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October 13, 2012

Jake Fely

Cody Galea

Ryan Katz

Derek Largent


Q.  Defensively it seemed like everyone sort of had a career day.  What were you guys doing well on defense tonight?
JAKE FELY:  We knew all week that this team was going to come out physical.  We just had to make the right plays, make the right decisions, the D‑line was doing the right things, so it opened up the gaps for our linebackers, and everyone was trying to make plays out there and trying to win the game.

Q.  Jake, in the two sacks what did you see?  Was it a scheme?
JAKE FELY:  You know, Coach Long gives all the calls and I just do whatever he calls.  But if you're given the opportunity you've got to take it and make the play.  I've just got to do it or else I'm not going to play.

Q.  Derek, what did you see on the first interception?
DEREK LARGENT:  Well, D‑line brought great pressure on the quarterback, dropped back, and I guess I was just in the right spot at the right time.  And the DBs were covering the receivers good, so that helped, too.  It all just worked out together.

Q.  Derek, are you considering (inaudible).
DEREK LARGENT:  Yeah, I was thinking about it.  We are going to talk it over when we get back.

Q.  Derek, you get a pretty good look at Jake running around.  What's that like?
DEREK LARGENT:  Man, it's just so exciting seeing him doing his work.  We've called him The Hulk lately.  We say, "Jake, smash," and he goes and smashes whatever he can.  It's pretty cool.

Q.  Do you ever see him stand still?
DEREK LARGENT:  Nope, he's always moving.

Q.  How did you see your game tonight?
RYAN KATZ:  I think we did well as an offense.  There's a few drives we'd like to have back.  We set up for a field goal in the first half and then couldn't punch it in on 4th down with that last series.  Those are things you want to get better at, but overall I think we had a good night, running the ball, throwing the ball.  So yeah.

Q.  Is this the best the defense has played in this game?
CODY GALEA:  Not at all.  I think we can play much better than we did tonight, especially the D‑Line.  Linebackers and secondary did very well tonight.  Jake and Derek did outstanding, but the D‑line, we need to improve and we're going to plan on doing so because we're going to need to improve big time to play Nevada next week.

Q.  You guys have put together two back‑to‑back games that you've played well defensively.  What does that do for you going forward?
CODY GALEA:  It's going to put us‑‑ gets us on a roll a little bit, little bit more confidence into the next week, so we're just going to go off that, keep getting better, keep having better practices, practice harder, do everything right, execute, and hopefully have an even better game next week.

Q.  Has he really flipped the switch or (inaudible)?
RYAN KATZ:  I think he's just getting more comfortable in the offense.  Like I said, it was a little slow start if you want to call it that, but he's coming out well.  He's having good weeks in practices, and look to just keep it going.

Q.  Is this the most interceptions you've had, Derek?
DEREK LARGENT:  Yeah, definitely.

Q.  Best game ever?
DEREK LARGENT:  I guess so.  I thought I played pretty well, but that doesn't matter.  Our whole defense, our whole offense played well as a team so that's all that matters.  Individual effort doesn't matter as long as everyone does their part.

Q.  Ryan, are you getting a little smarter?
RYAN KATZ:  Yeah, I mean, that's what I want to do.  I want to get these guys the ball.  That's my job, and yeah, we're just going to keep trying to get the ball in these playmakers' hands and watch what they can do with it.

Q.  Defensively second half Colorado was deep in your zone down there.  It's a fourth down, you guys had a key stop right there.  Did you notice Rocky was out on the field in the middle of the group celebrating after you guys made that stop?
JAKE FELY:  No, I didn't know.
DEREK LARGENT:  We were all excited, but he seemed like he might have been another player out there.

Q.  He was pretty proud.
JAKE FELY:  Yeah, he's passionate about the game.  That's what drives us, too.

Q.  How much has the defense improved?
JAKE FELY:  You know, I think coverage wise we need to improve a little bit, but all of us need to improve.  We all need to run to the ball all the time, make sure that everyone misses the tackle that someone else is there to make the play and back them up.  But we all need to improve.  Each game is going to be a different scheme, we just have to adjust to it and we all need to improve.

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