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October 13, 2012

Tommy Rees


Q.  Very little preparation, can you just talk about this one as opposed to the others?
TOMMY REES:¬† Yeah, this one was a little different, you know, without any kind of a bang‑bang play and having to go in right away.
It was a little different but preparation through the week gets us ready much I've been ready and just have to go out there and find a way to win.

Q.  Is it becoming more feasible each week, that you are more mentally ready for this?
TOMMY REES:  I guess mentally you prepare yourself that if you need to go in there and help the team win, it's not exactly easy.  But it's a role that I've taken on and got to stay ready to play.

Q.  Can you talk about the play to T.J.?
TOMMY REES:¬† He made a great catch.¬† I saw a look where you could isolate him one‑on‑one outside, it wasn't a great throw but T.J., made a nice play to catch the ball and gave us a go ahead touchdown.

Q.¬† Going to Riddick before‑‑
TOMMY REES:  We knew where he was going to be and try to throw it away from the defense and just give him a chance.  Another play, Theo made a heck of a play turning and finding the ball.
I have so much confidence with those guys and I've been with Theo and T.J. or a long time now, just the compatibility and chemistry that we have helped us win the game.

Q.  On the first play, the sack, and you guys rebounded from it so quickly, can you just talk about how confident this team is no matter what happens?
TOMMY REES:¬† Yeah, I think we have always had a mentality, just one play to get ten yards, and we had a nice completion to DaVaris to get a third‑‑ which was a good play call from the coaches and just finding a way to get it done on third and nine or so and just finding a way to keep the drive going.

Q.  When you come in in a situation like that, you know what's on the line, how do you stay so calm, or do you even have time to think about that?
TOMMY REES:  Yeah, best way I can describe it is really don't have time to think.  You have ten guys on offense and then a hundred guys on the team that are counting on you, let alone the University of Notre Dame and just playing for everyone here.
You don't have time to think about that kind of stuff.  You just get out there and play.

Q.  So how special is it?
TOMMY REES:  It's great.  Any time you can get a win, the atmosphere was great tonight.  The students did a great job.  The defense obviously played really, really well again, and it feels good to get the win.

Q.¬† Coach mentioned you at half‑time in thing adjustments, talking to Everett, how hard or easy is it to stay engaged on the sidelines in those conditions?
TOMMY REES:  I like it.  I love football and I love the game and I love learning and I love paying attention and trying to help Everett and the rest of the guys as much as I can.  I stand with Hendrix most of the game and we talk about what the looks are out there.  We just try to relay some of that.

Q.  How often will Everett come over to you?
TOMMY REES:  He'll come over to me a couple of times a half, I try to go over to him every series and ask him what he saw, what he was thinking.  Try not to get in the way too much.  But if there's something I feel that I need to relay to him, I'm pretty confident.

Q.  Inaudible.
TOMMY REES:  I guess it's just the adrenaline pushes you through it.  You get a couple throws throughout the half just in case, and I guess that's the best way to describe it, adrenaline pushing through.

Q.  You mentioned your preparation during the week, how different is it now compared to last year?
TOMMY REES:¬† It's really not any different.¬† Obviously routes are a little different during practice but the film study, the knowledge of what the offense's game plan, just understanding the defense, that has not changed.¬† The day‑to‑day preparation stays the same and I think that's why we are having the success.

Q.  How soon do you start thinking about BYU?
TOMMY REES:  You let this one marinate a little bit for about 24 hours and come tomorrow around dinner time we are back to BYU.  They will present a good challenge for us and just keep looking forward.

Q.¬† Is that a classic track game‑‑
TOMMY REES:  I don't think too highly on track games.  I think that if you have the right guys, you prepare the right way, I think we have a group of guys that's going to take it one week at a time.  Just put all of our focus on BYU.

Q.¬† How often do you guys think, with, four straight goal line stops‑‑
TOMMY REES:¬† Yeah, not as much as you think.¬† Our mind‑set is one at a time and keep chipping away.¬† 6‑0 is great but not where we want to be yet.¬† We have a lot of room to get better all over the field and we are just going to take it one week at a time and get ready to play.

Q.  What do you think on the sideline and your defense on the field, what's going through your mind?
TOMMY REES:  I have all the confidence in the world in our defense.  If we needed to go to another over time I was prepared and the offense, but our defense is pretty special and I had all of the confidence in the world for them to get that done.

Q.  How do you stay mentally sharp through the game?
TOMMY REES:¬† I just try to‑‑ mental reps how you describe it, just staying in tune, helping Ev and just not really taking a play off, if you can understand that, just from the sideline.¬† Just trying to get the front reads and the coverages the best you can.

Q.  Inaudible.
TOMMY REES:¬† Yeah, we saw an opportunity with T.J. one‑on‑one outside and he made a great catch.¬† And it worked out, yeah.¬† Coach put a check in my hand and we delivered and it was a great team effort.

Q.  Best front seven you've seen this year on defense?
TOMMY REES:  Yeah, they are extremely well coached and they know how to play the game of football.  They are tough and physical and they have got great pass rushers and they definitely present a challenge up front, but I think our offensive line, our running backs handled them well.

Q.  What is it about your mental makeup that allows you to do what you do?
TOMMY REES:¬† I think it's more than anything is supporting my teammates and trying to give them the best‑‑ they look to me when I come in and I can't let them down and we have to find a way to win the game.¬† Having your teammates count on you and knowing that you have an opportunity to win the game, just kind of the driving force behind it.

Q.¬† Is there a certain calmness being in the game‑‑
TOMMY REES:  Yeah, I'm usually pretty calm.  I guess trying to keep a cool demeanor helps.

Q.  How does over time change with negative yardage?
TOMMY REES:  A lot.  The big thing is you don't want to get out of field goal range.  You start in field goal range and Kyle has done a great job for us all year.  Taking the sack hurts that.  You have points, potentially you want to stay within the range.
Yeah, it hurts but like I said before, we made it a third and managable with a nice play it to DaVaris and finding a way to convert on third down.
Our equipment guy did a great job keeping the ball dry.  I don't know how they do it but they do it.

Q.  How well did Everett respond after the turnover in the end zone?
TOMMY REES:  He responded great.  He's got a good head on his shoulders, he put it behind him in short term memory and found a way to keep it in the offense.

Q.  Inaudible.
TOMMY REES:  Unbelievable.  It was a bad throw to be honest and he did a great job outside in making a play for us and he's done a good job all year coming in.

Q.  Inaudible?
TOMMY REES:  We had a pressure look and I anticipated where three oh would be and he made a great adjustment on the ball.  It's something we have worked on believe it or not, throwing it away from the defense.  Theo made a good adjustment and found a way to catch the ball.

Q.¬† How difficult was it for you to accept the role‑‑ inaudible.
TOMMY REES:  Yeah, I really can't pay attention to all that.  I think any role I have to help this team win I'm just going to accept and move forward.

Q.  Is it anything like you thought it would be?
TOMMY REES:¬† Not exactly, no, I didn't imagine this.¬† For good, bad or different, it's worked out this way and it's going well, I guess, we are 6‑0 I think.

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