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October 24, 2012

Frank Spaziani

MIKE FINN:テつ Welcome to today's ACC football coaches teleconference.
We'll get started with Coach Frank Spaziani of Boston College.テつ We'll bring on coach, ask for a brief opening statement, then go to questions.
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Thanks, Mike.
We're coming home, happy to be home after three weeks on the road.テつ We're looking to get in front of our fans and have a good ballgame on Saturday.
With that, questions.

Q.テつ Frank, I wanted to ask you, passing yards in this conference is up something ridiculous, like 22% over two years ago.テつ I know the game is getting more offense‑happy.テつ Is there any rhyme or reason to it in this conference or are we in a golden age of quarterbacks up and down the ACC?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ That's an excellent question.テつ I think we have some quarterbacks that are stepping up in the league this year.テつ It certainly plays into your comment about the offenses.
But certainly the skill level of our quarterbacks, and the coaches are obviously very good coaches and understand how to use them.テつ That's what I would attribute it to.テつ Put the quarterbacks in with a good system, and there you go.

Q.テつ Is it getting to the point where teams realize now the days of counting on winning a game 20‑17 is probably out the window for the most part?テつ You need to score a bunch of points pretty much.
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Yeah, there's certainly a shift in how offenses are being played right now.テつ Once again, things are cyclical.テつ I think the defenses are a little bit behind in certain aspects.

Q.テつ It's been a rough year for you.テつ Did you see this coming?テつ Not too much of a surprise to you?テつ Did you feel this could be a tough season?テつ Privately thought this could be a tough year, but I don't want to let on that it's going to be a rough year?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Once again, I think as a head coach you understand exactly what the problems are and you try to manage your way through it.テつ I think anybody that looked at our roster, has looked at it over the last four years, takes a look at it, would understand the challenges that we have.
We haven't been able to manage our way through that.テつ Other people have that, too.テつ Every year is rough.テつ There's always problems and you have to manage your way through it.テつ We just haven't done a very good job of it, to be honest with you.

Q.テつ How worried are you this may be the last part of the season here as BC's head coach?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ How do I feel about it?テつ Nobody sheds more blood, sweat, and tears on Saturday than I do.テつ I know what our situation is, I know what I'm doing, I know the problems I have to work through.テつ That's what I'm worried about.テつ I'm worried about getting the victory on Saturday.

Q.テつ Coach, you were in about this same position about this time last year.テつ You turned it on, won three of your last five, finished strong.テつ Do you see any signs or hints that something similar could happen this time?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ I see a lot of positive.テつ Once again, I see a lot of positive things going on.テつ What's going to happen in the remainder of the games, that's why we play them.
Our players are working hard.テつ We got good coaches.テつ We'll see what happens.

Q.テつ Does the fact you did turn it around last year help in terms of keeping the players from, I don't want to say packing it in, but...
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Once again, that's a common question, it's logical, human nature.テつ But as I've said over and over again, I've been here 16 years and for a lot of good reasons.テつ One of the reasons, our guys come to work every week.テつ They compete.テつ Our motto is, Ever to excel.テつ These guys embrace it.
I see it on the practice field.テつ We practiced well yesterday.テつ Hopefully we'll practice well today, and that's how you transform it into wins.
One week at a time and we'll see what happens.
MIKE FINN:テつ Coach, this weekend I believe it's Military Appreciation Day at Boston College.テつ Do you have a special feeling about that?テつ Anything personally you have some thoughts about what that means to you?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ Well, once again, I think it's the Wounded Warriors and Military.テつ I think those people that serve our country, defend us, our rights that we have here, deserve our utmost respect.テつ Any tribute we can pay to them, as small as it is, is well deserving.テつ We try to get that message across to our players.テつ I understand it as well as anybody.テつ Hopefully the youth of America will understand it, too.
MIKE FINN:テつ Anyone on your team have a military connection that might be pertinent for this weekend?
COACH SPAZIANI:テつ I believe we do.テつ You caught me a little off guard with that one.テつ We're not focused in on any one individual for sure.テつ But we have people with military backgrounds, yes, guys on our staff.
MIKE FINN:テつ Coach, good luck this weekend.テつ We'll talk to you next Wednesday.

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