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October 15, 2012

Carrington Byndom

Q.  How proactive is this defense to finding solutions?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  Each week it goes in and we go back after watching the film on Sundays, and the biggest goal is being able to go in throughout the week and correct those things that we did wrong on Saturday, and so we make that a big, big deal, big emphasis throughout the week to make sure those things get corrected.

Q. Mac mentioned that you had a good game. Is it kind of bittersweet that you have a good game but you lose so badly?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  You know, when you lose, it's always a tough game no matter how good you do. For me, I mean, it still was a tough loss for us this weekend, and it still affects me the same way.

Q. Does this make you guys question at all kind of the rebuilding project that Texas has been going through, and how do you maintain your confidence?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  Not at all. We know that we still have work to do, and I think that's the biggest thing. We know that we still have a ways to go, and we will continue to keep working and striving to get to that destination. We're not really too worried or concerned about the rebuilding stages we're in, but we still know that we have a ways to go, and we're going to keep continuing to work to get there.

Q. How exciting is it to go up against this Baylor team with how prolific the offense can be?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  It'll be another test for us. We've had three good tests in the past four weeks, or three weeks, so to be able to face another prolific offense like Baylor is another challenge for us, and we're ready to step up and rise to the occasion.

Q. Mac said that he wanted to make sure y'all knew that he wasn't quitting on y'all and he wanted to let you know that. What does that mean to you when you hear that?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  You know he's all in, and to hear him say that is a good feeling for us because we know we're not going to quit on him, either. We know that he wants the best for us, he wants us to succeed, and we want to succeed for ourselves, too. It puts us in a good situation, and we know that he's behind us all the way to the end.

Q. Mason mentioned that the team has to rebuild some confidence after a loss like that. Where is this team's confidence level and how do you build it back?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  After losing a game like that, it's definitely lowered a little bit. But we know what we're capable of. We know the things that we are capable of. To just go back to work this week and then be able to showcase that and showcase our abilities on Saturday will bring back the confidence that we need.

Q. How tough is it to lose Jackson and him being out of this defense?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I don't say we're doomed. We've had other injuries this year, so you just have to have other guys step in and fill those roles.

Q. You're going to miss him, though, huh?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  Yeah, I think I may shed a tear or two.

Q. It's cancer awareness for this game, and you'll be wearing different colored ribbons on your helmet. Do you know what color you'll be wearing yet?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  I am going to wear purple, and that's just for all cancers. I've had people affected by breast cancer and others, so I'm just going to wear purple for all.

Q. How does it feel to play for someone that's been affected like that?  Does that get you a little more amped up when you know you're not playing just for yourself anymore?
CARRINGTON BYNDOM:  You know, that's each week. I play for others, I play for the other 10 guys besides you. But to be able to dedicate a game to somebody else, especially that's been affected by cancer, is one that gets you moving and gets you confident.

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