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October 8, 2012

Jackson Jeffcoat

Q.  Apparently it looks like all you defensive guys need hugs right now.

Q. Because you guys have to stay positive.
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  No, just me and David are like brothers, so we gave each other hugs. But no, we're definitely confident for this game. We're excited. I haven't looked at a lot of film, but I've had a chance to see some. They're a talented team. OU is definitely a talented team. It's a great challenge. They've got Landry Jones. They have two talented running backs. Wide receivers, Kenny Stills is talented. So it'll be fun for us to match up against them.

Q. I know every game is a must‑win, but is this a particular must‑win to keep pace and have a national shot?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  It definitely is, and like I said before, confidence games are important. You want to win them all. We dropped one, but we still have a chance to play again. We're not done with the conference. We've got a lot more conference to go. OU is next, and we're very excited for this.

Q. When you watch OU film this week will you pay more attention to the Texas Tech game or look at some of the earlier ones say against UTEP where they struggled a bit on offense to see what they did?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  We'll probably look at Texas Tech first, and we'll probably go through all of them, just see some things that worked against them, see what we can do as far as get after the quarterback. I mean, that's our goal. We want to keep our quarterbacks uncomfortable.

Q. Do you think this defense has lost any confidence?  Are you as an older guy trying to guard against them, talking to the team, kind of assessing that?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I definitely don't think we've lost confidence. There's been some things that we've done that we haven't executed on our defense, but we haven't lost confidence. We're excited to go, and we're getting back to practice, and like always, we are going to work our butts off and just make sure we get those little things corrected that we have messed up on. We've messed up on little things, and they're correctable.

Q. How tough has Landry Jones been?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  They've done a good job of protecting him. They've done a very good job. So it's been hard to get back there. But like we said, our goal is to get pressure on the quarterback, and that's what we're going to work on and help out any way we can. We're going to hustle, make sure we make plays.

Q. How hard is it to judge the defense given that you've played the toughest two offenses the past two weeks?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  It's definitely hard, but it's hard to have a verdict out on who we are yet. We've been fighting our butts off and working hard. Just like I said earlier, there's little things that we didn't execute on that have hurt us and that we're going to get back to practice and working on those.

Q. The last couple of seasons (inaudible) is that a pride thing?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  A little bit, but those are just spread things. They like to spread you out and run the ball. Like I said, there's little things that we saw that we messed up on, but there's things we can get corrected, and we're going to get it corrected and watch film and go from there, improve every week.

Q. Is it encouraging that despite the loss to West Virginia you did generate quite a bit of pressure on Geno?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  It definitely is encouraging. That was our goal was to get pressure on Geno Smith, and for this week, again, it's our goal to get pressure on Landry Jones. You never want to have a quarterback sitting back there comfortable, especially a guy like Landry Jones that can get out there and he can put it in a spot, as well.

Q. Last year was obviously bad against OU. How much better equipped is the whole team this year to beat Oklahoma?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, I think we faced some great competition early on in the year, and so that helps, playing teams like Ole Miss, West Virginia, before we play OU, so that will help us, as well.
And again, we look at it as a great challenge for us, and we're excited for it. We like challenges.

Q. What's it like scoring a touchdown from 101 yards?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  It's crazy, especially how loud DKR was. Again, I want to thank our fans for coming out and being great, tremendous. They were tremendous. It was the loudest I've ever heard DKR. It's a great field when you get a touchdown, especially being a defensive player scoring, and Joe came up to me and he told me, man, now you can join me, we've both scored a touchdown.

Q. Is that the first one you ever scored?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  That's the first one in college. Yeah, the first one in college I've scored.

Q. I think your dad's first touchdown (inaudible)?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I don't know.

Q. He had like a 60‑yard interception if I recall.
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  He's had some long returns. I looked at his stats. But yeah, his first one was in there, but he had four touchdowns over his career. That was big time.

Q. Can you catch up with him?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I am trying. I'm trying. It's going to be hard to follow.

Q. Did you talk to him after the game and describe the play?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  I didn't really describe it. He just said good job. He said way to hustle. He said I saw you coming inside trying to get after Geno, Alex beat you there, got the ball out, you scooped and scored it. And that's a drill we work on; Alex knocking the ball out, me scooping; me knocking the ball out and him scooping and scoring. It's good to see it happening again.

Q. With the offenses you guys are facing every week, as a defense do you almost have to change the way you evaluate yourself?
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:¬† Well, somewhat, yes, but as a defense you're trying to defend them and keep‑‑ defend them from getting into your end zone. You don't ever want to really let them score. But sometimes it happens, and we keep our composure and get back out there and keep playing.

Q. Since you're a Dallas guy (inaudible).
JACKSON JEFFCOAT:  Well, technically I'm not from Dallas. That's when my teammates have told me because my family lives in San Jose. But it's exciting. I love to go back home and play. It's a great atmosphere. You have OU fans on one side, our fans on the other. And it's just a lot of fun to be able to experience that. It's a great experience.
We're just excited to get out there, and we've been working hard, and this is going to be a good one.

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