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October 15, 2012

Mason Walters

Q.  Do you take it more personal when people blame you for losses or people blame Coach Brown for losses?
MASON WALTERS:  You really try not to listen to too much outside. My criticism I take I usually take from family and the coaches. Usually when it comes from outside of that circle, there's too much of it to listen to, and it's usually not reliable.

Q. Where does this loss compare to others that you've had here at Texas?
MASON WALTERS:  I mean, right up there with the worst of them. It wasn't a good feeling. I don't expect it to happen again.

Q. You guys were so great for five games. Can you pinpoint anything, or was it just a combination of things that seemed to derail you guys?
MASON WALTERS:  I think it kind of snowballed there on us from the beginning, and we just couldn't get back on track, momentum and everything was kind of against us after probably the first two or three series, weren't able to pick it up, didn't respond well. So there's some things we're going to have to work on.

Q. How surprised were you?
MASON WALTERS:  I didn't expect the outcome to be that way at all. If I did, I wouldn't have showed up. Yeah, I was surprised, and I wasn't encouraged by the way we fought back. But there's more football to be played this season. There's a lot more football to be played this season. So we're going to have to get back to work. We can't feel sorry for ourselves, go back at it as hard as we can.

Q. This could go one way or the other. How do you keep everybody focused on what you're doing?
MASON WALTERS:¬† I really think on an individual level the only thing you can do is attack everything you're doing football wise with more intensity than you were before and just give that example of‑‑ I know it's not a good thing, but I'm not giving up on what I'm doing. We've got to get back and work, just stick to it.

Q. Mac was talking about moving forward. How do you do that and not let this beat you twice?
MASON WALTERS:  I think before you can move on, you have to take a real, honest, critical look at what happened. You have to watch the game, evaluate yourself and hear your coach's evaluation of you with an open heart and not try to be defensive at all, take it for what it is, and then only after you've done that can you move on and really look at the next week's opponent and get a game plan together and get some confidence back in yourself, because that plays a big part into it.

Q. Coach mentioned rebuilding. With these last two setbacks is that what you have to do now?
MASON WALTERS:  I don't think so. Coach Brown sees a lot more of it than I do. I only have to deal with it on a real individual level, and maybe it's an offensive wide unit. But I think we've got some good things in place, we just need to continue to let them grow.

Q. You mentioned building some confidence. Is the confidence hurting on the team right now?
MASON WALTERS:  Oh, absolutely. After you take a loss like that to your rival, it does, and Oklahoma is a good team, but we didn't play well and we didn't get the game that that environment really calls for. I think we've got to have a good practice this week, feel confident in our game plan because we're not feeling confident in the way we played last week.

Q. At any point did you feel like people on the team quit?
MASON WALTERS:  No, I don't think so. That was one of the few encouraging things that came out of it. You got to see really at someone's lowest low, are they going to lay down, and the answer is no, which is good to see, and you can do something with that. Later in the season that's really going to help pay off.

Q. How exciting is it to get a chance to right the ship against Baylor that's beaten you the last two years?
MASON WALTERS:  Baylor has played well the last couple years. They've got a good football team, and they've got that taste of winning, and they like it. It'll be another great challenge, and I think really for where we are ourselves, Baylor is that perfect challenge that we need to go out there and play well against because they're a good team and they're coming to our house. That's what makes it important, the next game.

Q. Are you a little surprised to see David practice?
MASON WALTERS:  No. David is a tough guy, and as an offensive lineman we need to do whatever we can to take a couple hits off him. But he's really tough, and if he can go and if he can walk, then he's going to be out at practice.

Q. How tired are you of the last three years this happening?
MASON WALTERS:  It does get a little frustrating, but at the same time, I'm a part of it. And being so, it's not like the negativity is separate from me. I'm in with that, and I'm the one putting the product out there along with my teammates, and we're the ones responsible for it.
Really just can't quit at all and keep going on the path the coaches have us on.

Q. What did you sense from the guys on the team yesterday?¬† Was it a frustration or determination or‑‑
MASON WALTERS:  Mostly disappointment. We wanted to figure out what we did wrong. I was really encouraged by the way everybody responded yesterday and came together. Sometimes you see at games after a loss, coming from my high school days, after a loss you had guys in a good mood, that wasn't really a team you wanted to be a part of. There was a little lull yesterday. You could just feel it in the air. These guys don't like losing, and we're going to do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn't happen again this season.

Q. Coach said he spoke to you guys for about an hour yesterday. What did you get out of that message?  What did you like the most about his words or what he said?
MASON WALTERS:  You know, I'm not really one for inspirational talks, but when Coach Brown addressed us yesterday it was really something that kind of struck home with me. He talked really about lessons that transcend football and go more into life about quitting and what that'll do to you if you ever do it. It's easier to do apparently, and Coach Brown is a fighter, and I think that's really representative of this team because we're going to do the same. No matter what happens, what comes up, we're going to come to work every day with a great attitude, great mentality, focus, to get better at what we do.

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