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October 22, 2012

Carrington Byndom

Q.  What do you know about Kansas?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  We know they're more of a pro style offense and that we're going to see a lot more running than we have in the past couple weekends. But we know that running is going to be their priority. But we're still prepared for anything that they might throw at us.

Q. With the way this defense has struggled, how big of a challenge does their run‑first mentality present to you?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I think it'll be an exciting challenge for us, I think one that we'll take a lot of pride going into that we have the ability to stop the run, and I think that that's will be one of our goals again this weekend is to be able to handle the run. I think this is a good challenge for us.

Q. Do you have to do something to guard against, I wouldn't say a letdown, but you've been playing such tough teams. Do you have to guard against not taking them too serious?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:¬† Yeah, you definitely have to make sure you don't fall into that trap of making‑‑ falling into that trap of, like trap game and things like that. I think we have to take them just as serious as we have any other team. They're still a team in the Big 12, and any team in the Big 12 is able or is capable of beating you on any given Saturday. We will not take them lightly in any aspect.

Q. Do you like playing early morning cold weather games?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  Not the funnest things, but if I have to do it, I will. I definitely will give myself up and be bundled up this week, but I'll be ready to play.

Q. How do you not take them lightly?  You wouldn't hear the end of it if you guys lose.
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  You just go in and you play your style of game. We know what game we're capable of playing, and we just need to play to that level and that standard, and I think we'll be okay when it's all said and done.

Q. You mentioned bundling up because it's expected to be cold. Does weather affect the way you play or your mentality or anything like that?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  Not at all. You can't let it affect you. As cold as it can be, you still have to go out and play your game and handle your responsibilities. You can't let that affect you, and you have to go into each week no matter the situation or the weather condition and play the game that you're capable of playing.

Q. If I had told you back in August the first time that we had a press conference like this that come October you'd be No.107 in total defense and No. 142 in scoring defense would you have thought that was crazy?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  Probably so. But you know, things do happen, and it's not about what's happening right now, it's about what's happening at the end of the season, and where we're at at the end of the season. Statistically we're not really worried about all the numbers and things like that. As long as we're winning I think that's the main goal for us, and the place that we're at at the end of the season.

Q. There was so much talk before the season about how great the defense was going to be. Did you have a hint if we lose this guy to an injury, Jeffcoat or Hicks, we may have this problem?  Did you have any hint that this would happen?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:¬† No, I think the guys that were backing up, I think they were doing a good job this spring of stepping in and being able to come in and make plays and stuff like that during the spring, and so the drop‑off, I don't think we ever saw coming or anything like that. But it is tough when you lose some of your starters for the season or for most of the games.
For the guys that are stepping in, though, I think they're doing a good job of handling the situation they've been thrown into.

Q. What are you y'all doing better each week?  You've played some really good offenses. I asked Mack if he cuts y'all any slack that you are playing good offenses. What are you doing better each week?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  You know, each week just going back and trying to improve on something that we didn't do the week before, and that's all you can do is go back and fix something that may have been wrong and may have been broken. Just going back to basics, again, like this week, we will go back to basics and try to make sure that we correct things that happen in the Baylor game so that they don't happen in this Kansas game, and so on and so on as the season goes on.
You know, you've just got to continue to improve and everything will be okay.

Q. How bad do you guys want to become Bowl eligible and start looking at the Bowls?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  We're just trying to get the sixth win first and become Bowl eligible. So that's a starting point, and then after that we'll take it week by week, and hopefully we get the Bowl that we're wanting.

Q. Josh Turner, how proud are you of him and what he's been able to accomplish?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:¬† I think he's definitely stepped up in the role that he's had. He's definitely taken advantage of the opportunities that he's had, and he played a tremendous game this past weekend, and that's what we expect and he expects of himself. We know that‑‑ we know what he's capable of, and he just has to go out and continue to play at a high level each week.

Q. Is he growing his hair out?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I think he's going for the dread look. I commend him on that.

Q. Is it an Oklahoma thing maybe?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:¬† I don't know. I guess‑‑ I don't think Demarco has dreads, so I don't think it's an Oklahoma thing.

Q. When you're giving up all those points and yards but you still get the win, do you feel (inaudible)?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I definitely think that happens. Like you said talking about Josh, Josh's interception came at a critical point. Mykkele Thompson's fumble recovery came at a critical point in the game. When you look back at those, those are two crucial stops that got their offense off the field. If those would have turned into points, that's 14 points and we lose by eight.
You know, we're making the stops that we need, that are necessary. It may not be the prettiest of the games that we've played and things like that, but at the end of the day when we come out with a win, I definitely think we've accomplished our goal.

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