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October 29, 2012

Kenny Vaccaro

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Kenny. 

Q.  Is this defense back? 
KENNY VACCARO:  I think we still got some things to correct obviously from the first half.  We made some good adjustments at halftime.  The coaches did a good job of getting the game plan together.  We did do good.  Got a lot of confidence from that game. 

Q.  Two in a row.  How sick is this team right now? 
KENNY VACCARO:  I think we've got confidence from the last two games.  We've been playing good.  We have to bring all three phases of the game together to get a solid win.

Q.  What came together in the second half?
KENNY VACCARO:  On defense I think it was obviously our coaches just made a good adjustment at halftime.  They were running the ball outside a lot, setting the edges better, making better plays. 

Q.  (No microphone.)
KENNY VACCARO:  I think a win's a win.  I think it's ignorant to make less of a win in a conference game on the road.  A win is a win. 

Q.  How big of a challenge will Tech's balanced attack with a strong passing game be for you guys?
KENNY VACCARO:  They have a good offense.  It's going to be a good switch-up for us.  They're very balanced, have a good system.  It's going to be a tough one. 

Q.  With six wins, weight lifted off your shoulders, do you feel that?  Where do you go from here?
KENNY VACCARO:  It's a little bit of weight.  But honestly I think it's just the next game.  We won a game.  As a senior, my goals are higher than a six-win season.  I'm playing for much, much more. 

Q.  What do you think about Seth?
KENNY VACCARO:  I've watched film on him, make all the throws.  I think he's a good leader.  I've seen him on the field.  He makes plays. 

Q.  Do you like going into an environment like that?
KENNY VACCARO:  Lubbock is one of my favorite places to play.  They keep you going all the time.  There's no time to be chill. 

Q.  There's never any panic on this team, dialing 911, is there?
KENNY VACCARO:  We got good guys like Alex, leaders on the team, that keeps everybody going.  Nobody wants to give up.  Benny is saying to us on the sideline, Don't give up, play till the last whistle. 

Q.  (No microphone.)
KENNY VACCARO:  More than six.  I came to Texas to win every game, not six.  I want to get this team back to where it was.  Not necessarily BCS, but back on track.  That's my goal. 

Q.  (No microphone.)
KENNY VACCARO:  I was talking to him about it.  Honestly, I'm out there covering guys.  I haven't been blitzing much this year.  Honestly we got to open up our defensive playbook.  We haven't been able to do that because of how the running game has been. 

Q.  This is Halloween week.  Did you have a favorite costume, candy?
KENNY VACCARO:  No.  I'm not going to dress up this year. 

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