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October 13, 2012

David Shaw


Q.  Can you talk about the last couple of plays in overtime on your offense and your decision to kind of take it right at them?
COACH SHAW:  Well, I didn't get to view the last play.  Stepfan swore to me that he got in and that he put the ball over the goal line on the second effort.  Officials looked at it and they said he didn't get in, so we didn't get in.

Q.  Inaudible.
COACH SHAW:  No comment.

Q.  You had a pass completion that went to the review booth and ruled it incomplete, and they moved you back four yards; did you notice that happening?  You were on the NotreDame 48 and they moved it back to the Stanford 48.
COACH SHAW:  I did notice that.

Q.  Did you say something to them at the time?
COACH SHAW:  Yes.  I did, but I can't make them‑‑ I mean‑‑ and they put the ball on the wrong hash.  There's nothing else I can do about it.  I'm not going to comment on the officials.

Q.  There were four plays to go, four yards like you said, that's what you do, what does it say about NotreDame that you guys can go head‑to‑head like that?
COACH SHAW:  I'm not here to talk about NotreDame.  I'm here to talk about our guys.  Thank you.

Q.  Seemed like momentum changed in the fourth quarter, total yards, was it something they were doing?
COACH SHAW:  We missed a couple plays.  They are good.  They are good.  We missed a couple throws.  We got our hands on a couple catches.  We missed some tough blocks.  You know, they are stout up front and we did a decent job of running and blocking most of the game.
Third quarter they snuck in there and got some hands, got some runs through by the linebackers; defensive line got some penetration on us, but still there were plays for us to be made there.

Q.  The last couple seasons, you've pushed NotreDame around pretty good, were you pretty confident having the ball at the four‑yard line that you would be able to score from there?
COACH SHAW:  We always feel the same.  Bottom line is we've got to execute.  Got to execute.  The calls are checks and kills and audibles, and on the play‑‑ we stop the ball, we've got to block.

Q.  Can you evaluate Stepfan's performance?
COACH SHAW:  He's a tough kid.  He just keeps his legs turning.  Gets as many yards as he can on every single play.  Every single play to him, he runs it like it's life or death.  I love that about him.  He's one of guys that is the heartbeat of our team.

Q.  How different was the approach with Tommy Rees?
COACH SHAW:  The approach didn't change too much.  The bottom line is we had a chance to make a play on a couple balls and we didn't make them.  Eifert is a heck of a tight end.  Made a great catch, and T.J. Jones at the end of the game ran a great route, across the DB's space and made great catch for a touchdown.  Our approach at quarterback didn't change.  We tried to pressure both of them.  Sometimes we got to them, sometimes we didn't.

Q.  Inaudible.
COACH SHAW:  I'll just make one comment, in case you're wondering, our last field goal down there, there's a third and one that there was a whistle that came from the crowd.  That's why our guys stopped playing.  It was verified, it was heard.  The play did not stop.
I don't know what the rule is on that.  I'll double‑check with the officials, with the head officials and make sure that whatever we can do gets done in that situation.  You know, because that one hurt.  That one hurt.  Jordan came in and kicked the ball through, but that's something that I don't know what the rule is, but I've got to research that.
Yes, the third and one going to my left.  We ended up on a four or five‑yard loss.  The whistle came from the crowd.  I don't know what can be done about it.  I've heard from many people it's happened here a few times.  Once again I don't know what can be done outside of maybe stopping the play.
But I'll check the rules and talk to the officials about what can be done there just to, you know, we'll see.  Once again I'm not going to comment on what the officials said and I'm not going to comment on what I hear back from the league.  I know enough about that; that's a question that we have to get the answer to.

Q.  What did your players say to you about how that affected?
COACH SHAW:  They heard a whistle.  Heard a whistle.  Stopped playing.

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