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October 22, 2012

David Ash

Q. テつWhat do you know about Kansas?
DAVID ASH:テつ Well, they're blue and red, they have the Jayhawks as their mascot. They've got a new coaching staff that has a lot of‑‑ I mean, they've been a lot of places and they've coached football for a long time and they know what they're doing. They've played hard this year in the games that I've seen. They've shown a lot more fight in the way they played.
They're hard to play in Lawrence sometimes. You know, it's another college football team that has good athletes and the ability to beat us, so we have to prepare to play football like we do every week.

Q. How important is it for this team to reach Bowl eligibility?
DAVID ASH:テつ You know, it's a step we need to take, and that's possible this week, so it's something that needs to happen.

Q. Is there any reason why you would even look at a Dallas Cowboys team from 10 years ago to see what Dave Campo has done in the past or do you just look at this year?
DAVID ASH:テつ You know, probably a lot of it will be this year and probably what he's done in maybe the last couple places he was at. You know, I think you start off with the most recent things, and you look at those first. If you get to it in your preparation, you look at those things, too.

Q. Do you like playing in the cold?
DAVID ASH:テつ Well, I like playing in general. I haven't really played in the true cold before. I live in Texas, so I've never really played in a cold game I don't think.

Q. Has anybody told you what to expect with playing in the cold?テつ Does it hurt a little bit more or anything about that?
DAVID ASH:テつ No, no one has told me. Should I know this?

Q. You're playing a team that's lost six in a row. Are you playing a team that's kind of desperate?
DAVID ASH:テつ Well, yeah, you know, it's always‑‑ we play a lot of teams who don't have anything to lose at times. So we've got to be ready for anything. We've got to be ready for them to take a lot of chances and do a lot of risky things. You know, yeah, they're dangerous.

Q. Anything change about the way you went about the week when you had an 11:00 a.m. game?
DAVID ASH:テつ Are you saying there's a difference in schedule in the early game?

Q. Yeah, just the way y'all came out against OU.
DAVID ASH:テつ Well, you know, that was our one 11:00 game, and we didn't play well. So we're going to have to‑‑ I don't know. I don't know if 11:00 in the morning was the reason, but if it was, we're going to have to try to wake ourselves up and get ready to go.

Q. Why have y'all been so effective in the red zone this year at scoring touchdowns?
DAVID ASH:テつ Well, I think we've prepared better. I mean, it's something that we really concentrated on after last season when we were really terrible in the red zone. All through spring, all through the summer, we did a lot of red zone seven‑on‑seven, and all through camp we've concentrated on red zone. So I think through that we've become a better red zone football team.

Q. Incredible the success on 3rd downs. Do you not necessarily panic as much if you do get into a 3rd and 7 or 3rd and 8?
DAVID ASH:テつ Well, again, it's just being prepared for the situation. We emphasize 3rd downs all week. It's money down, something we do a lot of during the week, and so we feel prepared when we go out and ready to execute. Our percentages of executing are pretty good right now.

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