is fun.  Every football game is exciting.  It's a great opportunity for myself to go out there and show what I can do to everybody that's watching, my teammates; and it's exciting to watch them play beside me as well.

Q.  Adam, against Nevada a couple of weeks ago it looked like you kind of struggled to get some momentum going.  When you look back to that game, did you have like a momentum issue or what do you think it was?
ADAM MUEMA:  I'm not sure.  It possibly could be Brock had a better game.  I'm not even worried about that game.  I'm moving on.

Q.  I mean last year against Boise State you had a really good game.  You had a lot of yardage.  Talk about how important it is for you guys to be able to start and establish the ground game early this week, especially because their defense is really good against the pass.
ADAM MUEMA:  It's as important as every week.  Seeing if we beat Boise and lose the next game, that doesn't mean anything.  So we just have to go out and prepare every week and do what we can to win.

Q.  Adam, when did you learn to keep your legs moving as a running back?  How long have you practiced that ability and how comfortable do you feel doing that?  I mean you get hit, you're in a pile with ten guys.  It seems like that pile is still moving forward.
ADAM MUEMA:  I don't know.  I honestly really never knew that.  I practice it, but it's just something that all coaches told me I did, so it just happened, yeah.

Q.  You look at Boise's defense last year, you had a lot of success against them.  Is their defense this year different?  I mean Coach Long keeps saying that it's almost like they're better than they were last year on defense?
ADAM MUEMA:  That's something I don't know about yet.  We're about to watch film after this.  We'll figure it out.

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