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October 13, 2012

Cody Davis


Q.  The defensive performance, you guys held them to basically one touchdown total.  Can you talk about what they've done?
CODY DAVIS:  Yeah, it feels great.  I think we're back to where we want to be.  We kind of fell off last week and kind of took it personal, and everybody was wanting to know how it feels to face the great offense and the Heisman hopeful.  We get excited for that.  You can see it out there on the field.  Everybody came ready to play, and we played great on defense.

Q.  Coach pointed out that they had one play more than 20 yards today, especially with what they're throwing at you, corners and safeties making one‑on‑one tackles, how are you all getting that?
CODY DAVIS:  I think just going back to fundamentals.  I had a big missed tackle last week and stopped running my feet.  I actually missed a sack this week because of that.  So I've got to keep focusing on that.  But overall, open field tackling was huge today.  Everybody seemed to get them down on the ground when it was one‑on‑one, and waiting for the swarm to get there.  Definitely worked one‑on‑one tackling this week, and it showed.

Q.  What does this team think it can accomplish going forward this year?
CODY DAVIS:  We've always had high hopes and high goals and expectations.  We suffered a blow last week, but this game just shows what potential we can have.  But potential is a big word.  We've got to come to work next week and get this one behind us after tomorrow.

Q.  Was there a point in the game today where you felt it coming on, where you felt like this defense was going to be dominant?  Did you feel that way coming into the game that you had that opportunity?
CODY DAVIS:  I knew we could do that coming into the game.  Really the result doesn't surprise me.  We come in, we've seen what we can accomplish the first four weeks and kind of lose it the fifth week.  But we came back to work and focused on fundamentals and you see the results.

Q.  How big was it to start that way today?
CODY DAVIS:  It was huge.  They come in really cocky, just kind of on the high road.  So to get up on them fast is big in games like this.  You kind of show them we're serious and get a jump on them and get the momentum on our side and our stadium.

Q.  Obviously when you do that kind of job against them, Tavon Austin, in particular, what was the primary game plan against him?  Did you have a major responsibility to keep him from making big plays?
CODY DAVIS:  Yeah, we definitely had a big focus on him.  All credit to the coaches to coming out with a really good game plan.  I think we schemed them up perfect and really locked down the run and locked down their big receivers.  They don't like to go to other people most of the time, so we did that.  DBs held up on the back end.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
CODY DAVIS:  Yeah, I've been here too long.  I'm definitely starting to feel it in my back a little bit.  But I just look forward to the next game and hopefully get some more turnovers.  I'm itching for another interception or a forced fumble, so hopefully we can get that done next week.

Q.  You seem to really break on the ball extremely well.  You kind of read what was happening.  How did you feel during the week in film study, how did you feel your recognition was when you stepped on the field with what they were going to do presnap?
CODY DAVIS:  Their presnap reads were actually probably one of the most challenging we've had this year.  They don't give away too much before the snap and on their play action they really set sell it.  So that was big coming in this week to get our keys and still rely on what we see once the ball is snapped.  I think we obviously did a good job.

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