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October 15, 2012

Marquise Goodwin

Q.  How did David look in practice yesterday?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  He looked like he always does, great, moving around, and ready to prepare and ready to go for Baylor.

Q. A lot of people were surprised by that. When Mac told us that, did it surprise any of you about David, because there were reports on Sunday morning that he has a broken wrist and that he's out forever.
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I didn't really get your question.

Q. Did it surprise you or did you know that he was going to be okay?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I knew he was going to be okay. He walked off the field. He was calm and collected. He had his finger pointing to God, so I knew things were going to be all right after that.

Q. I know you're a huge Twitter guy. Are people saying good things or what's up with all this?

Q. Do you deserve all this heat?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  Do we deserve it?

Q. Yeah.
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I'm not really getting the question.

Q. Do you deserve to be blamed for what happened Saturday?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  As an individual?

Q. As a team.
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I mean, it is what it is. It comes with wins and losses. You know, when you win, everybody is going to be on your side patting you on your back, and when you lose, people are going to be thrashing you and calling you out. That's just part of the game. That's part of being in our position that we were in. It comes with the title. It comes with the job, the job description. With wins comes everybody glorifying you and we love Texas, and when you lose, it's we hate you and you all suck. It is what it is. You can't really worry about it. You take it for what it is and keep it moving.

Q. This season could really go two directions. How do you make sure it goes in the right direction, so to speak?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:¬† Make sure‑‑ we'll make sure we go in the right direction by just staying positive and continuing to uplift each other. Not really worrying about the outside influences, just worrying about what we can do as a team to make Texas better, and really that's it.

Q. Mac said he wanted to make sure you all knew that he wasn't going to quit on y'all and he was getting back to work. What does that mean to you when you hear that?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:¬† It means a lot because you'll hear a lot of outside stuff, coach is going to quit, some of your teammates think about quitting, you know, all this‑‑ it really doesn't even make sense to me because I know my coaches and I know my teammates, and Coach Brown wouldn't hire people around here, and he wouldn't give guys scholarships around here and he wouldn't even be here if anybody was talking about quitting.
You know, we take our Ls just like we take our Ws. At the end of the day, 24‑hour rule, you've got to keep it moving, win, lose or draw. We're all fighters around here, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to get better week in and week out. Quitting is definitely not an option for anybody.

Q. Mac was talking about moving forward and not letting this loss beat you twice like he felt the West Virginia loss maybe might have. How do you do that?  How do you move forward and put this all behind you?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  Really just staying positive, refocusing, preparing a little better, executing on our details a little better, and just really staying positive. We can't really worry about what happened the past two games. Yeah, it happened, and yeah, it's out there and everybody knows, and that's good. So we can just go to work now and put everything behind us and continue to work.

Q. Is it hard to be positive?  Is that something you've learned over the years?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  Really I have a short memory, so it's really easy for me to be positive, and I have no choice really being a leader of the team. It's just something that has to be done. I guess we kind of fuel each other based off our energy and based off our attitudes that we portray to each other. If I come out there with a smile on my face, everybody is going to be like, if he can come out here with a smile on his face then I can, too. We can forget about what happened last weekend and come out here and work hard with each other and grind and try to get another W and try to turn things around.

Q. How bad do you want to beat Baylor and snap that losing streak?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I want to beat them just as bad as I want to beat anybody else. You know, really just trying to get back on the right track. It's not about how bad I want to beat Baylor, how bad we want to beat Baylor. It's more what can we do to help Texas win and what can we do to help get Texas back on the right track.

Q. When you see what teams have done against Baylor on the offensive side, does it get you a little amped up?¬† Do you want to be able to maybe beat them or just compare‑‑ like West Virginia going off on Baylor like that, do you look at that and does that motivate you?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:¬† It's definitely a little motivation, but you really can't look at how other teams played a certain defense because they're definitely going to play you a different way. In the past I can say that we looked at them and were like, maybe we can score a few points and get a few yards, but at the end of the day, they come and play Texas even harder than they play anybody else. You really can't worry about what happened last weekend, you've just got to worry about what I can do to help my team win this weekend, and I think that's maybe where some teams go wrong, where some people go wrong. Well, so‑and‑so put up 600‑some‑odd yards against them; well, that means we're about to put up 600, and that's not necessarily the case.

Q. The way some of these games have done here recently, is there ever a concern that the offense may start to succumb to the pressure of knowing they've got to go out and pretty much score 40 points just to give yourself a chance to win a game?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I think we definitely can still go out there and do the same. I mean, we just didn't execute like we ought to have this past weekend, and it happens from time to time. We still have a good offense, we have a good team, and we're just looking forward to turning things around.

Q. Is it fair or unfair, the criticism Coach Brown gets?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  It's definitely unfair. You know, to me. It's really not my call, but to me it's unfair because people really don't know the work that he has to put in day in and day out and the responsibilities of a head coach and what it takes to do his job. You know, people always talk about, oh, he has this and he has that, I wish I could do that. If you were in his shoes, you couldn't wear them for 10 seconds.
So people should think about that before they say I want to be where he is. It took a while to get there, and just like anything else, he had to go through a lot of things to get to where he's at now.

Q. Saturday is going to be cancer awareness. He said that people are wearing different colored ribbons. Do you know what color you're wearing?  Have you been affected by anyone that's had cancer in the past, or what does that mean to play for somebody you know in that game?
MARQUISE GOODWIN:  I think I'll wear pink. I've had people diagnosed with breast cancer in my family, and I feel great that I can play for them in that certain game and wear that color. You know, it'll be a great game Saturday just to have pink on my helmet and have the little pink on that I have. Just playing for them and all the cancer patients that either have cancer and overcome or still have it, I feel honored just to be able to represent them in that game.

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