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October 29, 2012

Mason Walters

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Mason Walters. 

Q.  You guys have won two in a row, you're hot. 
MASON WALTERS:  If we can put it all together for four quarters, I think we can play with anybody. 
We've got a lot of challenges this week.  Tech is a great team offensively and defensively.  It's going to be a tough environment anytime you go on the road.  Like we saw last week, it's tough. 
Have to be on top of our game, put all three phases together. 

Q.  Does this carry a little extra meaning for you going out there?
MASON WALTERS:  Going back to Lubbock, definitely want to get a win.  My parents wear their burnt orange often.  Hard if we lose to the Raiders. 

Q.  What is difficult about playing up there? 
MASON WALTERS:  It's a great college football environment.  It's great for those guys to be able to play that go to Tech.  For those coming in, they have the whole Raider village, students camping out all week that go to the game.  I have a lot of friends that do it. 
When it comes around to game time, the fans are as ready as the players are to get after the team.  They do some pretty good heckling.  Just a great environment to play in.  It's always fun. 

Q.  When you think about the rivalry, what do you think about?
MASON WALTERS:  I think that goes back to that '08 game, what happened there. 
Anytime you're playing Tech, you have to be ready to go all four quarters and every second of that because the game is not over till it's over.  They always have an explosive offense, make plays.  They play emotionally.  It's going to be a tough, physical game. 
As far as the rivalry, I don't know.  It's an important game for both teams, both being in Texas.  That's where it comes from, just the pride of the whole idea Tech versus Texas.  Know a lot of guys on the team.  Go out and compete on Saturday. 

Q.  Glad to have a day game. 
MASON WALTERS:  That makes it a little more daunting.  Fans have a little bit more time to get ready for it.  It's a little bit more rowdy. 
The good people of Lubbock will be coming out and be supporting the Raiders full first.  It will be a good matchup. 

Q.  (Question regarding six wins.) 
MASON WALTERS:  I think we play more consistently.  That's going to be the biggest thing.  You talk about the growth from two years ago, going in the right direction, the progress that's made.  I really think finishing the end of the season is what will show that progress and that maturity. 
We have a chance to do that.  We have four really tough opponents coming up.  If we take it one game at a time, we can give ourselves a chance. 

Q.  What do you take from the Kansas game?  Frustration it was that close? 
MASON WALTERS:  I think we have to take a realistic look at it. 
That being said, we didn't execute the way we wanted to.  Then again, we were able to come in and finish the game offensively, which is something we know this team can do now.  We've had to do it multiple times. 
I think learning we need to be more consistent across the board, everybody do their job on every play, give ourselves a chance to be successful early in the game, just continue to know that anytime you need to go out and score, do it. 
When that sense of urgency is there, we're going.  Maybe creating that earlier in the game will really help us. 

Q.  Where has the inconsistency come from? 
MASON WALTERS:  It's a tough game.  If you have all 11 guys doing their job, you give yourself a chance.  If you have 10 of the 11 doing their job, you really don't have any chance.  That's just the thing.  Everybody took their turn on Saturday being that guy. 
We need to come out.  You wish you could just have all 11 guys do the wrong thing on one play, but that's not the way it happens.  I really think that's going to come in playing for the guy next to you.  That's maybe not the mentality we had going into the game.  If we do the job for the guy next to us, we have a better chance of being able to do it because it's a tough game. 

Q.  You talk about having that one guy that's good in the offense, the quarterback.  Can you talk about the comfort level with both David and Case. 
MASON WALTERS:  Well, we had to work with both of them because we had the whole quarterback controversy.  I'm sure you all already forget about that (laughter). 
We got to work with them a lot in spring camp, two-a-days.  There's a lot of familiarity with both quarterbacks in the huddle. 
How about Case coming in and really showing he's worked his tail off since David was named the starter to be where he is, to be able to come in and play like that.  Really kind of shows a lot of guys on the team doing the same thing.  When there's a void, somebody is going to be able to come in and fill that.  Proud of the guys for being able to do that. 

Q.  Did you feel the spark immediately when he came in the huddle?  You needed a change?
MASON WALTERS:  I felt the urgency of maybe the situation of the game.  Give him some time, let him go out and do what he does.  That McCoy magic, came out and pulled it off. 

Q.  How happy are you for Johnathan to be the starter?  Is he like the next Earl Campbell around here?
MASON WALTERS:  He's going to be really good.  He already is. 
As far as being the starter, all of our runningbacks quite a bit, I'm sure we'll see other ones.  That's a testament to Johnathan.  He came in with a couple of really good runningbacks in front of him.  Didn't let them get him down.  He's been selfless in doing whatever he can.  Whatever the coaches ask him, he's going to do no matter how big or small that role is. 
I think he'll be really successful here.  He's only a freshman.  He's playing outside of that.  Just proud of what he's done so far and hope it continues. 

Q.  Did you participate in Halloween growing up, favorite costume?
MASON WALTERS:  When I was young, I dressed up as a cowboy.  That was my favorite one.  In my not-so-young youth, I hope I can dress like a cowboy every day. 

Q.  Dallas cowboy?
MASON WALTERS:  No, real American cowboy. 

Q.  (No microphone.)
MASON WALTERS:  Being offensive linemen, you would think I eat a lot of candy.  I have to watch my weight, my girl-ish figure.  Stick to some light salted popcorn.  That's about it for me. 
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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