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October 13, 2012

Isaiah Bruce


Q.  What was it that was making them so successful?
ISAIAH BRUCE:  They just were connecting on everything.  Every pass that they threw was just connecting.  We just didn't capitalize on our part.

Q.  Frustration level out there?  It seemed that they were putting themselves in a lot of good situations.  A lot of second and shorts, third and shorts.
ISAIAH BRUCE:  It was definitely frustrating as a defense.  We pride ourselves on getting off the field on third downs.  They were connecting too many big plays, and it just wasn't working out for us as we planned.

Q.  They had a lot of offensive weapons.  But you guys knew who everyone was heading in there?
ISAIAH BRUCE:  We knew who everyone was.  We had a really good week of practice.  We felt like we knew what they were going to do.  They just capitalized in key situations.

Q.  Is there pressure when you guys know you're coming in with that ranking and you find yourself down by a couple of touchdowns, do you feel that there is more pressure on you guys?
ISAIAH BRUCE:  We definitely felt like we need to step up our game from a pressure standpoint, because we gave up way too many points in the first half.  We made some corrections.  We were getting a couple stops after we came out, but we just didn't play hard enough or we didn't be more physical or something.  It's something.  We'll figure it out tomorrow what we did wrong.

Q.  It seems like a lot of guys are saying the same thing.  No one really knows what exactly went wrong out there.  Coach said they didn't do anything that you weren't expecting.  Do you feel the same way?  Do you feel you were prepared for this and you knew what they had coming?
ISAIAH BRUCE:  Definitely, definitely.  Like I said, we just didn't capitalize on the situations that we were put in.  We had a good feeling what they were going to do.  They did what we thought they were going to do.  It's just we didn't get off the field when we needed to.

Q.  Geno said you guys had a pretty good week of practice.  Were you all coming in reasonably confident?
ISAIAH BRUCE:  Definitely, definitely.  This hit us by surprise.  We didn't expect it at all.  We were just treating them like any other team.  Practiced the same exact way.  Just another win that we needed to have.  It's just we didn't stop them.

Q.  Their quarterback put up big numbers.  What was he able to do out there today?
ISAIAH BRUCE:  He got the ball quick.  He threw the ball quick.  We tried to bring some pressure in the beginning of the game or run some man coverages or anything, we never expected him to run as much as he did in the beginning.  But he just really threw the ball fairly quick and just ran the pressure.

Q.  How are you feeling with your health situation?
ISAIAH BRUCE:  When I was making a tackle, I ended up landing wrong a little bit.  I have like a hip pointer, so it was a little painful.  But I definitely should be back next week.

Q.  Definitely back?
ISAIAH BRUCE:  Yes, sir.

Q.  You guys were mixing up a lot on their defensive line up front.  I'm guessing a lot of that has to do with Will being out.  How much of a difference does that make when Will's not up there and you have to mix and match and find other people?
ISAIAH BRUCE:¬† It's a difference.¬† Will's a huge factor.¬† He brings a lot of pressure.¬† He reacts to the run really well.¬† But, you know, during practice we have certain people filling in with the twos and whatever, his back‑ups, whatever.¬† They run it well.¬† It's just they're not well.

Q.  Did you practice all week without him?
ISAIAH BRUCE:  The whole week we practiced without Will.  So we were planning on him not playing this game.

Q.¬† Coach said during warm‑ups he felt you guys didn't have the intensity he would expect going into a game.¬† Did you feel it was a little lethargic in pregame?
ISAIAH BRUCE:  Definitely.  We needed to bring our own energy, and we didn't from start to finish.  That's just something we have to improve on is keeping our energy, especially when we're on the road.

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