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October 15, 2012

Quandre Diggs

Q. ¬†Well, another week, another high‑powered offense, Baylor is second in the country in total offense. You guys just go back right to work against them. I guess that helps getting over last weekend?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  That's the only thing that can happen after last weekend is just going out and getting this win on Saturday. That will be the only thing that can help us. We're going to slow these guys down and get you guys to stay off our back a little bit.

Q. Not going to miss RG3, but Florence isn't a bad stand‑in, is he?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  No, I'm not going to miss RG3 at all. He can stay in the NFL, keep doing his thing in the NFL. But Nick Florence is doing great, too. He's come out and he's put up big numbers, as well. He's a good quarterback. We're going to play against them every weekend. That's the joy about this league.

Q. How great of a time is it to be a Longhorn right now to get a chance to prove that you guys are still legit, to get a chance to prove that you can overcome adversity?
QUANDRE DIGGS:¬† You know, I feel like we can come out this week and just show our‑‑ the game is on ABC this week I want to say, and just let the whole world come out and see that just because we lost two games, it's not going to dictate our season. We still have a lot of games to play, and it's still the middle of the year. There's a lot of things that can change by the end of the year.

Q. Mac was talking about having to move forward. How do you move forward from Saturday?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  Getting a win on Saturday. That's the only way you can really, truly move forward. Putting a W in that win column, that's what we expect to do, and we expect nothing less, just to go out and just get better this weekend and get that win on Saturday.

Q. So would you call the Baylor game a must‑win game?
QUANDRE DIGGS:¬† Every game is a must‑win game. You don't want to lose any game. I would be a fool just to call this game a must‑win game.

Q. Coach Brown said he talked to you for about an hour yesterday as a team. What did you get out of that speech?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  You get a lot out of it. You get life lessons out of it. He's just not a coach to us, he's also a father figure to us. He teaches us how to be young men and just shared some experiences he'd had as a great man. We just try to soak all those things in and listen to Coach Brown as much as we can, because like I said, he's a great coach, but he's also a great man. He loves us. We just go out and we just try to go out and play for him.

Q. Did Saturday's game make you question this team at all, where you guys are and what you're trying to do?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  You never want to question your team. Like I said, we have six more games or seven more games, so you don't want to question yourself in the middle of the season. That would be crazy of us to do that. We know we have things we need to work on, and all we can do is just go out and hopefully get those things fixed because like I said, we have six or seven more games left.

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