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October 29, 2012

Bryan Harsin

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach Harsin. 

Q.  Very entertaining game on Saturday.  How proud are you of the resiliency of your offense to overcome a slow start and win? 
COACH HARSIN:  Yeah, you know, very happy with how we finished the game.  I thought we started fast.  One of the things going into that game that we knew they had played very well at home.  They played TCU very close at home.  They played Oklahoma State very close at home.  Those two offenses I know and we know are very good. 
So I think that whole entire week that we were preparing, we understood what we were getting into.  Those guys were schematically have their guys lined up, because they have very good coaches on their side of the ball. 
I think everything leading up to the final drive, we just had some things in there that were uncharacteristic, that can be corrected and will be corrected, need to be corrected. 
But the bottom line was at the end those guys came together and things clicked like they're supposed to and we operated like we should.  It didn't happen early enough, but it did happen. 
I was proud of Case when he came in there, being just mentally into the game as he was.  He could see some things that we talked about.  He's on the headset with me the whole time.  I'm up there rambling.  As plays are developing, You should do this, go here.  When he got in there to play, he was able to capitalize on those things we had seen as David was in there. 
Credit to him and a credit to the offense just to kind of take a deep breath towards the end in a crucial situation and go, Okay, let's just operate.  I don't know why we're here right now, but we are, so we got to find a way to gut this thing out and they did that at the end of the game. 

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH HARSIN:  As far as what? 

Q.  The way he came in, finished the game. 
COACH HARSIN:  Yeah, we won't do that.  David's got us to this point as well.  Not everything is the quarterback's fault in a game.  We're able to see that.  At the time, though, the momentum and things that we had to do needed to be done, that's why you have backup players, that's why you have quarterbacks like Case on your team, teams are able to come in there and play.  We said it all along, he's capable of going in there and playing at any time.  He had himself prepared to do that. 
Right now that's how we'll continue to do it.  Those guys will play and practice this week, get themselves prepared.  The one thing we do know, if there's a situation there that Case is available and ready, he'll be ready to play as well. 

Q.  Was there even a decision to be made or you knew it would be David?
COACH HARSIN:  I think just going back, once you go back, you have a chance to look at the game, the reasons why things were the way they were, David knows there's things we have to get better at, and guys have bad games. 
Like any other position, if a guy is not running the ball well, catching the ball well, you make a change.  If things aren't flowing the way they're supposed to at the quarterback position, you make a change.  You come back, refocus, regroup, sit down, say, This is what needs to happen. 
This week it's got to go back to what we've been doing.  David played at a high level.  He didn't in this game.  Needs to get himself back to doing that.  Case needs to keep preparing himself to be ready to play and be ready.

Q.  Why do you think there have been the inconsistencies in the offense in the last four weeks, the ups and downs?
COACH HARSIN:  I think we get to see every week every single play of the opponent we're playing against.  We understand what we're getting into. 
Sometimes the perception is not the reality.  We know exactly what is going to happen.  We know the ways we can attack it, the personnel we have, and we know what they have as well. 
From our standpoint, every game we play is going to be a dogfight.  I think teams, as well, scout you, look at you.  They're going to make plays, too, in there.  That causes some inconsistency on the offensive side. 
The reality of it is when it's all together, you go to some previous games, Baylor, everything is clicking, doing their jobs, things flow like you want to it to.  When it doesn't happen that way because you're playing against a certain opponent, one-on-one matchup causes a problem that things don't click, you have to be able to overcome that. 

Q.  Mack said things this defense is doing is similar to what Oklahoma did.  How big of a challenge will that be for you?
COACH HARSIN:  Schematically they're very similar to what we saw from Oklahoma.  They do some different things, but just as far as the up-in-your-face mentality, that's what they bring.  They're playing with a lot of confidence.  Watching them this year, they're playing fast and physical, doing all the things you want to see on defense. 
The biggest thing is any time we have matchups, one-on-ones, opportunities, we have to take advantage of it.  I think that's where they got a few teams, being able to win the one-on-one matchups.  We have to do a good job of creating those and win those.  It's going to be bang-bang plays, make something happen with it, in the run game keeping guys covered up.  In a certain play, you're not going to let somebody slip off there because those guys are finding the ball from what I've seen. 
It's a fight.  The way I look at it now, it's going to be a fight.  They're going to play hard.  We have to match that intensity in their house and play with as much fight as they've been playing with and try to match that as far as just getting out there and going. 

Q.  Last year their defense was one of the worst in the country.  How big of a difference are you seeing in the D this year?
COACH HARSIN:  I mean, that's the one thing, you know our deal about stats around here, all those things.  There's 11 players out there playing hard.  That's what I see.  I see 11 guys that are coached well, that play hard, that get after you, that do all the things that you want to see teams do.  They just play with an intensity. 
That's what we have to do as well.  We've got to bring our intensity.  We have to match that.  We have to have the same type of edge that they play with and not be surprised by it when they come out and play hard and hit you.  We have to try to hit them back. 
You can just watch the tape.  There's no surprises there.  They're doing all those things and playing at a high level. 

Q.  Talk about Johnathan starting this week, how much he seems to be progressing. 
COACH HARSIN:  Johnathan is doing a good job.  It's a process like anybody else.  I'm not going to say there's anybody offensively that has arrived by any means.  We have a lot of work to do, him included.  He has played well.  He has done things exceptionally.  There's still a lot of room for improvement.  It's not perfect by any means. 
That's really what we have to continue to focus on, is everybody has got to get better and find ways to get better.  That's our whole mission each and every week, regardless of what happened the previous week.  If we're not getting better, that's a bad thing for us. 
Happy about what he's done.  Happy about what he's done with his opportunities.  He's got to continue to keep improving, learn more of our offense, be more detailed, continue to run harder, physical, just improve in general. 
But what he's done has been good.  If he continues to do those things I just said, he'll be much improved by the end of the year. 

Q.  We keep asking this.  Seems like this weekend it took quite a while to get some of the play-makers involved.  Baylor game was different.  How do you find that balance?
COACH HARSIN:  Daje touched it on the third play and it went for nothing.  There's a fine line there.  We had a game plan in the first half, wanted to set some things up for the second half.  Obviously the first half didn't go the way we wanted to.  The second half, the stuff we had run previous, said up D.J. Monroe on the crease, set up Marquise, felt like some of the pass game stuff went to the wayside a little bit.  We had to come back to some more of the run game, be creative, find ways to get those guys the ball. 
I think there's still a time when you need to do that.  Regardless how the game is going, there's a thought-out process that goes into a game.  If you panic, jump to things too soon, it's not set up, doesn't look as effective as you wanted it to towards the end. 
That's the fine line when you're calling it, when do you use that knock-out punch.  We had to do that towards the end and it ended up working for us.  We hope that things worked better on some of the previous plays.  That's part of the game plan.  Sometimes the week before, you hand the ball to Daje, goes for a touchdown, this week he gets negative two yards.  You can beat your head against the wall, give it to one guy because it's him, or try to get it to other guys and do things you're supposed to do to try to win a game. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

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