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October 13, 2012

Dana Holgorsen


Q.  Looked like they tried to take some of the short passes, covered well, but left the deep things open but you weren't able to complete it.  What was the problem there?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  There were a lot of problems offensively.  We weren't finishing blocks in the run game.  We got receivers opened down field.  Geno let the wind affect him.  I've played around here for eight years, and it wasn't any windier today.  It's a nuisance, but if you let that be an excuse, it's going to mess with you and I think it did.
We didn't make plays at the receiver spot.  They covered us.  We didn't make plays.  You can blame it on a lot of different things.

Q.  Do you think the wind affected them a little?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  I think so.  It probably did.

Q.  What did you see out of Tech's pass‑rush?  Did that get to Geno at all do you think?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  No.  No, they rushed four guys, sometimes they got there, sometimes they didn't.  We just didn't execute offensively.  We didn't finish blocks in the run game.  We didn't throw and catch like we normally throw and catch.  We obviously didn't finish drives very well.  So it was a poor performance offensively.
It was a poor performance defensively, but we played better defensively in the second half, and gave them no hope on offense and it's just a team loss.  They outplayed us.  They outcoached us on all three sides of the ball they did better than we did.

Q.  You've said all year travel's not going to be an issue.  Going to Austin last week, getting that huge win, then having to come to Lubbock.  Did traveling have any effect on today's game?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  No, not at all.  The NFL does it every week.

Q.  Why do you feel like your team was able to run the ball last week and not so much this week?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  Didn't finish blocks in the run game.  Just didn't.  They're a different type of defense.  Their inside guys two gapped a lot of stuff.  That's what I mean by not finishing blocks.  If they're two‑gapping and not rushing, we've got to sustain blocks and finish blocks.
I don't think our running backs did a good job of hitting hard.  We just didn't play very good.  I don't know what you want me to say.  We just didn't play good.  It wasn't just offensively, it was all three sides.

Q.  The team wasn't able to take advantage of the defense with some passes on the sideline going out.  Are those coverage errors is that just a hold?  What are the problem there's?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  Little bit of both.  Little bit of coverage errors, little bit of guys getting beaten individually.  We ran that very same route probably five times in the last two to three weeks.  You fake the quick motion.  It's a post wheel.  You've got guys in the flat that have to carry with it, and we didn't do a very good job of it.

Q.  How much do you think (Indiscernible) or how effective your guys were up front?  How much time did they have?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  Yeah, he's a good player.  We had two true freshmen that stepped in and played for him.  He's a good player.  But I'm never going to use that as an excuse not to be successful.  It's the nature of college football.  Guys go down, people have to step up.
Stedman went down and we didn't have a guy step up, so we put a true freshman in there.  Everybody across the country plays true freshmen.  I think we're up to about 13.

Q.  Why do you feel like that was?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  They were the better team today.  They outplayed us.  They outcoached us.  They were better on all three sides of the ball.  That happens in football.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  I told them to hurry up and get on the plane or hurry up and get dressed, we'll get on the bus, fly back.  Watch the tape tonight and tomorrow.  Meet with them tomorrow, and get the game over with, and then we'll move on to Kansas State.  It's the same thing we did last week.

Q.  With the run game not working as well in the first half, do you think there was any more pressure on Geno?  Did he show that to you at all?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  Any time we don't get the run game going, there is pressure on Geno.  The run game is developed to try to get him to try to alleviate some of the pressure off of him.  You can't sit there and put the ball in his hands and say magically get it done.  So, yeah, it does.
That's our job as coaches.  That's our job whether it's the run game, the screen game or whatever it is, it's our job to take pressure off of him.  He makes a lot of plays out there, but didn't do a great job of that tonight for whatever the reason was.

Q.  What adjustments did you make in the second half or during halftime coming into the second half?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  We didn't dig into our playbook and magically come up with plays that would work.  It's not like they were outscheming us.  They just played harder than we did, which is disappointing.  Any time you play and we only have 12 opportunities to play and leave the game and say they played harder than us is something that's very disturbing to me.

Q.  You guys have been good with handling adversity.  Does like satisfactory apply?
COACH HOLGORSEN:  The bottom line is you guys that came in late, the bottom line is this:  They played better than we did on all three sides of the ball.  They played harder than we did.  The effort was harder.  They outcoached us.  We let the situation get to us.
We're never going to use weather or injuries as an excuse.  We just didn't play very well.  We didn't play very well on all three sides of the ball, and they were the better team today.

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