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October 22, 2012

Bryan Harsin

Q. I'm guessing any time you're going against a Dave Campo defense, I'm sure your offense is going to have a challenge this weekend.
BRYAN HARSIN:  Absolutely. You said it. Obviously just looking at them, the experience that they have on the defensive side as far as the coaching goes is very good. You know, we've just got to go out there and execute well. That's what we have to do. Schemes and all those things, they'll be dialed. They'll know where to go. They'll have guys in the right positions and things like that. That's fully expected, so we just have to go execute. It's about match‑ups, it's about one‑on‑one battles. I think that's the important thing this week that we have to focus on in practice.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BRYAN HARSIN:  Yeah, go ahead. There's got to be something about that, right?  I know we left somebody out.

Q. How impressed were you with him right off the bat?
BRYAN HARSIN:  Well, obviously the first play of the game was pretty impressive. You know, and really the most impressive thing when you go back, it's Daje because he's the one that has the ball in his hands, but you look at M.J. McFarland is the one that set the edge there and then you've got Mike Davis driving his guy out of bounds, and Jaxon Shipley had a cut in the play that really sprung it, and then Daje did his job; he just ran the ball and he ran fast.
That provides us just another element in the run game is Daje coming on as a back, as well. He's played wide receiver. He is kind of that T & Z position that we've talked about before, he's really developing into that, provides us with just a different dimension back, there and you could see that on the first play.

Q. How important was keeping things going after the fumble?

Q. Yeah.
BRYAN HARSIN:  Yeah, huge. That's obviously something that we take very seriously when a guy puts the ball on the ground. Just because we recovered it, it's not taken lightly by any means. But we still have‑‑ it's a game, and guys make mistakes, and that's one thing that I know he'll correct when he has the ball in his hands. But we've got to get him back out on the field. We had a lot of stuff for him in the game plan, and I thought he executed it well when he did get the ball and opportunities.
And so he just continues to be a guy for a young‑‑ for a freshman, with the amount of things that we ask him to do and just different places we want to put him, I think he's done a real nice job preparing himself.

Q. How much do you look towards last year's game against Kansas when you're getting ready for this week?
BRYAN HARSIN:  Not a lot. It's different schemes. You look at some of the‑‑ I think some of our players will look at the match‑ups they had last year because some of the players they went against are back, so they can watch what they did against them. That's obviously something to look at. Schematically really not the same, not the same team defensively. They're flying around. They've got guys coming up, safeties coming up playing the run. They're doing a great job in my opinion, and so we've got to make sure that we're looking at this year's team and fully expect that the games they play their very best in, that's what we're going to get.

Q. When you look at what they've done at home versus on the road, why are they so much better at home?
BRYAN HARSIN:  Yeah, you know, I don't know. I don't know the‑‑ there's always different dynamics that go into things with teams. I think not having played there but knowing some and talking about it, I think the environment there is very good. They have the advantage at home. That's one thing. I think most people want to have that, and I think they do. We have to expect that. We're going to prepare for that, and like I said, the one thing we fully know is that we're going to get their very best. It's all about us just taking care of that this week in practice and not taking anything lightly and doing our jobs to the best of our abilities, so we're prepared for that.

Q. How much actually has to change planning for cold weather, playing in wind and stuff like that?
BRYAN HARSIN:  Not much. You know, the weather, if it's not snowing, it's just cold, there's so‑‑ guys have so much gear, you don't get cold anymore. You've got everything you want. You're not freezing by any means. Wind can be a little bit of a factor. It does factor in some of the deeper throws, it probably factors more in the kick game where it factors in. But then you start getting into rain and snow, that does provide a different element there.
But the wind, the cold, that shouldn't change anything that we're doing.

Q. And you don't care because you're dressed warmly?
BRYAN HARSIN:  Not at all, no. I prefer snow and hail when it happens like that, get some hot chocolate up there.

Q. I think you told us earlier in the year that you have a certain number of plays scripted that you like to open the game with. When you have a situation where you're on play one, when you get the ball back, the first play you open with (Inaudible)?
BRYAN HARSIN:  No, we went back to play one again because it worked is what we did. But generally those plays that we script are going to be 1st down or 2nd down calls. You get into 3rd down you're kind of off that. You can't predict the 3rd down so you've got to be able to jump into that.
But what we do is as the game goes on, those type of plays, just mark them down and they're successful so you want to come back to them. So we came back to it again just to see if we could hit another one, and we got some positive yards, and then we were onto our script from there. And sometimes ‑‑ usually there's 12 plays that are in there scripted. Not all of them get hit because you sometimes figure one of them in there is kind of a hit‑or‑miss, just based off what you're seeing, and a lot of times it's like, that ain't going to fly right now, we'll wait until second half just because the defense is showing us something a little bit different.
But I think more importantly it just gives the guys a plan. I think the guys really care about the first two, three plays, and then after that we're into the game. But it gives them something to visualize the night before and prepare themselves for Saturday.

Q. Do you know Charlie Weis?
BRYAN HARSIN:  I've never got to actually pick his brain, but I've watched and studied a ton of his film, when he was with the Patriots and just everywhere he's been. He does a lot of things that I think is very good and has done a lot of things that are very good. You know, very creative in the way he uses personnel, tight ends, different things. So being at Boise and over the years, I'd always‑‑ wherever he was at try to find film that he had, and that was my off‑season project to study the Patriots, study where he's at, what he was doing, Notre Dame, all those things, because he's obviously done some great things and been very successful with his offenses.

Q. Because of how much you've looked up to him and studied him as a professional, is this going to be any extra emotions for you with this game going up against him?
BRYAN HARSIN:  No. I mean, not from that standpoint other than just a lot of respect, you know, just from what he's done. Not knowing him personally, just professional in the business and all that and watching what his teams have done and how he's prepared his teams and offenses and things like that, it's impressive.
What I do know is those guys will be on the offensive side, as well. I don't study the offensive, but they'll be prepared. They'll have a good game plan. They'll be explosive. They'll do things. That's what he's always done, so I'd expect that, and I'm sure our defense does, as well.

Q. Do you have plays set aside for 4th downs because you want them to be plays the competition has never seen before, or is it strictly a down‑and‑distance?
BRYAN HARSIN:  There's a couple. There's not many. We'll have a couple that we kind of keep in our back pocket for those situations on 4th down. But a lot of times it's really what's working for you, what are you seeing in the game plan, and it might come from your 2nd down or 3rd down calls in the pass game that you just feel like‑‑ and I do think that in those situations, too, it's a lot about players, as well, more than just plays.
And so who you're going to try and get the ball to in that 4th down situation because you want to make sure that it's going to a guy that's going to make a play for you. And so we'll have a couple set aside. But we don't have a whole handful of them. There's two specifically and then the rest come from the game plan.

Q. Having not playing real well obviously at the 11:00 a.m. start time, anything you try to do differently this week?
BRYAN HARSIN:  Yeah, we have already emphasized it. Nothing that we can do from a time standpoint other than we've got to get our rest, guys got to get rest this week, guys got to take care of their bodies, they've got to eat right, sleep right. We've got to do all the little things not just in practice but off the field, as well, to make sure that we're fully rested, fully prepared and ready to go and prepared 11:00 a.m.
Now, the night before, they'll obviously know that we've been in that situation, so we'll emphasize it again about getting in bed, and we wake up, the mindset, you've got to be‑‑ you've really got to be ready to go when you get up.
And I didn't think that‑‑ from what we did at Oklahoma, because of the start time, that wasn't something that was I think the issue. However, it is an 11:00 a.m. game, we played that and we did not play well the last time, so this is a chance for us to go and play well during the early game.

Q. Your offense puts up yards and points and it seems like everyone in the conference is putting up yards and points. I'm guessing you're not sympathizing with any of these defenses, are you?
BRYAN HARSIN:  I'm only worried about us, period. I don't know, I've got enough on our plate with what we're trying to do. We're not there by any means. We have a long ways to go offensively, and so we've just got to concentrate on that and make sure we're doing our jobs.

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