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October 29, 2012

Mike Davis

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Mike Davis. 

Q.  Halloween week.  Did you have a favorite costume growing up as a kid?
MIKE DAVIS:  I really didn't.  I never dressed up, I don't think. 

Q.  Never? 
MIKE DAVIS:  Huh-uh.  I just went outside with whatever I had on.  That's my costume.  Got the candy, though. 

Q.  Mike, how much does this game put you back in the mix of things?
MIKE DAVIS:  Obviously, we bounced back from Oklahoma, won two great games.  We got to give Kansas credit, they played good at home.  We came out pretty flat. 
But we been in those kind of situations before.  We just finished. 

Q.  Did you feel like the offense needed a spark with Case? 
MIKE DAVIS:  Well, I feel like the whole game we needed a spark on offense, period.  Stuff wasn't going our way early in the game.  Most definitely we needed a spark in the fourth quarter. 

Q.  Were you at all surprised the way Case came in and immediately things started happening?
MIKE DAVIS:  I wasn't surprised at all.  We know both our quarterbacks, what they can do.  We already knew what was going to happen, what to expect. 

Q.  Tech's defense is much improved from last year.  What do you know about the Tech D?
MIKE DAVIS:  They pretty good.  They better than last year.  They hungry.  They've been winning big games.  You can't overlook them.  Got to be ready to play.  They're at home, hostile environment. 
It's going to be a great game.  Looking forward to it. 

Q.  Do you expect the offense to get back into a rhythm this week? 
MIKE DAVIS:  I just feel like we got to prepare great every week because you can't sleep on any team.  College football today, you can lose at any given time.  Just got to be ready no matter what the situation is, who they put in, just got to be ready. 

Q.  Do you expect this to be a drama-filled nail-biter?
MIKE DAVIS:  Just got to be ready for whatever comes.  Just got to know how to get out of there. 
Going to Texas Tech, got to fight hard.  They going to fight hard.  Like I said, they're at home.  We got to come out and execute, get things going fast. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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