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October 22, 2012

Trey Hopkins

Q.  You guys won last week; how do you carry that momentum into Lawrence?
TREY HOPKINS:  You just continue to get better. Personally it's always about just letting us know it's always about how we play, it's not about who we play, so we have to continue to get better and come in with the same attitude we had coming off a loss from OU, just come in with the same worker's attitude knowing that we have to get better and have something to prove.

Q. How important is it to become Bowl eligible?
TREY HOPKINS:  I definitely don't want to be at home for that long ever again. But it's very important just because it's the next game, more importantly than a Bowl game. But definitely we need that sixth win, and we plan on getting it.

Q. What do you know about their defense?
TREY HOPKINS:  I know that they're a defense that they're going to be put in the right spots. They have a great coaching staff, they have a great defensive coordinator, and they're always going to be put in the right spots. I know they're going to be very well structured and they're going to have a lot of film on us and they're going to be prepared to come in and play hard.

Q. Were you a Dallas Cowboys fan at all?  Do you know much about Dave Campo?
TREY HOPKINS:  I don't know too much about Dave Campo.

Q. These guys have lost six in a row. Kansas is typically a basketball school. How do you guard against taking them too lightly?
TREY HOPKINS:  Just realizing where we come from. That's another part of just keeping that mindset we had coming off the losses, just realizing that we have to continue to fight, that nothing is going to be given to us, and in the Big 12 any team can come out and win and win any game. It's been shown. We have such explosive offenses and such great teams that any team can come out and have a great night where somebody else can come out flat and anybody can be beat.

Q. It's supposed to be a little chilly up there. You've got a smile on your face.
TREY HOPKINS:  Yeah, that's a fat man's paradise. I'll be pretty excited about that. Won't have to worry about too many sweats just walking around like we do sometimes here in Texas.

Q. It's an 11:00 a.m. kick. What do you have to change about your mindset or your preparation the day of, the day before, when you're so used to late games?
TREY HOPKINS:  I think it's more than just day before, I think it's just another big thing with getting into bed early throughout the week, because getting in the night before will be easy, everybody will be in the hotel room, there won't be many distractions. Everybody will go to bed. But it's just getting the extra sleep throughout the week, like tonight, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, things like that, that will really help you on Saturday.

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