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October 29, 2012

Case McCoy

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Case McCoy. 

Q.  With you going to west Texas, anywhere in that area, it's a hoot and a holler?
CASE McCOY:  My whole high school basically goes there.  That's the one thing I do not want ever to lose to. 
It will be fun.  I've gone to games out there for quite a while growing up, knowing players there, knowing a lot of people that go to school there, have family that live there. 
My dad being a coach, we've coached all over west Texas.  I know that area.  That's kind of what I consider home.  It's kind of going back home for me. 
I'll enjoy it.  I love it, the atmosphere there, the fans, the stadium.  It's quite the experience for all of us.  It will be exciting.  2:30 game. 

Q.  I'm sure you didn't see a lot of Red Raiders playing defense out there. 
CASE McCOY:  It's been quite interesting to see because a lot of those guys are the same guys that were there last year.  Hats off to them if they've developed a new mentality and are playing well. 
That's something we're going to have to score points for sure, because Seth and their offense are playing well, scoring points.  It should be quite the matchup and a fun game for all of us. 
We'll prepare hard this week.  We'll be sure to be ready when we come out this time.  It will be a fun game.  Should be an exciting 2:30 game.  What we do, we'll see for sure, excited to watch whoever is out there playing. 

Q.  Did you expect to be the starter this week after the comeback against Kansas?
CASE McCOY:  I can rephrase that to say I've expected to be the starter since I got here.  That's my goal.  I didn't come here to be a backup. 
At the same time I came here to help this team do whatever they're supposed to do.  I've been given a job and I think that I've accomplished that job and I'm doing that job to the best of my ability. 
My job is to help this team, be a leader on this team, at the same time play whenever I have to play.  Have I always done that, no.  I didn't do that last year when I was a backup.  Got thrown into some situations when I wasn't ready, ended up losing the game.  That hung on my head for a long time.  I made a commitment to myself and my team that would never happen again. 
I've been thrown in a few times and been able to do the job.  Hats off to the team for rallying around me and giving me some time, establish the running game.  We were able to execute and win the ballgame at the end.

Q.  Is there a frustration level that you're not the starter?
CASE McCOY:  I'm a competitor, that's the bottom line.  I want to be on that field because I feel I can contribute to my teammates and give them a good chance of winning.  At the same time David thinks the same thing.  David is obviously a great player, a great leader on this team. 
We're working with each other.  My job is to prepare even more.  I take that on myself, too, that I can help him out.  He's a young guy growing up quickly.  We'll see what happens, and our coaches are going to take care of us. 

Q.  John Elway out there, what are you doing?
CASE McCOY:  Like I said earlier, it was more importantly not anything that I did extra or anything that David wasn't doing, but as a whole, as an offense and defense, decided to find something deep down.  You call it heart, guts, a lot of things, just that 'it' factor. 
We didn't play well the whole game by any means.  That's something that we're looking forward trying to figure out, but at the same time we found a way to close it out. 
I think that speaks highly of our team.  You go back to the different games throughout the year.  We closed out Baylor.  As an offense, we scored on the last drive versus West Virginia.  We just needed the ball one more time.  Closed out against Oklahoma State.  Against OU, we weren't close, but found a way to get something together, score twice, just to try to close something out. 
That's something our team can hang their hat on, we will close the game out.  That's something that we can have under ourselves, but at the same time work on at the beginning of the game. 
I think our coaches will prepare us more for that for sure.  As a whole, coaches can only do so much.  They can't strap on the pads, play on fourth down.  It's something as players we have to keep working on, striving to get better. 

Q.  How do you make sure this season has a better finish? 
CASE McCOY:  I think it's hard to compare this team from last year's team this is an incredibly different team.  A lot of the same players, but new mentality, new energy, new goals.  That's something that is incomparable to last year. 
We're bowl eligible.  That's a weight lifted off our shoulders.  At the same time our goal wasn't just to make it to a bowl, it was to make it to a great bowl, to win a state championship.  The first step to that is beating Tech this week. 
Our goals are set high, but at the same time we're focusing one week at a time.  That's Tech this week.  It's a fun game for all of us.  A lot of us are from this state.  A lot of our friends, best friends, play for them. 
We'll be excited to play them and they'll be excited to play us and it will be a fun one to watch. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Case. 

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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