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October 16, 2012

Alec Johnson

Ryan Katz

Q.  Alec, how's the hand?  Are you feeling more comfortable not having that big club thing?
ALEC JOHNSON:  Definitely.  They took it off before the game on Thursday and gave me this little cast thing.  I got to use my hands in the game, and it felt nice.  Missed them.  It's nice having that giant club off.

Q.  How much longer are you going to have that on your hand?
ALEC JOHNSON:  I think this week.  They said I've got to go down and check with the training staff, but I think this week I should have full use of my hand.

Q.  Will you switch back to snapping?
ALEC JOHNSON:  Today I think I will.  Back to normal.

Q.  What do you see from Nevada's defense?  It looks like they're pretty similar just in terms of where they are in rankings and stuff like that to what you guys have on offense and defense.  What do you see?
RYAN KATZ:  You know, they're a good defense.  They play hard, good fundamentally sound defense.  We'll learn more today through preparation.  I mean, we've watched film a little bit, but we'll get a better beat on them today and carry it into practice.

Q.  Like when you see the last two teams they've played have come pretty close to beating them and this team has given up pretty large leads, what does that say to you going into this team?
RYAN KATZ:¬† I mean, it's a winnable game.¬† That's what we're going to try to do.¬† We don't really look at‑‑ we watch film and see what they did the past weeks, but every week is a different week.¬† They had two close games.¬† We just want to get a win this week.

Q.¬† After winning big the last couple weeks and then heading on the road to take on Nevada, who's 6‑1 right now, what's you guys' mindset like, and how is the confidence level?
ALEC JOHNSON:  Tough place to play.  They're a good team.  Their record says that.  We're going to need to play well and execute on offense, do our part, and help our defense out.  It'll be, I expect, a hostile environment.  It'll be a fun game.

Q.  This one looks like it's going to come out to another shootout.  You guys have played in those a few times this year.  Do you think that will help you guys this week?
RYAN KATZ:  Yeah, every week is a new week.  You never know how a game turns out.  We're going to prepare the same as we did the last two weeks and the same as we did all season, just get ready for Nevada.

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