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October 16, 2012

Dominique Sandifer

Josh Wade

Q.  Josh, are you guys looking forward to playing more run support this week against Nevada?
JOSH WADE:  Yeah, definitely.  They're a good running team.  They come out in that pistol, little read options, things like that.  It's going to be a challenge to come and stop the run, and guys are going to have to cover on the back end.

Q.  What has enabled them to be so effective from what you've seen on film?
JOSH WADE:  I mean, they're getting after guys, their running backs run really hard, the quarterback is always a threat, both the quarterbacks; the backup quarterback is really quick, and the starting quarterback is a fast guy, too.  So I mean, they have a lot of play makers in the running game, and they're getting after guys and making plays.

Q.  As defensive backs, you're kind of accustomed to playing a lot of triple option teams.  Is there a lot that you can take from that going into this week at Nevada?
JOSH WADE:  Well, definitely.  We're used to trying to get off blocks and things like that and getting ours back in the backfield, and then we have a lot of guys coming from different angles and blitzes and things like that, and they usually get after the run and make a lot of plays and hitting guys in the backfield.

Q.  How much more difficult does it make it for you, Josh, the fact that the quarterback is a scrambling quarterback?
JOSH WADE:  Well, he's always another threat out there.  When he can run the ball, you've got to compensate more guys and you've got to get more hats to the football, because he's always that threat of breaking one just like a running back could.

Q.  So with a quarterback like that are you more prone to look in the backfield?
JOSH WADE:  Well, yeah, you want to be late run support, but you've still got to just focus on your receiver especially in man coverage.  You've got to lock in on No.1.  You can't let him sneak by you or get lulled to sleep.

Q.  It seems like you guys have had a little bit of trouble with kind of running quarterbacks this season a little bit.  Why has that been the case?
JOSH WADE:  Well, I think guys just got to get to the ball a little quicker and see the play that's happening in front of them a little bit faster.  Coach will give us a good game plan and we should be able to get a lot of guys to the ball and be able to slow it down.

Q.  And on the other end of the spectrum, you guys have had some pretty good defensive performances the last couple weeks.  What's the confidence level like and the mindset?
JOSH WADE:  Well, we've been rolling in the right direction.  I feel like guys have been playing increasingly better every week.  We've been really intense, maybe forcing some turnovers, and on the offensive end capitalizing on it and scoring off those turnovers.  We've really been playing well together lately.  It's definitely a huge momentum going into this game, and we just want to keep the ball rolling.

Q.  If you could talk about what Brice Butler has brought to the receiving corps this year?
DOMINIQUE SANDIFER:  I mean, everybody seen that he's really explosive, great hands.  He's an athlete.  He's a real good athlete.  It's good to have him out there.  It's another threat for the offense.

Q.¬† When you look at the offense under Lindley last year and the offense with Katz this year, are there things you've been able to do this year because Katz can run the ball that you maybe weren't able to do ‑‑ did differently last year?
DOMINIQUE SANDIFER:  Well, they're two different styles of quarterback.  Lindley wasn't as mobile as Katz is, so I guess you could say, yeah, we can do certain things different with Katz.  It opens the playbook just a little more.

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