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October 8, 2012

Jeremy Hills

Q.  You've obviously been through an OU game several times now. What do you tell an offense that's still fairly young to prepare them for this weekend?
JEREMY HILLS:  Just preparation. What we do the next seven days leading up to this game, like every week, is going to determine how we play. I have no doubt that these guys will come out, young, old, this whole team is going to come out this week focused and ready to go.

Q. It seems like this game always has a few unsung heroes that step onto the big stage. When a game is so much about momentum, how big is that?
JEREMY HILLS:  It's big. Next guy up. Next guy up is what we always say. When your number is called, what you just said, it's a big emphasis on being ready because at any moment that play can be the play that turns the tide of the game, can switch a game, where momentum is such a big thing with the crowd split the way it is and fans playing an impact and just giving your team a boost when they need it.

Q. I know the offense goes out there every time with the intention to score points, but does it ever get to the point the way the last couple games have gone, as one of the older guys on the unit is there any a concern that this offense might start to feel the pressure of we'd better score 40 this game?
JEREMY HILLS:  Well, if there's pressure, it's a good pressure. I don't think it's a negative thing. We accept that challenge. We accept that challenge because we know we have one of the top defenses in the nation, and those guys are going to go out there and make plays. Our job is just to go out there every single time we get an opportunity to and drive down the field and score points, whether it's 40 points, 50 points, whenever it ends up being, our job is to score points every time we take the field, score points. We don't want the punt team to be out there at all.

Q. Is it difficult to adjust to an early kickoff?
JEREMY HILLS:  To adjust to an early kickoff?  Oh, the time?  I mean, no, not really. Not really. That's a mental thing. I don't think that'll have an effect on our guys. A game like this, we can play it at 12:00 midnight, guys will be ready to go. You're up to play this game.

Q. One of your old high school teammates plays at Oklahoma?
JEREMY HILLS:  Yeah, Derrick Bradley.

Q. Has it affected your friendship with him at all?
JEREMY HILLS:  No, we're still real good friends. We've been good friends since we were about 13, 14 years old. We've been pretty much texting back and forth every time this week. Every time of year this week, me and him, our texts go up. It's just whenever we go back home, it's bragging rights for back home. That's my guy right there. We're still good friends. If I get a chance, though, yeah.

Q. Did you come to this game with your brother?

Q. Do you have a favorite memory from past years?
JEREMY HILLS:¬† One of my favorite memories actually wasn't even my brother, it was Jamaal Charles. It was first quarter, and he spins out of a tackle. They were in an inside zone read to the right, and he spins out of a tackle and you think he's down, and he goes for about 80. He just‑‑ right down the middle of the field. He goes for about 80 right up the field, and nobody touches him. That's probably one of my favorite memories that I can remember seeing.

Q. You were a highly touted guy coming out of high school, now you're playing (inaudible).
JEREMY HILLS:  Well, our room, we want to be the most dominating force out there. Obviously we always say everybody eats. That's kind of what we go into it, and it's like being an older guy, just learning from guys like Chris Ogbonnaya, Vondrell McGee, Fozzy Whittaker, Cody Johnson, guys like that. What I've come to see is it's about more than me. It's about more than me. It's about Texas.
I try to teach those young guys as much as I can teach them, and they teach me things, and we go out there and our different skill sets is what allows the whole team to be a dominating force.

Q. But as a competitor you want to be out there?
JEREMY HILLS:¬† Absolutely. I'll tell you what. If I was 18 getting recruited all over again, I would sign with Texas the first chance I got. I love being here. I love being here. This place is bigger than football, it's bigger than a university. That's family. That's family as far as I'm concerned. It's bigger than football. But when it comes down to football, we try to make‑‑ if it's competitive at anything, it's just we go in on Sunday, we want to make the big play, so we go watch the film, like who made the big play. But on Saturday we're out there cheering for each other like no other. Like no other we're pulling for each other. Whoever is on the field, the other three, other four guys are telling them what they're seeing and vice versa.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JEREMY HILLS:  My brother played a role in just getting me to look at the school, but I didn't really understand it until I got here. When I got here and I got inside the program, I understood what it's really about.

Q. Coach Brown talked about how this game runs in cycles a little bit. Have you thought maybe it's because the team that has lost most recently feels a little more pressure from the fans, all that outside pressure?  In your experience with this game do you feel like that may be true?  Do you feel any of that?
JEREMY HILLS:  I mean, there's a little truth to that. You don't want to let these fans down. You don't want to let these fans down. We have some of the best fans in the nation. You don't want to let those guys down.
This game is such a big part of them. This is a big part of their season as well as ours. We understand that it's a whole season, and we understand that every game is just another game. But for them, this is what they live‑‑ they're out there. They're ready for the Texas‑OU game. Whenever you go anywhere, that's what everybody wants to ask you about. That's the most popular thing, and it's a great rivalry. It's the person on the team that lost last that comes back and don't lose again.

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